EC145 Accidents

07-Mar-22 N29VA Airbus EC145 Abingdon, US-Virginia

Engine issues while landing on a trolley at night, pilot lost control and impacted the ground... Read more

20-Apr-21 (serial TBC) Airbus UH-72A New Brockton, US-Alabama

Training accident, further details awaited.  Two POB both to hospital... Read more

04-Apr-21 N145SD Airbus EC145 Sioux Falls, US-South Dakota

During positioning flight back to base, VFR at night, the co-pilot’s door sliding window fell out.  Pilot diverted from intended route and landed at Sioux Falls Regional Airport without further incident.... Read more

06-Aug-20 PK-JBX Airbus H145 Batulicin, Indonesia

Heilcopter landed very heavily and the skids splayed out.  Marks on runway consistent with helicopter spinning at the point of contact. Date 06-Aug-20 is the date of the report.  Not confirmed that this was the accident date... Read more

01-Jun-20 LN-OOU Airbus H145 Skibotn, Norway

Damage to belly of helicopter after attempted landing on top of two metal posts about a metre tall which appear to have once supported a sign.  Google Street View shows the posts in place in July 2019 Helicopter repaired and back in service by 22-Jul-20... Read more

22-Feb-19 F-HSOX Airbus EC145 Bidarray, France

Air Ambulance on approach to land – a sheet from a farm building broke loose and embedded in the blades of the helicopter, causing it to turn through 180 degrees, landing heavily from low level. The crew consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a pilot and a flight assistant were unharmed but shocked [Wrongly quoted... Read more

22-May-17 AN-136 Eurocopter EC145 Punta Chame, Panama

Helicopter was flying from Santiago (Veraguas Province) to Panama Pacifico airport in the capital city, and was impacted by a flock of birds causing a loss of thrust in its tail rotor.  Am Emergency landing was made at Punta Chame, which resulted in the helicopter being on its port side on the edge of the... Read more

19-May-17 N197LL Airbus EC145 Terre Haute, US-Indiana

While in cruise flight at 3000 MSL, a “loud bang” was heard with a secondary “loud rushing” noise. The pilot verified no flight control or system malfunction and initiated a precautionary landing to nearest suitable landing area. After landing, a post-flight inspection revealed a broken copilot chin bubble with bird remains. No occupant was seated... Read more

27-Apr-15 Eurocopter EC145 Austin, US-Texas (1F)

Flight nurse fell from helicopter to her death during hoist operations.  Named as Kristin McLain... Read more

08-Feb-15 Eurocopter EC145 Toubkal, Morocco

Crashed on snowy mountainside.  Some reports say EC135, but the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie have both EC135 and EC145 and analysis of the accident photo confirms EC145.  Thus the subject aircraft is one of their two EC145s, CN-BZE (9344) or CN-BZF (9369).  Reports also differ between the accident being on Saturday 07-Feb-15 and Sunday 08-Feb-15.  This... Read more

27-Dec-14 C-20 Eurocopter BK117B2 Tirúa, Chile

Passenger injured from gunshot fired from the ground while helicopter was overflying.  damage to plexiglass window... Read more

12-Feb-14 Eurocopter EC145 Pittston, US-Pennsylvania

Emergency landing at airport with patient on board.  Second helicopter came to take patient on to destination.  Unstated technical issue, needed engineer.  Operator Geisinger has six EC145s and one BK117... Read more

15-Oct-13 PR-EKN Eurocopter EC145 Itapipoca, Brazil

The aircraft was about to land in a soccer pitch. The pilot suffered a momentary spatial disorientation due to the dust raised by the helicopter main rotor wash. In face of the unexpected difficulty, the pilot proceeded to land with an excessive pitch-up attitude, causing the tail rotor protective rod and the left lower vertical... Read more

24-May-13 N45UH Eurocopter EC145 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

Bird strike and bird entered cockpit. AirMed 4 landed safely on the helipad at Kennecott mine. There were no injuries... Read more

20-May-13 Eurocopter EC145 Allier, France

Wire strike during low-level rescue operation to try and save a kayaker in flood waters.  Successful emergency landing in adjacent meadow without further damage.  Part of wire impaled in main blade(s)... Read more

15-Apr-13 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Highland Heights, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing and maintenance team called out after unexpected torque split... Read more

12-Apr-13 N909SH Eurocopter EC145 Sioux Falls, US-South Dakota

Precautionary landing after  left transmission oil indication below normal limits.  Later traced to faulty transmission oil pressure transmitter... Read more

