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05-Oct-11 C-FHTT Bell 206B Drayton Valley, Canada (1F)

Crashed in field 2km from airport it was on approach to.  Sole occupant pilot did not survive. Fellow pilots said thick fog made flying conditions treacherous at that time... Read more

16-Sep-11 C-GJUP Eurocopter AS350B1 Tulameen, Canada (1F)

Helicopter was reported missing and found four days later by a pilot from Wildcat Helicopters who was operating on unrelated work in the search area.; Pilot named as Rod Phillipson... Read more

29-Aug-11 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Flying to the Henry Goodrich drill rig northeast of St. John’s when its pilots aborted the flight. about 48 kilometres offshore after the pilots became concerned about “higher than normal vibration.” They decided to turn back to the airport as a precaution.... Read more

27-Aug-11 C-GEBY Robinson R44 Saint-Ferdinand, Canada (4F)

Helicopter went down around 9.15pm killing four members of the same family – named as R44 owner Yvon Beaudoin, 65, his partner, 67-year-old Marie-Paule Frechette, his son Eric Beaudoin, 43, and his granddaughter, 8-year-old Melizandre Beaudoin.  CADORS 2011Q1877... Read more

26-Aug-11 C-FMNE Eurocopter AS350B2 Crowsnest Pass, Canada

Helicopter landed hard after a hydraulic failure. There were 5 people on board, including 4 passengers from Alberta Forestry Dept. The pilot received a broken collarbone and the helicopter was substantially damaged (CADORS 2011C3219)... Read more

08-Aug-11 C-GBNH Eurocopter BK117B2 Calgary, Canada

Chip light illuminated and standard procedures led to engine shut down. Uneventful single engine long field landing carried out... Read more

05-Aug-11 N2082B Schweizer 300CBi Springbank Airport, Canada

Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  Dynamic rollover?... Read more

31-Jul-11 C-GNVI Bell 407 Stewart, Canada (3F)

Fatal crash while on geological mission on Nelson Glacier.  Aircraft remains found at 5,100ft altitude.  Victims later named by RCMP as 35 year old pilot Randy Lambert from Abbotsford, 40 year old Colin Dionne from Powell River and 32 year old Mathieu Lefebvre-Masse from Lund BC... Read more

23-Jul-11 C-GQCH Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Shortly after takeoff, the helicopter entered a nose-high attitude with low power setting and lost altitude while in instrument meteorological conditions. The flight crew arrested the descent and continued on to St. John’s. There were two pilots and 5 passengers on board the helicopter and no one was injured. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed at the... Read more

17-Jul-11 Sikorsky S92 off Newfoundland, Canada

Cougar helicopter flight Sunday out to the Terra Nova offshore oil rig was forced to turn back when the autopilot indicator light came on... Read more

03-Jul-11 AgustaWestland AW101 Summerside, Canada

A woman holding an infant was injured by a sign that came loose when a helicopter was practising its landing at the Summerside, P.E.I., waterfront Sunday before being used to transport visting royalty.  The AW101 is known locally in Canada as the CH-149 Cormorant... Read more

24-Jun-11 C-FSKV Robinson R44 Schefferville, Canada (1F)

landing accident.  Registration assumed from reports of it being a 2008 build R44 registered to Capitale Hélicoptère and this is the only such aircraft.  25 year old pilot Allain Da Encarnacao survived, 65 year old passenger Andre Lafontaine did not.... Read more

05-Jun-11 C-FYCO Eurocopter AS350BA Gagnon, Canada

While it was flying low and slow, the aircraft sustained vibrations, followed by an engine breakdown. The pilot attempted an emergency landing. The aircraft rolled over onto its left side and was partially submerged on the edge of a lake.... Read more

29-May-11 C-GHXJ Bell 206 Loon River, Canada

Helicopter was doing a pipeline survey near Loon River, AB when the it struck a power line. The pilot managed to land the aircraft after the rotor blades sustained substantial damage – CADAORS ref 2011C1776... Read more

27-May-11 C-GSSS Eurocopter AS350B2 Kasabonika, Canada

Uncommanded yaw to the left in cruise, pilot initiated autorotation. A complete power loss was experienced, pilot continued the autorotation. Unable to reach the landing area selected and completed the flare short of the area. Lnded hard in shallow water, substantially damaging tail boom and tail rotor. Ocupants exited safely and waded to shore. CADAORS... Read more

23-May-11 C-FCSL Bell B206 Montreal, Canada

Early reports only, two serious injuries – 48-year old pilot from Blainville, and his passenger, a 49 year old from Montreal... Read more

23-May-11 C-GGOZ Bell B206 Calling Lake, Canada

Helicopter was conducting slinging operations at an oil field well site when the conflicted with structures at the well site causing it to fall to the ground.  Pilot in his late 50s with non-life threatening injuries after a helicopter crash.  STARS air ambulance attended and ferried him to Edmonton for attention... Read more

20-May-11 C-FJUR Bell 212 Slave Lake, Canada (1F)

Firefighting operations, taking up water from lake, fel into lake 30m from shore and two thirds submerged.  Sole occupant pilot killed, later named as Jean-Luc Deba, 54, of Montreal.... Read more

16-May-11 C-GVXA Eurocopter AS350BA Meadow Lake, Canada

Fire fighting operations with winds gusting 20-30 knots. The pilot was flying slowly just above tree top level when the nose suddenly swung to the left. The pilot added power, but the rotation increased. The pilot reduced power and lowered the collective. The helicopter entered the trees and came to rest on its right side... Read more

23-Apr-11 C-FJJO Hughes 500C Chilliwack, Canada

Conducting VFR spraying operations when it struck the top of a tree during a turn. The pilot’s vision was affected by windshield glare from the rising sun. The lower chin bubble windshield was shattered and the mount for the anti-torque control pedals was broken. The helicopter landed without further event. CADAORS ref 2011P0595... Read more

