DRF Accidents

19-Jul-15 D-HAID Airbus BK117B2 Mannheim, Germany

Static and unattended EMS helicopter was blown partly off its mobile helipad in severe weather, leaving it with its tail resting on the ground.  Known as Christoph 53.  See Photo... Read more

05-Mar-15 D-HDDD Eurocopter BK117 Stuttgart, Germany (1F)

Hospital worker walked into spinning tail rotor shortly after helicopter had landed, and died from his injuries... Read more

28-Feb-14 D-HDRJ Eurocopter BK117C1 Darßer Ort, Germany (3F)

Crashed into the Baltic Sea on a training exercise – The helicopter was on approach to a sea rescue cruiser at about 18:40 local time for a winch operation when suddenly loosing height and crashing into the sea, killing 3 of the 4 POB... Read more

26-Jan-14 D-HDRL Eurocopter EC135P2 Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Landed at a ski resort.  With the rotors still turning and the crew still in the aircraft, it slid 30m down a slight (but snowy) slope until it hit a snowmobile and a sign, damaging a main rotor blade and the rear cabin area (see video of accident)... Read more

22-May-09 D-HUUU Eurocopter BK117 Stuttgart, Germany

22-May-09 D-HUUU Eurocopter BK117 Stuttgart, Germany... Read more

05-Jan-09 D-HIMB Eurocopter BK117B2 Gundelfingen, Germany

Truck struck main rotor blade while parked at emergency scene.   “Christoph 54”... Read more

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