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25-Oct-15 FAH-977 Bell 412EP Ocotepeque, Honduras

On second attempt to take off, helicopter gained height very slowly and caught some wires, causing it to crash.  Three on board injured. Later report gave those on board as Victor Sosa (pilot), Ariel Murillo (copilot), Ariel Soriano (commander), and paratroopers; Oscar Matamoros (captain), Deivy Ayestas, Alfonso Mejia, Daniel Korea and Fabricio Flores.


06-Sep-15 I-CFAC Agusta-Bell 412EP Montecristo, Italy

Helicopter crashed heavily onto a sloping rock face, seriously injuring the pilot.  The other two POB only had minor injuries


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15-Aug-15 N120LA Bell 412EP Whittier, US-California

Emergency landing in a cemetery, during which the main blades sliced the tail boom off.  Helicopter substantially damaged but remained on its skids


11-Jul-15 C-FWTK Bell 412 Slave Lake, Canada

Crashed on firefighting ops, pilot to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries


10-Apr-15 5N-GEJ Bell 412EP Lagos, Nigeria

Nigerian Police helicopter crashed at the main Lagos Airport close to the VIP area. Helicopter may be used for presidential work and has been referred to in some reports as a “presidential helicopter”. 4 POB – pilot, copilot and two NAF employees – all injured but not seriously


25-Mar-15 Bell 412 Sanaa, Yemen

Destroyed in reported Saudi air attack on hangar at Al-Dailami air base.  Photo shows Bell 412 on the left of this image


29-Sep-14 Bell 412CF Shaw Island, Canada

Precautionary landing after rotor blades struck a wire on the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Sir William Alexander


13-Apr-14 JW-9505 Agusta-Bell 412 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Crashed on take-off, ending up on its side with rotorhead against the hangar wall, injuring Tanzania’s vice president Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal and some of the others on board – total 11 POB


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22-Mar-14 VH-WSR Bell 412EP Newcastle, Australia

During the cruise, the crew observed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at about 1,000 ft above ground level. The UAV turned and tracked towards the helicopter and the helicopter crew took evasive action to avoid a collision.


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06-Feb-14 AN-137 Bell 412EP Mansukum, Panama (1F)

1 of 9 POB killed when helicopter came down on night anti-drug mission.  Helicopter had been working with a US Navy MH-60R which was on hand to transport 6 of the injured to hospital.


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22-Jan-14 HA-5166 Bell 412EP Long Tulip, Indonesia

Precautionary landing in jungle due to weather.  Location meant that helicopter crew was out of contact for 15+ hours, causing SAR response etc.  10 POB all safe


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15-Dec-13 HA-5170 Bell 412EP Paradise Aroanop, Indonesia

Five POB all safe after helicopter damaged in emergency landing in mountainous area


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13-Oct-13 146432 Bell 412CF (CH-146) Wilson, Canada

Emergency field landing after ingesting a bird


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31-Aug-13 VH-VAS Bell 412EP Mansfield, Australia (1F)

68-year old man, named as Robert Davis, fell 30m from a winch harness and died while being winched on board after injuring his ankle.  Press reports say he weighed between 120 – 140 kg, and this will be taken into account during the investigations.


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20-Aug-13 I-RBNR Agusta-Bell 412 Novara di Sicilia, Italy

4 POB injured in heavy landing due to loss of visual clues in brown-out conditions.  EMS operation


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17-Jun-13 VH-EMZ Bell 412 Prince of Wales Island, Australia

During the final approach, the helicopter impacted trees and landed heavily. The helicopter was substantially damaged, skids collapsed but it remained upright (photo).  EMS/SAR helicopter was on night training flight practicing Nightsun-lit approaches.  3 POIB


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14-Jun-13 PR-HRZ Bell 212 Teffe, Brazil (2F)

No details given in press statement on circumstances of this fatal accident


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07-Jun-13 Bell 412 Katupotha, Sri Lanka

Precautionary landing, reportedly with Air Force Commander Air Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama on board


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27-Mar-13 PT-HUW Bell 412 Campos Basin, Brazil

Offshore operation for Petrobras, ditched in the sea, three POB got out OK


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02-Jul-12 EC-KSJ Bell 412 Yátova, Spain (1F)

First of two accidents fighting the same fire in Spain.  Pilot killed.


