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06-Jun-12 PR-OMV Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil

Brand new aircraft.  Fell onto side on landing from 50ft on third attempt at landing.  2POB.  Co pilot had bruises only, Pilot not injured... Read more

08-May-12 PP-CGO AgustaWestland AW119 Piranhas, Brazil (8F)

8 Killed when AW119 crashed while en route from the reconstruction of an April 2012 massacre at Dover and was returning to the state capital of Goiana.  The Civil Police confirmed the names of the eight occupants of the aircraft. They are: the Police crew Jorge Moreira, Antonio Goncalves, Osvalmir Carrasco, Vinicius da Silva, Bruno Carneiro... Read more

06-Apr-12 PR-LDL Robinson R44 Feira de Santana, Brazil

Precautionary field landing, reasons not stated.  no damage apparent from press photo... Read more

22-Feb-12 PT-YAK Helibras AS350BA Benevides, Brazil

Helicopter landed due to excessive vibration, which continued as ground resonance which shook the aircraft to bits (see YouTube video)  4POB all got out safely – the commander, the second pilot, a doctor and a nurse... Read more

19-Jan-12 PP-MOF Robinson R44 Lake Paranoá, Brazil

R44 took off from edge of car park and did not gain height, ditched into shallow water at edge of lake shortly after.  4POB exited without further problems... Read more

30-Dec-11 PR-FPE Robinson R44 Iguabinha, Brazil

Helicopter clipped powerlines while flying at low level over a crowd of around 2,000 at a Christmas event.  The 4POB suffered slight injuries and it is miraculous that no-one on the ground was killed.  Check the YouTube videos here and here.... Read more

24-Dec-11 PR-ZXZ CHR Safari Trinidade, Brazil

Crashed in open field, boom had been sliced by main blades... Read more

09-Dec-11 PR-KLA Robinson R44 Sao Bento do Sul, Brazil (1F)

Impacted terrain. The commercial-rated pilot was fatally injured. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed... Read more

11-Oct-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Ponte Alta do Tocantins, Brazil

Law enforcement helicopterin non-emergency situation made urban area landing too close to buildings and downwash caused damage... Read more

11-Oct-11 PT-YEC Robinson R22 São Paulo, Brazil

Heavy forced landing and ended up no its starboard side.  Had just taken off from Campo de Marte Airport bound for Guarulhos... Read more

26-Sep-11 PR-HLB Bell 206L4 Itaituba, Brazil

Tail rotor failure during climb out... Read more

10-Sep-11 PR-CEC Robinson R44 Vale do Encantado, Brazil (2F)

Helicopter took off from Santos Dumont airport at about 20h on Saturday and fell about 30 minutes later, in the middle of the Tijuca Forest killing both occupants.   A local resident said there was much fog on the site at the time.  Pilot named as Erick Ramiro Freitas, 25, son of Elzo Padilha Freitas, owner... Read more

30-Aug-11 PP-CLE Robinson R44 Sao Sebastiao, Brazil (3F)

IMC prevailed in the area at the time of the accident and a VFR flight plan was filed for the flight from Campo dos Amarais Airport (SDAM), Campinas, Brazil, to Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil.   All three occupants killed.... Read more

19-Aug-11 PR-SEK AgustaWestland AW139 Macae, Brazil (4F)

Helicopter had taken off from offshore installation P-65 (operated by Petrobras) and ditched in the Atlantic en route to its base at Macae.  Casualties named as – pilot Rommel Garcia Oliveira, co-pilot Haytzann Lauro Pinto and passengers Ricardo Leal de Oliveira and João Carlos Pereira da Silva... Read more

18-Aug-11 XC-BAN Bell B206 Culiacán, Mexico (2F)

Fell into river while trying to rescue people trapped in car by flood waters... Read more

02-Aug-11 PT-HCZ Bell B206 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Force landing on a construction site following inflight loss of power.  Landing was very heavy – skids collapsed and fuselage ended up on the ground.  Pilot named as Boarini Bojikian Marcelo... Read more

15-Jul-11 PR-JGM Eurocopter AS350B3 Jaragua do Sul, Brazil (3F)

Three occupants killed, believed to be owner Gilberto Menel, director of the Textile knitting Nanet, plus company employee Erico Melchioreto,and pilot Alvaro Junior Pisetta.  Helicopter crashed into a forest.  Access to site difficult... Read more

17-Jun-11 PR-OMO Eurocopter AS350B2 Porto Seguro, Brazil (7F)

Crashed into the sea 300-500m offshore.  Wreckage washed up on beach.  Fatalities named as pilot Marcelo de Almeida and passengers Mariana Noleto, Gabriel Kfuri Gouveia (aged 2), Luca Kfuri de Magalhães Lins (aged 3), Norma Batista de Assunção (aged 49, the children’s nanny), Jordana Kfuri Cavandish, and Fernanda Kfuri... Read more

