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26-Nov-18 Bell UH-1 Sancaktepe, Turkey (4F)

A Turkish military UH-1 has crashed in the Sancaktepe district of Istanbul, with four fatalities and a fifth person with serious injuries


23-May-17 Bell UH-1 Naccache, Lebanon

Emergency landing made on a road; Photo shows helicopter apparently intact and complete, with no damage


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04-May-17 Bell UH-1D Tanay, Philippines (3F)

Encountered engine trouble while on a landing approach inside the headquarters of the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Divisiion in Sitio Hilltop, Barangay Sampaloc, Camp Capinpin in Tanay.  Helicopter crashed and burned out in a wooded area The helicopter was taking part in a disaster rescue operation training course involving 60 soldiers from the 2nd Infantry… Read more »


05-Oct-15 PNC-073 Bell UH-1H Puerto Gaitan, Colombia (6F)

Crashed and burned out after reported loss of hydraulics led to loss of tail rotor control and an emergency landing.  Six fatalities named as Pilot Javier Arias F, copilot Germán David Beltrán;  Col. Carlos Alberto Melendez, police commander for Meta region, along with colleagues Jeison Alejandro García and Luís Felipe Nieva Gómez, plus one other… Read more »


20-Jul-15 N121PT Bell UH-1H Walla Walla, US-Washington

Press “pilot walked away from an emergency landing”.  FAA “Aircraft destroyed”.  Firefighting ops.


08-Jun-15 N911NV Bell UH-1H Washoe Valley, US-Nevada

Main blades clipped trees.  Landed without further incident


31-May-15 N462CC Bell UH-1B Minam Lodge Cove, US-Oregon

Substantially damaged in heavy landing


22-Apr-15 ZU-UHI Bell UH-1 Bainskloof, South Africa (2F)

Firefighting helicopter crashes with two fatalities – named later as pilot Darrell Rea and crew Jastin Visagie.  Further details to follow and registration awaiting final confirmation – another source is quoting ZS-HBU (4491)


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25-Mar-15 Bell UH-1 Sanaa, Yemen

Destroyed in reported Saudi air attack on hangar at Al-Dailami air base.  Photo shows Bell 412 on the left of this image


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08-Mar-15 ZS-HBV Bell UH-1 Olifantsbos, South Africa (1F)

The helicopter went down in mountainous terrain while water bombing the area, killing the pilot – named later here as Hendrik Marais


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19-Feb-15 N166DR Bell UH-1H Shelton, US-Washington

Fell onto its side on take-off


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04-Feb-15 518 Bell UH-1H Camp Evangelista, Philippines

Two POB not seriously injuried in UH-1H crash in which helicopter ended up on its roof in open grass area


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28-Jan-15 7912 Bell UH-1H Binh Chanh, Vietnam (4F)

Crashed on training flight killing all four on board


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23-Jan-15 Bell UH-1Y Twentynine Palms, US-California (2F)

Marines helicopter out of MCAS Miramar crashed on a training flight at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.  Both on board died in the accident, named later as Capt. Elizabeth Kealey and 1st Lt. Adam Satterfield


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23-Oct-14 N72595 Bell UH-1H Rio Grande City, US-Texas

Port side cabin door separated and hit tail rotor.  Landed with no further incident


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23-May-14 N260TA Bell UH-1H Waitsburg, US-Washington

Owner Tom Archer was taking off from his own property after not flying the helicopter in about a month.  Rotorhead and main blades ended up 10-15m from the fuselage


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17-Jan-14 XC-BBF Bell UH-1H Tancitaro, Mexico

Hit cable at low level and crashed into wooded area.  Some reports suggest the cable was intentionally put there by the dissident groups, and that this helicopter was one of 11 put into the region to restore order after the dissident group took control. Helicopter fitted with cable cutters. 5 pOB received minor injuries, and… Read more »


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06-Dec-13 Bell UH-1H Bagacay, Philippines

Crashed after reportedly developing engine trouble.  Some injuries


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11-Nov-13 68-15287 Bell UH-1D Tulsa, US-Oklahoma

Damaged during ground transportation to Veterans Day event. falling off trailer and blocking the road.  Badly damaged


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29-Oct-13 FAC4505 Bell UH-1H Ptolemais, Colombia

Very heavy landing on training flight, remained upright, although boom broken at root.  Post impact fire was extinguished.