07-Mar-13 N909SH Eurocopter EC145 Humboldt, US-South Dakota

Emergency landing after bird strike – while flying a patient from Mitchell to Sioux Falls... Read more

14-Feb-13 Eurocopter EC145 Danville, US-Pennsylvania

EMS EC145 clipped crane on hospital it was operating out of... Read more

24-Jul-12 N455MH Eurocopter EC145 Houston, US-Texas

Post flight check found engine cowling missing... Read more

21-Jul-12 I-BLGN Eurocopter EC145 Morbegno, Italy

Air ambulance struck cables on climb-out from road accident scene.   Pilot Augusto Stazzonelli, co-pilot Stefano Turetta, doctor Fabio Martorana, a nurse, an alpine rescue specialist and the patient survived.... Read more

05-Oct-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Rochester, US-Minnesota

Force trim release button would neither release nor respond to input on final approach to scene request.  Aircraft declared u/s and patient transferred by land ambulance.  Button was found to be    faulty and was replaced... Read more

11-Sep-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Rochester, US-Minnesota

Tail rotor gear box chip light indicator illuminated shortly after take-off from emergency scene.  Precautionary landing made, and patient transferred to another helicopter... Read more

18-Jul-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

Smoke started to appear out of the aft air conditioning vents inflight. Safe... Read more

02-Apr-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

After landing, port side hydraulics compartment cowling was discovered open, and had contacted the main blades in flight – but only taking paint off, not damaging them.  One camlock was missing from the cowling... Read more

20-Mar-11 N145LF Eurocopter EC145 Putnam, US-Connecticut

While loading patient, an ED technician dressed in a blue plastic gown came sprinting around from the far side of the aircraft.  The pilot was able to intercept this individual but not before he had come under the rotor disk and near the tail. While loading patient at Day Kimball Hospital, Putnam, CT, an ED... Read more

05-Mar-11 VH-SYB Eurocopter EC145 Lithgow, Australia

Warning light came on mid-air while transporting patient from Mudgee Hospital to Lithgow Hospital.  Emergency crews were in attendance for its arrival, which passed off without incident.  Helicopter checked over and returned to its base at Orange... Read more

31-Jan-11 N245AF Eurocopter EC145 Ushuaia, Argentina

Emergency floats deployed and water landing after clipping aerial on take-off from superyacht “Octopus”.  Subsequent tow in to port went wrong and helicopter turned over – video shows it being righted in the port prior to lifting out and onto a truck.... Read more

01-Jan-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Albert Lea, US-Minnesota

Engine cowling opened and struck main rotor blades on approach to land... Read more

20-Dec-10 07-02069 Eurocopter UH-72 Vieques, Puerto Rico (6F)

A Puerto Rico National Guard helicopter crashed in the ocean after returning from a drug raid.  Six fatalities included four from the  Puerto Rico National Guard -0 Col. Victor Torres Rodriguez, Sgt. Jose Omar Sostre, Mario Torres Marin and Francisco Mujica de Leon.  The Pilots were Hector Ramirez or Carlos Acevedo.... Read more

19-Sep-10 N919CM Eurocopter EC145 Kansas City, US-Missouri

Lifeflight Eagle 4 took a bird strike when on final approach to Childrens Mercy Medical Center... Read more

16-Aug-09 N911LZ Eurocopter EC145 Upper Captiva Island, US-Florida

16-Aug-09 N911LZ Eurocopter EC145 Upper Captiva Island, US-Florida... Read more

16-Jun-09 N885AL Eurocopter EC145 Redmond, US-Oregon

16-Jun-09 N885AL Eurocopter EC145 Redmond, US-Oregon... Read more

25-Apr-09 F-ZBPR Eurocopter EC145 Corsica, France (5F)

25-Apr-09 F-ZBPR Eurocopter EC145 Corsica, France... Read more

27-Mar-09 N482LF Eurocopter EC145 Renovo, US-Pennsylvania

27-Mar-09 N482LF Eurocopter EC145 Renovo, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

10-Mar-09 N145SU Eurocopter EC145 , US-California

10-Mar-09 N145SU Eurocopter EC145 , US-California... Read more

dd-mon-yy AN-136 Eurocopter EC145 Mensabé, Panama

Tail rotors contacted trees. Date of accident not known and could have been any time between 2009 when the helicopter was delivered and February 2012 when the Panamanian military issued a tender for two new tail rotor blades... Read more

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