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04-Jun-12 N427AL Bell 427 Indiantown, US-Florida

Hit buzzard in flight, emergency landing ended up with helicopter on its side.  5 POB to hospital as a precautionary measure, but not seriously injured.  Helicopter registered to Southern Aviation Systems, but address points to this being linked to corporate operator Southern Waste Systems


14-Mar-12 5N-POL Bell 427 Rukuba, Nigeria (12K)

While on “routine aerial patrol” the helicopter crashed into a residential area.  Reports vary as to number of fatalities, but general consensus is 7 in the helicopter and 5 on the ground.  Nigerian Police press release names four in the helicopter –  DIG Haruna John the DIG In-charge of Operations, ACP Garba Yalwa – Pilot,… Read more »


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09-Jan-11 N926MF Bell 427 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Crew reported as pilot Osvaldo Perez Feliz and copilot Mario Rivas, neither badly hurt.  The helicopter is often used privately by  Dominican Republic opposition leader, Miguel Vargas, and was only 1.5 miles out from 1.5 miles from Higüero Airport on a flight to La Romana to pick him up.


05-Feb-10 OK-AHB Bell 427 Horní Olešné, Czech Republic