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15-Oct-13 EJC-4214 Bell UH-1H La Mayajura, Colombia

Crashed in mountainous region close to Venezeulan border.  No casualties


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04-Oct-13 Bell UH-1H Balingasag, Philippines

Capt. Christian Uy, spokesperson of the army’s 4th Infantry Division, said that the Huey made an emergency landing in Balingasag Friday morning when the pilot noticed a mechanical malfunction


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21-Sep-13 N22490 Bell UH-1 Black Canyon City, US-Arizona (2F)

Heavy impact, post crash fire, no survivors.  Two POB were pilot/owner Chad Nelson and passenger Brynne Smith.  This report quotes Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office saying the debris field is a radius of half a mile.


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16-Sep-13 N204UH Bell UH-1B Idanha, US-Oregon (1F)

Logging operations – it appears the pilot released the logs, indicating he knew of a problem prior to the crash. Witnesses then saw a rotor separate from the helicopter followed by it turning upside down and falling to the ground. Pilot was named as William Bart Colantuono, 54, of Indialantic, FL


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08-Aug-13 N70NW Bell UH-1B Tok, US-Alaska

FAA report that this was on “hauling ops” but this video and the caption below suggest it was on firefighting work


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03-Aug-13 Bell UH-1 Izmir, Turkey

Emergency landing at Izmir Ataturk Stadium after suspected engine problems


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22-Jul-13 N233JP Bell UH-1H Mount Clarleston, US-Nevada (1F)

According to a LVMPD press release, David Vanbuskirk “somehow became detached from the hoist line, falling into the canyon below.” The distance that the man fell is under investigation, but Sheriff Doug Gillespie later stated in a press conference that “it is clear that this was a non-survivable fall and he died on impact.” The… Read more »


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16-Jul-13 N775AR Bell UH-1H Dove Creek, US-Colorado (1F)

16-Jul-13 N775AR Bell UH-1H Dove Creek, US-Colorado (1F)

UH-1H crashed while performing seismographic operations at an oil drilling rig in the area.  News report here states AJ Blain, 27, died in the crash, said Joyce Barnett, Dolores County, Colo., coroner


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09-Jul-13 Bell UH-1H Tingo Maria, Peru (3F)

Crashed on night training flight.  Pilot named as Ronald Helbert Vargas Terán (34), and crew were Amadeo César Loayza Mercado (33) and Carlos Alberto Cercado Pinares (42).


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17-Jun-13 Bell UH-1 Ban Na district, Thailand

Eight POB, five injured of which one serious.  Emergency landing after reported tail rotor problem


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24-May-13 Bell UH-1 Arlington, US-Virginia

Near miss – military helicopter and Embraer 175 airliner at same level (400ft) and 950 ft horizontal separation.  Airliner on approach to Reagan National Airport


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15-Apr-13 Bell UH-1H Taipai, Taiwan

Door fell from helicopter into school grounds


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05-Apr-13 Bell UH-1 Balauana, Tunisia

2 of 5 on board injured in heavy landing while on post-maintenance test flight


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25-Feb-13 Bell UH-1N Parshall, US-North Dakota

Helicopter from Minot AFB made emergency landing, which injured two of the five occupants


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10-Jan-13 N7247J Bell UH-1H La Paloma, US-California

Emergency landing in field off Espinoza Road


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01-Nov-12 Huey II Sandoná, Colombia

Failed to gain height, and control very erratic on take-off from sports field.  Put down safely, but not before damaging buildings with its downwash.  Government minister on board


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07-Oct-12 N1577 Bell UH-1H Medford, US-Oregon