02-Apr-11 Nakusp Hot Springs, Canada

RCMP officials believe a helicopter parked temporarily at the landing pad at Nakusp Hot Springs was specifically targeted by vandals for its work in evaluating mineral resources in the area.  The incident occurred sometime between April 2 and April 3, said RCMP Constable Tim McDonald.... Read more

16-Mar-11 C-GHJT Sikorsky S76A Pitt Meadows, Canada

EMS flight. Clipped and snapped telephone wire on take-off damaging blade tips. Landed safely in adjacent field. No injuries. CADAORS ref 2011P0343... Read more

13-Mar-11 C-GIYZ Hughes 369D Conklin, Canada

On short final the pilot elected to change the touchdown point. During manoeuvre, the tail rotor struck a large rock. The tail rotor drive shaft sheared and the tail rotor sustained substantial damage; helicopter remained upright on landing. Sole occupant pilot was not injured. CADAORS ref 2011C0797... Read more

08-Mar-11 C-FYKD Eurocopter AS350B2 Pellett Lake, Canada

Sudden white-out when flying at 150ft agl then rolled-over after hitting the ground. Believed to be weather-related and not mechanical. Visibility in the area was reduced to 1.6 km by blowing snow and the temperature was -24 C – -38 C with the windchill. Occupants got out OK but then post-crash fire destroyed the aircraft... Read more

01-Mar-11 C-FNZO Robinson R44 Forestville, Canada

R44 had to make emergency landing after experiencing a significant loss of power, in which the tail was damaged.  It was one of three R44s flying together which were all wrongly refuelled at Forestville Airport... Read more

02-Feb-11 C-GBGT Eurocopter AS350B2 Bob Quinn Lake, Canada

After dropping a group of skiers, helicopter was proceeding down, on the other side of the mountain ridge (due to local weather conditions) to the pick-up point. While en route, the helicopter encountered marginal VMC and attempted to descend through a break in the cloud. The helicopter contacted snow covered terrain and began rolling down... Read more

02-Feb-11 C-GITZ Bell 206B Peace River, Canada

Helicopter was harvesting pine cones and descending to unload. At about 100ft agl, tail rotor authority was lost and the helicopter began to rotate. The main rotor contacted trees and the helicopter crashed on its left side. The pilot was the sole occupant and sustained minor injuries. CADAORS ref 2011C0421... Read more

04-Jan-11 C-GGKX Eurocopter AS332L2 Delta, Canada

Running up on the ground after maintenance and helicopter ended up on its port side.  No passengers on board... Read more

20-Dec-10 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich oilrig, Canada

The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, bound for St. John’s, was about 150 metres in the air when the unusual vibration was noticed by the pilots. They aborted the flight.... Read more

09-Dec-10 Bell B206 Cap-Chat, Canada

Heavy landing on shoreline and skid splayed out.  Three passengers with minor injuries, two others have no injuries.... Read more

24-Aug-10 Menneval, Canada

Burnt out by arson attack while parked and unattended... Read more

14-Aug-09 C-GTKE Bell B212 between Lillooet and Lytton, Canada (1F)

14-Aug-09 C-GTKE Bell B212 between Lillooet and Lytton, Canada... Read more

05-Aug-09 C-GVQQ Enstrom F28C Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Canada (2F)

5-Aug-09 C-GVQQ Enstrom F28C Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Canada... Read more

04-Aug-09 C-GNYT Robinson R44 Nahanni Butte, NWT, Canada (2F)

4-Aug-09 C-GNYT Robinson R44 Nahanni Butte, NWT, Canada... Read more

22-Jul-09 C-FKAJ Robinson R44 Creston, BC, Canada (1F)

22-Jul-09 C-FKAJ Robinson R44 Creston, BC, Canada... Read more

17-Jul-09 C-GNLK Bell B206L Nunavik, Canada (1F)

17-Jul-09 C-GNLK Bell B206L Nunavik, Canada... Read more

15-Jun-09 C-GAPJ Bell B204 Easterville, Man, Canada

15-Jun-09 C- Bell B204 Easterville, Man, Canada... Read more

4-Jun-09 C-FYNP Bell B206L Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada

4-Jun-09 C- Bell B206 Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada... Read more

2-May-09 C-FKCM Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Canada

2-May-09 C-FKCM Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Canada... Read more

24-Apr-09 Enstrom F28 Chemainus, Canada

24-Apr-09 Enstrom F28 Chemainus, Canada... Read more

25-Mar-09 C-GOHN MD Helicopters MD600N near Toba Inlet, Canada

25-Mar-09 C-GOHN MD Helicopters MD600N near Toba Inlet, Canada... Read more

21-Mar-09 C-GDGP Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

21-Mar-09 C-GDGP Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Alberta, Canada... Read more

12-Mar-09 C-GZCH Sikorsky S92A 65km SE St John's, Newfoundland, Canada (17F)

12-Mar-09 C-GZCH Sikorsky S92A 65km SE St John's, Newfoundland, Canada... Read more

22-Feb-09 C-GDGP Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

22-Feb-09 C-GDGP Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Alberta, Canada... Read more

17-Feb-09 Springbank Airport, Alberta, Canada

17-Feb-09 Springbank Airport, Alberta, Canada... Read more

30-Jan-09 C-FOBX Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada

30-Jan-09 Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada... Read more

28-Jan-09 C-FTDE Eurocopter AS350B2 Blue River, BC (CYCP, Canada

28-Jan-09 C-FTDE Eurocopter AS350B2 Blue River, BC (CYCP, Canada... Read more

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