CH-53 Accidents

03-Sep-20 ?????? Sikorsky CH-53E Sneads Ferry, US-North Carolina

No details found on why this CH-53E made an emergency landing, but it ended up burning out on the ground after landing.  All 4 POB out safely.... Read more

27-Oct-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Castelvetrano, Italy

Emergency landing made in public park... Read more

02-Sep-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Camp Lejeune, US-North Carolina (1F)

Hard landing while conducting Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques (HRST) training in a landing zone at Stone Bay, a satellite training area aboard Camp Lejeune.  About 20 Marines from Virginia and North Carolina were participating  in night training that requires them to exit through the back of a helicopter using suspended ropes. The rappelling and fast-rope... Read more

15-Apr-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Solana Beach, US-California

Emergency landing on public beach after reported oil leak... Read more

12-Feb-15 Sikorsky MH-53E Norfolk, US-Virginia

Precautionary landing shortly after take off – MH-53E is currently focus of safety inspections regarding wiring and fuel lines... Read more

01-Sep-14 Sikorsky CH-53E Gulf of Aden, Djibouti

CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crashed at sea in the Gulf of Aden as it attempted to land aboard USS Mesa Verde.  All 25 persons aboard the helicopter; 17 Marines and eight Navy Sailors, were safely recovered... Read more

08-Jan-14 Sikorsky MH-53E Virginia Beach, US-Virginia (3F)

Crashed into the ocean.  Four of five POB rescued, but two of the four later died, named as pilot Lt. Wesley Van Dorn and Naval Aircrewman 3rd Class Brian Collins.  Search for fifth person – pilot  Lt. Sean Christopher Snyder – was later abandoned... Read more

15-Aug-12 Sikorsky CH-53 Tel Nof, Israel

aircraft was forced to carry out an emergency landing near the Tel Nof airbase south of Tel Aviv... Read more

19-Jul-12 Sikorsky MH-53E Muscat, Oman (2F)

Helicopter crashed killing 2 of the 5 POB – later named as Senior Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator Sean P. Sullivan, 40, of St. Louis, MO, and Naval Aircrewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class Joseph P. Fitzmorris, 31, of West Monroe, LA.  The helicopter was assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasure Squadron 15, based in Norfolk, Va and... Read more

29-Jun-12 Sikorsky MH-53E Pohang, Korea

Emergency landing made in rice paddy field after indication of onboard fire during training flight.  helicopter completely burned out on the ground after all occupants had swiftly embarked after the emergency landing... Read more

21-Jun-12 157135 Sikorsky CH-53D Sarabagh, Afghanistan

Forced landing, and caught fire.  No fatalities... Read more

26-Apr-12 164771 Sikorsky MH-53E Virginia Beach, US-Virginia

There were no injuries among the crewmen aboard and the helicopter suffered no damage as a result of the precautionary landing.  8 POB.  C ode 540 from the press photo (link 2) leads us to believe this was Bu164771... Read more

19-Jan-12 Sikorsky CH-53D Helmand Province, Afghanistan (6F)

The ceceased were named as Capt. Daniel Bartle, 27, of Ferndale, WA; Capt. Nathan McHone, 29, of Crystal Lake, IL; Master Sgt. Travis Riddick, 40, of Centerville, IA; Cpl. Jesse Stites, 23, of North Beach, MD; Cpl. Kevin Reinhard, 25, of Colonia, NJ; and Cpl. Joseph Logan, 22, of Willis, TX... Read more

17-Mar-11 Sikorsky CH-53E MCAS Miramar, US-California (1F)

Mechanic became trapped under the sponson of a CH-53E after the landing gear collapsed when the landing-gear pin was pulled before takeoff. Marine was later named as Sgt. Alexis Fontalvo... Read more

27-Aug-09 Sikorsky CH-53 Topsail Beach, US-North Carolina

27-Aug-09 Sikorsky CH-53 Topsail Beach, US-North Carolina... Read more

7-Aug-09 N4037S Sikorsky CH-53 McCall, US-Idaho

7-Aug-09 N4037S Sikorsky CH-53 McCall, US-Idaho... Read more

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