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13-Dec-19 G-WNSV Sikorsky S92 Sumburgh, UK

Aircraft was en-route to a North Sea oil field, East of Shetland, it declared an emergency following a lightning strike and returned to land safely at Sumburgh.


29-Apr-16 LN-OJF Airbus EC225 Bergen, Norway (13F)

Main rotor blades and hub reportedly detached in flight, and a video online purports to show this subsystem spinning down to earth.  The remainder of the helicopter descended at high rate, impacting  rocky ground with 13 fatalities on impact and being consumed in the post-impact fire.  The helicopter was being operated for Statoil, and en… Read more »

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10-Dec-15 G-OAGC Airbus EC225 Aberdeen, UK

CHC EC225 made emergency landing following warning light in cockpit.  Helicopter was reported as 60 miles out east from Aberdeen to a rig when it turned round and returned to Aberdeen


30-Jun-15 St John’s, Canada

 helicopter en route to the West Hercules drilling rig returned to base due to a low oil pressure indication in one of its two engines. The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 30 when the helicopter was 20 km outside St. John’s. The helicopter returned to St. John’s without incident and the seven passengers on board… Read more »


30-Jun-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Turned back to base due to low oil pressure warning.   The culprit of the oil leak, according to Statoil, was likely a wrong-sized O-ring installed during maintenance.


28-May-15 Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Emergency landing at Aberdeen with 19 POB plus 2 crew after alarm sounded – later reported as false


16-Oct-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

A spokesman for CHC said: “An aircraft returned to Aberdeen International Airport after a crew noted a technical fault during the early stages of an off shore flight.


10-Oct-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

At around 11.15am, fire crews were called to Dyce, after the pilot of the CHC S92 alerted air traffic control and asked for emergency crews to be placed on stand-by as it made a return to base landing.  Landed safely


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20-Mar-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Engine warning – All 16 passengers and two crew landed in safely at Aberdeen Airport and the helicopter is being inspected by engineers.


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29-Jan-14 Eurocopter AS332L2 Sumburgh, UK

Pilot of offshore helicopter issued distress call 45 miles from Sumburgh and was escorted to a safe landing by Coast Guard helicopter.   Report suggests pilot had indication of a “pump failure” without providing more details.  Aircraft grounded awaiting engineering support


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12-Sep-13 Eurocopter EC225 North Alwyn platform, North Sea, UK

Technical issues prevented take-off and required engineer next day


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23-Aug-13 G-WNSB Eurocopter AS332L2 nr Shetland, UK (4F)

CHC helicopter reported ditched in North Sea , 18 POB reported with 14 rescued and 4 fatalities named as Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester.


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06-Feb-12 G-WNSH Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Reported lightning strike – shipped to Norway for repair by associated company HeliOne.   Helicopter has not flown in the two months after 6th February, so while that date is not 100% confirmed, it would be very close if it is not correct.


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22-Oct-12 G-CHCN Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK

CHC EC225 has ditched  32 miles south of Shetland, off Fair Isle.  All 19 POB reported safe and  being taken to Kirkwall on Orkney


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25-Jun-12 Eurocopter AS332L2 Shetland, UK

Offshore support helicopter escorted to Sumburgh Airport by Coastguard helicopter after a warning light illuminated


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22-May-12 Eurocopter AS332L2 North Sea, UK

Bbrought back to land by sea after concerns were raised about fuel samples.  Date was the day it arrived back by boat.  May need to adjust this date once more details become clear.


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12-Jan-12 LN-OJE Eurocopter EC225 Asgard B rig, Norway

The incident happened when the helicopter alarm system alerted the pilots of loss of pressure in the left hydraulic system.


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01-Sep-11 AgustaWestland AW139 Southern North Sea

Emergency floats deployed without being commanded to while en route North Denes to Leman rig.  Aircraft turned back.


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29-Jul-11 G-PUMS Eurocopter AS332L2 Aberdeen, UK

Dual Automatic Flight Control System failure.


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04-Jan-11 C-GGKX Eurocopter AS332L2 Delta, Canada

Running up on the ground after maintenance and helicopter ended up on its port side.  No passengers on board


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04-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS332L2 Aberdeen, UK

CHC AS332L2 landed safely at Aberdeen Airport after a full emergency was declared due to a warning light., which may have indicted gearbox temperature problems.


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09-Jul-10 G-SARC Sikorsky S92 Isle of Harris, UK

During a manually flown SAR mission, in mountainous terrain, the aircraft entered IMC. While attempting to exit these conditions on a pre-briefed escape heading with the autopilot coupled, the autopilot entered an unexpected mode that resulted in the aircraft not responding as intended. The autopilot was disconnected and the flight continued manually without further incident.

Source:, 09-Jul-10

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