Air-Evac-Lifeteam Accidents

04-Oct-20 N24AE Bell 206 Jackson, US-Mississippi

Bird strike which broke the windshield on the pilot’s side and ended up in the cabin... Read more

11-Jan-19 N346AE Airbus AS350B2 Ponca City, US-Oklahoma

NTSB report :  The pilot and an air ambulance crewmember were repositioning the helicopter due to incoming inclement weather. About halfway into the flight, the front windshields were fogging over, and the pilot increased the demister. Upon reaching the destination, the pilot hovered near the company hangar; by this time, the windshields had completely fogged over. The crewmember warned the pilot that he was getting... Read more

08-Nov-17 N275AE Bell 206L3 Union City, US-Tennessee

Air Evac Lifeteam aircraft had in-air problem on approach to the local 911 centre and put down in a hurry.  Power lines cut – not known if that was cause or effect of the heavy landing. Helicopter ended up on its skids, tail boom creased, main blades missing, upper part of tail bent and significant... Read more

14-Aug-15 N485AE Bell 407 San Antonio, US-Texas

Struck lower tail fin on concrete curb while repositioning after refuelling... Read more

13-Feb-15 N279AE Bell 206L-1 White House, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing after vibration experienced. No patient on board... Read more

11-Nov-14 N414AE Bell 206L4 Merkel, US-Texas

Emergency night landing between two buildings after bird strike while ferrying a patient from Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene to Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock.  A nurse was reported injured by the bird entering the helicopter... Read more

04-Oct-14 N335AE Bell 206L.1 Wichita Falls, US-Texas (3F)

Accident on night EMS flight just one block short of its intended landing spot at United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, inbound from Waurika, OK.  Patient (named here as 26-year-old Buddy Rhodes) killed in the accident, and the three crew named here as pilot Zechariah Smith, flight nurse Leslie Stewart and flight paramedic Erasmus J. Vandercolff... Read more

19-Oct-13 N495AE Bell 407 Cooperton, US-Oklahoma

Birdstrike, landed without incident but one of 3 POB suffered minor injuries... Read more

19-Jun-13 N467AE Bell 206L4 Jonesboro, US-Arkansas

The Jonesboro, Ark., crew was on final to their base when they experienced a mechanical issue. The pilot initiated a precautionary landing, landing the aircraft at the base with no injuries to crew members. The aircraft sustained damage.... Read more

06-Jun-13 N114AE Bell 206L Manchester, US-Kentucky (3F)

Late evening accident in the grounds of an elementary school on positioning flight back to base in Manchester after delivering patient to London.  Three fatalities named as  pilot Eddie Sizemore, flight paramedic Herman “Lee” Dobbs and flight nurse Jesse Jones.  Reports include mention of fog and that electricity lines have been cut and there are power... Read more

18-Apr-13 N495AE Bell 407 Waco, US-Texas

Bird strike, windscreen broken, landed without further incident, no injuries... Read more

31-Dec-12 N465AE Bell 206L4 Nashville, US-Tennessee

Emergency field landing.  Cause not yet advised, as press report of “blown off course” seems so improbable... Read more

26-Aug-12 N282AE Bell 206L3 Dickson, US-Tennessee

Safe night emergency landing made in sports field after bird strike caused 24 inch diameter hole in windshield... Read more

13-Aug-12 N28AE Bell 206L3 Burnet, US-Texas

Tail rotor struck wire on approach after crew were distracted by vehicle on ground potentially entering landing zone.  Landed without further incident... Read more

30-May-12 N116AE Bell 206L West Plains, US-Missouri

The aircraft had just completed a routine inspection and the mechanic was doing a post-inspection ground run when the aircraft inadvertently lifted from its stationary position and struck a hangar.  Mechanic injured... Read more

04-Apr-12 N424AE Bell 206L4 Winnsboro, US-Louisiana

Bird strike on take off while pilot was using NVG.  Damage to windscreen and vertical fin... Read more

02-Mar-12 Bell 206L Baldwyn, US-Mississippi

precautionary landing after a transmission light came on... Read more

27-Dec-11 N319AE Bell 206L4 Columbiana, US-Ohio

Helicopter made precautionary landing in soccer field beside the Upper Room Fellowship church due to poor weather on ferry flight back to base after dropping patient at hospital.  Landing site was soggy ground and helicopter started to sink, thus hovered short distance to parking lot and then ground handled to covered area... Read more

01-Aug-11 N484AE Bell 206L4 Reliance, US-Tennessee

Contacted wires on take off with patient from road accident site... Read more

28-Feb-11 N192AE Bell B206L Gibson County, US-Tennessee

Bird strike which caused windshield to shatter... Read more

15-Feb-11 N285AE Bell 206L.3 Tulsa, US-Oklahoma

Precautionary landing after bird strike... Read more

16-Dec-10 N101AE Bell B206L-1 Peoria, US-Illinois

Landing accident, damage level not given in FAA preliminary report... Read more

18-Jun-09 N314AE Bell B206 nr Greenwood, US-West Virginia

18-Jun-09 N314AE Bell B206 nr Greenwood, US-West Virginia... Read more

8-Apr-09 N295AE Bell B206 Vick, US-Texas

8-Apr-09 N295AE Bell B206 Vick, US-Texas... Read more

29-Mar-09 N708M Bell B206L3 Abilene, US-Texas

29-Mar-09 N708M Bell B206L3 Abilene, US-Texas... Read more

17-Mar-09 N101AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois

17-Mar-09 N101AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois... Read more

17-Mar-09 N595AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois

17-Mar-09 N595AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois... Read more

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