Cougar-Helicopters Accidents

10-Oct-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Turned back to base after indicator light came on... Read more

06-Oct-15 Sikorsky S92 Hibernia rig, Canada

Cougar Flight 232 was shut down upon arrival at the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure (GBS) after experiencing engine fuel bypass indications on both engines. The aircrew awaited the arrival of maintenance crew. Overnight the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, in consultation with the engine manufacturer, conducted all required maintenance procedures. The helicopter was subsequently flight tested and... Read more

01-Sep-15 C-GFCH Sikorsky S92 St Johns, Canada

Press report of Cougar Helicopters flight CGR151 outbound to a rig when it turned back to base as a result of an “intermittent fire warning,” the operator was quoted as saying.  Uneventful and safe landing back at St John’s, it’s departure point.  According to a company spokeswoman, Cougar Helicopters maintenance staff have since inspected the... Read more

01-Sep-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

while approximately 100 nm from St. John’s and en route to the GSF Grand Banks drilling rig, Cougar Flight CGR151 experienced an intermittent Fire Warning Light on the #2 engine. There were no secondary indications of fire... Read more

04-May-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

While in the hover and conducting preflight checks, Cougar flight CGR181 experienced a #2 engine power loss. The aircraft was in a 10 foot hover when the incident occurred. With the remaining engine the aircraft landed safely without further incident. All 8 passengers were briefed by the two crew members onboard the helicopter as well... Read more

18-Feb-15 Sikorsky S92 Hibernia rig, Canada

 Cougar Flight 231 was shut down on arrival at the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure (GBS) on February 18 due to an issue related to anti-vibration control and a chip light indication. Two Aircraft Maintenance Engineers deployed by Cougar to investigate determined that replacement parts are necessary. The parts are being shipped to Hibernia by vessel... Read more

21-Nov-11 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich rig, Canada

Hydraulic leak – went AOG on the rig... Read more

20-Oct-11 C-GDKN Sikorsky S92A Halifax, Canada

Post maintenance engine runs following routine engine washes. The collective control was not lowered during the start sequence and subsequently the rotorcraft unintentionally became airborne a few feet and drifted to the right as the rotor speed increased. CADAORS 2011A0961... Read more

29-Aug-11 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Flying to the Henry Goodrich drill rig northeast of St. John’s when its pilots aborted the flight. about 48 kilometres offshore after the pilots became concerned about “higher than normal vibration.” They decided to turn back to the airport as a precaution.... Read more

23-Jul-11 C-GQCH Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Shortly after takeoff, the helicopter entered a nose-high attitude with low power setting and lost altitude while in instrument meteorological conditions. The flight crew arrested the descent and continued on to St. John’s. There were two pilots and 5 passengers on board the helicopter and no one was injured. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed at the... Read more

17-Jul-11 Sikorsky S92 off Newfoundland, Canada

Cougar helicopter flight Sunday out to the Terra Nova offshore oil rig was forced to turn back when the autopilot indicator light came on... Read more

20-Dec-10 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich oilrig, Canada

The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, bound for St. John’s, was about 150 metres in the air when the unusual vibration was noticed by the pilots. They aborted the flight.... Read more

12-Mar-09 C-GZCH Sikorsky S92A 65km SE St John's, Newfoundland, Canada (17F)

12-Mar-09 C-GZCH Sikorsky S92A 65km SE St John's, Newfoundland, Canada... Read more

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