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29-Jun-12 JA6817 Bell 412 Kawane, Japan

Landing accident.   2 POB injured


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02-Apr-12 N911FR Bell 412EP Opa Locka, US-Florida

Tail rotor struck ground during hover taxi


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13-Feb-12 146453 Bell 412 Yellowknife, Canada

Wirestrike approaching Yellowknife airport at around 7:50 p.m. MT with 3 POB and the aircraft sustained significant damage.  It  was returning to the airport after conducting air operations in support of Exercise Arctic Ram. It is from 408 Tactical Helicopter Detachment and is normally stationed at CFB Edmonton.  The Bell 412 is known as the… Read more »


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19-Jan-12 LV-ZXO Bell 412EP Petit Martinique, Grenada

Emergency landing while en route St Lucia to Tobago


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08-Jan-12 FAC-0005 Bell 412 Barrancabermeja, Colombia

En route from Cartagena to an air force base in Puerto Salgar, helicopter landed heavily on edge of a flat roof with significant vertical speed, causing heavy impact damage.  Impact reportedly included a small fire which was easily put out.  4POB injured.


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15-Oct-11 YVO126 Bell 412SP Santa Rosa, Venezuela

Crashed in wooded area after turning back due to weather.  7 POB – Pilot Óscar Cabrera, Co-pilot Ricardo Ortiz along with engineers Carlos Batista, Orber Godoni, Armando Sosa, Augusto Masias and Jose Guarimba.  One had second-degree burns and a fractured collarbone, all others had minor injuries only


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03-Oct-11 N412SM Bell 412EP Crawford, US-Colorado

While in cruise flight at 11,500?MSL from Grand Junction, CO to Gunnison, CO, the transmission warning light illuminated. The pilot also observed a decrease in pressure on the transmission oil pressure gauge. The helicopter landed safely without incident in a field, was immediately taken out of service and secured.


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25-Sep-11 PK-OCV Bell 412 Sumbawa Besar, Indonesia (2F)

Bell 412 missing and later found crashed.pter with two POB missing, reported elsewhere as PK-OCV .


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19-Sep-11 EC-JRY Agusta-Bell 412 La Peza, Spain (3F)

Firefighting helicopter on ferry flight.  High momentum terrain impact, fire followed.


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11-Sep-11 N412SM Bell 412 Grand Junction, US-Colorado

Bird strike, returned to base. After thorough inspection of the helicopter no significant damage was found and it was returned to service.


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10-Sep-11 HA-5113 Bell 412HP Rumpius Karvak, Indonesia

Bell 412 with five on board lost contact with ATC while on mission to locate missing Cessna 208 aircraft of Susi Air.  The following day the helicopter arrived in nearby town of Wamena, reporting that it had had to make an emergency landing due to fog.  Jungle location had led media to assume the worst,… Read more »


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17-Aug-11 ARVB-0608 Bell 412 Boca de Uchire, Venezuela (8F)

Crashed into the sea, one survivor


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03-Aug-11 PK-FUG Bell 412 North Sulawesi, Indonesia (10F)

The Bell 412, carrying two Australians, two South Africans and six Indonesians, lost contact with authorities Wednesday afternoon minutes after takeoff from the city of Manado on Sulawesi island.  It was later found after impacting terrain


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23-Jul-11 Bell B412 Maracao, Venezuela (1F)

Crashed into trees on landing in a military compound.  Killed 1 on the ground and debris injured a further 22


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16-May-11 Bell B412 Mapenduma, Indonesia

Mixed reports quoting three or four serious injuries and a total of 17 (or 10 plus three crew?) on board.  Weather reported as “very windy” but no other information at this time as to potential cause


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28-Apr-11 Bell 412 East Midnapore, India

Helicopter was being used by political figure and a flag being waved (or thrown?) by an enthusiastic supporter got caught up in the rotor blades.  Helicopter grounded for engineers, Politician continued by road


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28-Mar-11 A6-FLZ Bell 412EP Zakum West Super Complex, UAE

After the passengers had boarded the aircraft, the commander heard a noise and the aircraft suddenly settled and adopted a nose high attitude. The engines were shut down, the passengers and crew disembarked. Subsequent examination of the aircraft by the crew showed that the undercarriage aft crosstube had failed, due to metallurgical fatigue.


