Bristow-Norway Accidents

25-Sep-20 LN-ONQ Sikorsky S92 Stavangar, Norway

S92 was on its way back to Stavangar/Sola (ENZV) after a flight to the West Elara oil installation. During descent from 7 000 ft. towards 1 000 ft., at a height of approx. 4 500 ft. the crew received a caution that the oil pressure on the main gearbox had dropped below 45 psi. Shortly afterwards,... Read more

04-Oct-13 LN-ONW Sikorsky S92 Yme Platform, Norway

Emergency landing on unmanned offshore platform.  12 offshore workers and 2 crew were rescued by Norwegian Air Force SAR Sea King.  Weather reported as 200m visibility and emergency was called 17 km from the rig it landed on.... Read more

20-Sep-11 LN-OMW Sikorsky S92 Valhall field, off Norway

Engine problem en route Sola to the Maersk Reacher rig in Valhall field, North Sea, returned to base... Read more

13-May-11 LN-ONP Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway

Pilot broadcast Mayday after loss of oil pressure in one engine 90 miles SW of Stavangar.  SAR helicopter scrambled and accompanied S92 back to a safe landing at Sola... Read more

8-Apr-09 LN- Sikorsky S92 Tor Platform, North Sea, Norway

8-Apr-09 LN- Sikorsky S92 Tor Platform, North Sea, Norway... Read more

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