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14-Nov-12 Bell 214B Khorassan Razavi, Iran (10F)

Struck wires in poor visibility and crashed after rescuing five from a minibus road crash.  A further five crew on board were killed.  Extensive photo cover in news agency photo albums here , here and here


25-Aug-12 Bell 214 Sardasht, Iran (4F)

Helicopter crashed about 6 miles from the Iraqi border in northwestern Iran.  Four killed – one Revolutionary Guard member and three crew members.  Bell 214 as a type is not fully confirmed


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29-Jul-10 C-GTWV Bell 214 Lillooet, BC, Canada


25-Apr-10 (Reg TBA) Bell B214 Farah Province, Afghanistan


16-Aug-09 (Serial TBA) Bell 214 Shahriar county, Iran (4F)

16-Aug-09 Shahriar county, Iran