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16-Mar-11 A6-FLV Bell 412EP Zakum Field, UAE

Uneventful approach and landing on the helideck where it was intended to embark ten passengers and some equipment. After nine passengers had boarded, the aircraft suddenly settled and adopted a nose high attitude. The engines were shut down and the passengers and crew disembarked. Subsequent examination of the aircraft by the crew showed that the… Read more »


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09-Mar-11 OE-XYY Bell 412 Innsbruck, Austria

Extremely erratic take-off from elevated hospital helipad caught on video.  According to the company, the pilot could bring the machine under control. CEO Roy Knaus blamed the incident on “a combination of circumstances”


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22-Feb-11 146476 Bell 412 Yuma, US-Arizona

Brown out at 30 to 40 ft during an NVG approach


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08-Dec-10 Bell 412 State of Veracruz, Mexico (4F)

The helicopter was carrying six security officers, two inmates, an official from the country’s organized crime investigation unit, and two pilots.  Local reports differ on the number of fatalities, some saying 3, others 4, others 7.  Weather was apparently a factor


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22-Nov-10 Bell B412 Yaounde, Cameroon (4F)

Report from Israel of the death of Avi Sivan, previously a highly respected officer in the Israeli Defence Force.  No other names of the other three fatalities have been released, or the circumstances of the accident.


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13-Nov-10 Bell 412 Trujillo, Colombia (3F)

Weather was reported as poor. The helicopter was piloted by Captains Israel Vega Castillo and Ernesto Carranza Domínguez, and flight technical Concepción Valdés Carrillo. Registration wrongly reported in press as XU-ANI which is not a Mexican registration (we expect XA- prefix)


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13-Nov-10 Bell B412 Columbia

“Three aboard missing helicopter” Officials said the aircraft was traveling Panama-Cali, the capital of the Valle del Cauca department.


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22-Sep-10 N412PD Bell 412 Jamaica Bay, US-New York

Twin engine Bell 412 forced to ditch 30m short of its home base, emergency floats deployed successfully and all five occupants evacuated without injury


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06-Sep-10 D-HHCC Bell 412 Berlin/Marzahn, Germany

Skid cross tube broke during engine start-up


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18-Aug-10 JA6796 Bell B412 Sanagi Island, Japan (4F)


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08-Jul-10 FAH-… Bell B412 San Lorenzo, Honduras


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18-Jun-10 1208 Bell B412 Santiago Papasquiaro, Mexico (11F)


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01-Jun-10 XA-HSI Bell 412 nr Bacab-A Platform, Mexico


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17-Mar-10 VF-64 Agusta-Bell 412EP Lake Bracciano, Italy (1F)


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12-Mar-10 EC-GSK Bell 412 El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain


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12-Nov-09 5N-… Bell 412 Addax, Nigeria (2 of 2)


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11-Sep-09 JA96GF Bell B412 Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan (3F)

11-Sep-09 JA96GF Bell B412 Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan


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06-Jul-09 146434 Bell B412 northeast of Kandahar, Afghanistan (3F)

6-Jul-09 Bell B412 northeast of Kandahar, Afghanistan


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1-Jul-09 Bell B412 Up Park Camp, Jamaica

1-Jul-09 Bell B412 Up Park Camp, Jamaica


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10-Jun-09 JA Bell B412 Ikejiri, Japan

10-Jun-09 JA Bell B412 Ikejiri, Japan


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06-Apr-09 RP-1946 Bell B412 near Tinoc township in Ifugao province, Philippines (8F)

8-Apr-09 RP-1946 Bell B412 near Tinoc township in Ifugao province. , Phillipines


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03-Aug-07 5N-BIQ Bell 412EP Eket, Nigeria (1F)

Crashed while manuevering over Qua Ibom Terminal Airfield (QUA) at Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The pilot, the sole occupant, was fatally injured. The helicopter was destroyed. There was no fire


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03-Aug-07 5N-BIQ Bell 412EP Eket, Nigeria (1F)

Very heavy landing on unauthorised flight.  Pilot died from his injuries


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