Emergency landing by fire-fighting helicopter.  Pilot Cody Seeger (only person on board) not injured.  The helicopter landed on its side in a forested hillside – trees surrounding the crash site may have softened the impact


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27-Jul-12 Bell UH-1 Catha Village, South Africa (1F)

Weather conditions were described as adverse with winds up to 80km/h. The helicopter was dousing veld fires in the mountains on behalf of the Department of Water Affairs


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03-Jul-12 N499DF Bell UH-1H Willits, US-California

Cal Fire helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing.  No injuries, minor damage


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26-Jun-12 N4582D Bell UH-1F Concrete, US-Washington

Contacted powerlines during sling operations.  Bucket operator sustained serious injuries


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16-Jun-12 N282AH Bell UH-1H Weatherford, US-Texas

Rotor blade separated during run up


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26-May-12 Bell UH-1 Huey II Nariño, Colombia

Pilot experienced some difficulties and elected to put the helicopter down in a mangrove swamp on approach to Tumaco airport.  All four (one report says five) occupants safely recovered


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18-May-12 Bell UH-1 Red Rock Canyon, US-Nevada

Las Vegas police Huey rescue helicopter clipped a Red Rock Canyon wall with its main rotor blades on a training flight with 5 POB.  Sources say a strong wind gust pushed the Bell HH-1H helicopter into a canyon wall in the Spring Mountain range.  Safe landing, no injuries


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12-Apr-12 PNP-357 Bell UH-1H Kiteni, Peru (1F)

Peruvian National Police helicopter crashed killing co-pilot Nancy Flores after being shot at by rebels while searching for 43 kidnapped energy company workers. Two others – gunner Luis Guerrero and a civilian acting as a guide, Elver Huaman, were wounded.


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11-Mar-12 Bell UH-1H Kitcharao, Philippines

Helicopter was hovering near the ground when it suddenly crashed.


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28-Feb-12 HL-190 Bell UH-1H San Luis Peten, Guatemala (10F)

Military helicopter which went to rescue civil helicopter which had crashed (see here) – crashed itself in a mountainous area killing all 10 aboard,


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22-Feb-12 168039 Bell UH-1Y Yuma, US-California (5F)

Mid air accident between AH-1W and UH-1Y of the US Marine Corps during a night-time exercise  Total of 7 fatalities, 2 in the AH-1W, five in the UH-1Y. The five in the UH-1Y were named later as Capt. Michael M. Quin, 28, of Purcellville, VA, Sgt. Justin A. Everett, 33, of Clovis, CA, Lance Cpl…. Read more »


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12-Jan-12 PNP-352 Bell UH-1H Pucallpa, Peru

Apparent mechanical failure at low level


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05-Jan-12 Bell UH-1N Corbin City, US-New Jersey

Field landing with no damage after reported tail rotor servo failure.  4POB, no injuries.  En route  to Virginia from joint base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.  Engineers from Fort Dix attended and helicopter flew again about 1 hour later


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01-Jan-12 Bell UH-1H Trilahue, Chile

Details to follow


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15-Nov-11 N502AW Bell UH-1 Valle Airport, US-Arizona

Hard landing – starboard gear collapsed.  Pilot identified as 57-year-old Jeff Boatman


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19-Oct-11 Bell VH-1N Washington, US-DC

Mechanical issues led to the landing near 11th and Gallatin streets. Both radios went out during a routine exercise


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03-Oct-11 Bell UH-1 Mardin province, Turkey

One serious and two minor injuries to the 3 POB


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01-Oct-11 Bell UH-1H Mount Sinumaan, Philippines (3F)

Reported mechanical problems, crashed onto mountain and rolled for some distance


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01-Sep-11 N205PJ Bell UH-1H French Camp, US-California

Landed hard on uneven terrain and rolled onto its left side


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03-Aug-11 Bell UH-1 Johnsrud Park, US-Montana

Emergency landing beside road.  No apparent external damage


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27-Jul-11 Bell UH-1H Udon Thani, Thailand

