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21-Jun-15 C-FQGY Enstrom 280C Sidney, Canada

The helicopter was landing on an unprepared, deeply cultivated field. During the vertical landing, the left skid settled into the soft ground and the helicopter entered into a dynamic rollover. There was substantial damage to the helicopter. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger. CADORS 2015C2439


28-Feb-15 VH-YHD Enstrom 280C Deception Bay, Australia

Crashed into mudflats.  Pilot out and OK.


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08-Dec-14 N509LH Enstrom 280FX Fort Lupton, US-Colorado

Lost power in cruise at 600ft and force landed in field just NE of Platte Valley Airpark,  causing minor injuries to 25-year old female pilot, who was not named in press reports.  Photo


03-Jun-14 G-IDUP Enstrom F280C Sywell, UK

Main blades hit hangar while manoevering close to the fuel pumps


21-Jan-14 N51683 Enstrom 280C Showlow, US-Arizona

Substantially damaged in landing accident


12-Oct-13 SP-GMB Enstrom F280FX Wolicy Koziej, Poland (2F)

Crashed and burned out approx one mile from take-off point in a wooded area, killing 66-year-old pilot from Miedzychód and 64-year-old passenger from Gorzow Wielkopolski


11-Sep-12 N800SC Enstrom 280C Boise, US-Idaho

Lost control in the hover


03-Apr-12 N3042D Enstrom F280FX Corpus Christi, US-Texas

Heavy landing on final approach, causing skids to flatten and some rotor blade damage.  Minor injury to pilot, passenger refused medical help.  Aircraft was returning to base after transmission line survey for American Electric Power.


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08-Feb-12 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Barton, UK

In a run-on landing , the helicopter veered after landing and the tail rotor struck the ground.


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03-Sep-11 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Heber City, US-Utah

Three injured – pilot reported entered autorotation after engine failure.  Pilot named as Ken Heidorn and passengers were Suzanne Tanner and her 15-year-old son


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27-Mar-11 N8631P Enstrom F280FX 20M east of Miami, US-Florida

Pilot was flying alone from South Florida to Nassau, Bahamas – the shortest distance for that route being 50 miles. Some 20 miles out over the sea, the aircraft experienced engine problems and put down safely in the water.  The Enstrom was fitted with fixed floats


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27-Jun-10 F-GKHG Enstrom 280C Sully, France


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19-Mar-10 G-COLL Enstrom F280C East Baldwin, Isle of Man, UK


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04-Mar-10 N327TB Enstrom F280FX Goshen, US-Indiana


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25-May-09 N5699N Enstrom F280C Ogden, US-Utah

25-May-09 N5699N Enstrom F280C Ogden, US-Utah


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20-Apr-09 N409LH Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado

20-Apr-09 N409LH Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado


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19-Mar-09 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Wendover, US-Utah

19-Mar-09 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Wendover, US-Utah


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