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18-Jul-14 N197BH Eurocopter AS350B2 Kapalua, US-Hawaii

Emergency landing after loss of hydraulics


18-Jul-13 N11QG Eurocopter EC130 Lihue, US-Hawaii

Bird strike on tour flight

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28-May-12 Eurocopter EC130B4 Puna, US-Hawaii

Precautionary field landing made during sightseeing flight. N o damage to helicopter.  Another helicopter from the same operator came and picked up the passengers.


14-Nov-11 Hilo, US-Hawaii

Precautionary landing due electrical problem.  AS350 or EC130


10-Nov-11 N11QV Eurocopter EC130 Molokai, US-Hawaii (5F)

Crashed into a mountainside on a sightseeing tour.  All 5 POB perished, including pilot Nathan Cline and Pennsylvania residents Michael and Nicole Abel who were only married five days earlier.  The other two were later named as Stuart Roberston and Eva Birgitta Wannersjo from Ontario, Canada


16-Nov-09 N11QF Eurocopter EC130 Kahului, US-Hawaii