Emergency landing in rice field


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16-Jul-11 Bell UH-1 Phetchaburi, Thailand (5F)

The helicopter, from Thap Phraya Sua Camp in Ratchaburi’s Suan Phung district, crashed into a mountain in a bad weather while on a mission to remove civilians who had been trapped in Kaeng Krachan National Park.  Deceased named as Pilots Maj Kitisak Chin-iam, and Lt Pratya Nualsri plus passengers Maj Kitiphum Ekkaphan, SM1 Rangsan Polsaibua… Read more »


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11-Jun-11 PNC-0731 Bell UH-1 Huey II Salinas, Colombia (8F)

Struck high voltage powerline. 8 fatalities named as pilot Néstor Manuel Niño Acosta, Copilot Fabián Fuentes Meneses, technician Leandro Sánchez Sánchez  and passengers Gutiérrez Mendoza Eimer, John Contreras Lobo, John Joya Delgado, Germán Medina Delgado and Wilson Correa Castillo


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18-May-11 N341WN Bell UH-1H Ellensburg, US-Washington

Struck trees during low level manoeuvre


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13-Apr-11 Bell Huey II Taytay, Philippines

PAF Spokesman Lt. Col. Miguel Ernesto Okol clarified that the Air Force helicopter did not crash as it just “made a hard landing” as an emergency procedure.


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31-Mar-11 Bell UH-1H Paraparaumu, New Zealand

A Defence Force source said the helicopter, which was en route from Ohakea to Woodburn, was carrying a spare engine for another Iroquois, which began to leak oil – the the resultant fumes cause the need for an emergency landing


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14-Mar-11 Bell UH-1N Jacksonville, US-North Carolina

Engine fire en route – emergency (and safe) landing in field


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07-Mar-11 FAC-4506 Bell UH-1 Melgar, Colombia (5F)

Air-to-air with FAC-4501, killing 5 in this helicopter. Air force Capt. Juan Jose Orjuela, Mexican Lt. Dante Herrera Alarcon, Lt. Manuel Alberto Cuspoca, technician John Mario Diaz Llanos and technician Felipe Pava Rodriguez were killed in the accident.


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07-Mar-11 FAC-4501 Bell UH-1 Melgar, Colombia

Air-to-air accident with FAC-4506.  No fatalities in this helicopter.  Crew listed as Captain Jorge Eduardo Estrada Olivares (Army Pilot), Lt Ivan Camilo Gonzalez Rada (Student Army), Lt Hugo Estrada Lopez (Mexican Student) and First Technical Luis Carlos Castro (Crew FAC)


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28-Feb-11 ZK-HSP Bell UH-1 Levin, New Zealand

Helicopter crashed on the beach, ending up on its side with boom separated.  Sole occupant pilot was seriously injured, pulled from the wreckage by a passer-by and flown to Palmerston North Hospital.  Pilot name reported as Jim Sherwin, aged 60


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10-Jan-11 Bell UH-1H Polatli, Turkey (5F)

Television stations cited the military as saying officials had reached the wreckage, but fog covered the area.  It was a Bell UH-1 on a night training mission


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03-Oct-10 Bell UH-1 General Diaz, Paraguay

Helicopter was on third and last day providing EMS support to the Rally Chaco. Descended after reported bird strike. Photos show the tail boom was broken, likely severed by the main blades


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03-Oct-10 41720 Bell UH-1 Yao, Japan

It was taking a test flight after a regular maintenance check and was hovering when it crashed, the GSDF said.


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12-Sep-10 UH-1 Buchloe, Germany


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10-Sep-10 Bell UH-1H Barangay Nagrebcan, Philippines


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16-Aug-10 N….. Bell UH-1 Warrenton, US-Virginia


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08-Aug-10 (Serial TBA) Bell UH-1N Butte, US-Montana


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06-Jul-10 FAB-749 Bell UH-1H Churo Ayopaya, Bolivia (1F)


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24-Jun-10 N205KS Bell UH-1H Santa Barbara, US-California


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