10-May-11 N-7078 Eurocopter HB350 Manaus, Brazil Read more

02-May-11 PT-HMU Eurocopter AS350B Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil

Reported as mechanical failure by the general media... Read more

08-Apr-11 PT-YMJ Bell B206 Rio Grande da Serra, Brazil (2F)

Pilot Retoreto Seriba Marcelo, 39, and passenger Adrian Rodriguez, 54, were killed in the accident.... Read more

06-Apr-11 PT-HNA Eurocopter AS355F2 Boa Vista, Brazil (3F)

Search for overdue helicopter found wreckage two days later.  EMS operation with three killed – pilot and patient survived.... Read more

27-Mar-11 Robinson R44 Alameda, Brazil

Pilot referred to high winds causing him to lose control.  Two occupants injured, two not.  Pilot named as Agnaldo Pereira da Costa... Read more

18-Mar-11 Robinson R44 Aracaju, Brazil

Pilot named as Leonardo Gomes Leal, 29, and co-pilot was James Tavares Bastos, 18... Read more

06-Mar-11 PR-ELO Eurocopter AS350B2 Fazenda Santa Monica, Brazil

The pilot of the Air Operations Center (Nuopa) of the Traffic Department would identify a mechanical problem and made an impromptu landing on the ground.  The trio ended up injured when the aircraft crashed into the ground.... Read more

24-Jan-11 PT-HZS Eurocopter AS350B2 Morro da Mineira, Brazil

Thge television station AS350B2 – known as “Globocop” – was hit by three rifle shots at about 7:30 am. The reporter Karina Borges, the system operator and the pilot Roberto Mello Kings Antonio Ramos was not injured.  one of the bullets hit the floor, the second, the central region, and the third, the tail of the... Read more

23-Jan-11 PT-YDW Robinson R22 Guaiba River, Brazil

Emergency landing made on edge of river after suspected mechanical problems.  Two occupants uninjured... Read more

20-Jan-11 EB-1032 Eurocopter AS550A2 Nova Friburgo, Brazil

Accident while landing in windy conditions.  Five occupants OK... Read more

11-Jan-11 PT-HGP Hughes 269A-1 Marica, Brazil

Severe ground resonance resulted in separation of rotor dynamics from the helicopter.  Pilots Daniel Alencar Tavares, 33, and Geovani Kopti were both seriously injured... Read more

21-Dec-10 PR-HQB Bell B206 Aracaju, Brazil (1F)

The accident was fatal victim Colonel Dionysos Bomfim, 65, and left the injured co-pilot Yves Monte Costa... Read more

14-Dec-10 PT-YYG Robinson R22 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Forced landing in Avenida Tiradentes, heavy enough for skids to splay out.  Helicopter remained upright.  helicopter was operating for Radio Eldorado, and neither occupant was injured – pilot reported as Andrew Smith, and reporter Flavio Perez... Read more

24-Nov-10 PT-YDU Robinson R22 Goiania, Brazil

According to the Fire Department, the helicopter pilot Cristiano Felipe Rocha, 23, suffered a broken nose. The passenger, identified only as Leonardo, suffered minor injuries.... Read more

10-Nov-10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

TV station helicopter made emergency landing – no details on damage levels sustained... Read more

04-Nov-10 PT-HOL Robinson R22 Campo de Marte, Brazil

Training accident, ended up on starboard side... Read more

28-Oct-10 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Criminals fired at a helicopter from the Military Police (MP) The police returned fire and wounded three suspects.... Read more

25-Sep-10 Robinson R44 Novo Gama, Brazil

Helicopter ended up on its port side after the pilot was reported as saying he lost power... Read more

22-May-09 PR-NDF Robinson R44 Fazenda Quat, nr Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil (2F)

22-May-09 PR-NDF Robinson R44 Fazenda Quat, nr Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil... Read more

30-Apr-09 Ingarata, Brazil

30-Apr-09 Ingarata, Brazil... Read more

16-Feb-09 PP- Eurocopter AS350 Batalhao de Choque, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16-Feb-09 PP- Eurocopter AS350 Batalhão de Choque, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... Read more

16-Feb-09 PT-HVD Robinson R22 Jacarepagua, Brazil

16-Feb-09 PT-HVD Robinson R22 Jacarepagua, Brazil... Read more

5-Jan-09 PT-YFP AgustaWestland A109C Itupeva, 73 km north west of Sao Paulo, Brazil

5-Jan-09 PT-YFP AgustaWestland A109C Itupeva, 73 km north west of Sao Paulo, Brazil... Read more

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