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08-Nov-17 JA9672 Airbus AS332L Ueno, Japan (4F)

Helicopter crashed and burnt out on a road bridge.  Scene photo shows part of tail on river bank below bridge.  All four POB received fatal injuries.  Local power cuts indicate a wire strike but unclear if that was cause of accident or result of the flight altitude at the time


29-Apr-16 LN-OJF Airbus EC225 Bergen, Norway (13F)

Main rotor blades and hub reportedly detached in flight, and a video online purports to show this subsystem spinning down to earth.  The remainder of the helicopter descended at high rate, impacting  rocky ground with 13 fatalities on impact and being consumed in the post-impact fire.  The helicopter was being operated for Statoil, and en… Read more »


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22-Oct-15 Airbus AS332B off Morocco

Helicopter ditched and sank.  All three on board were originally reported as rescued by Moroccan military but that later proved incorrect and there were then fears they had been kidnapped after the helicopter was found with an empty liferaft beside it (report).  Helicopter was en route from a military exercise in Senegal, bound for the… Read more »


08-Oct-15 JA9660 Airbus AS332L Takahama Cho, Japan

Took off from a temporary helipad in Takahama Cho, Fukui Prefecture, Japan at 10:12 Japan Standard Time. During carrying loads externally, wooden frame, about 1.3 m by 0.5 m, was dropped unintentionally at an altitude about 170 m. The frame was found in a car park. No one was injured. The helicopter sustained no damage.


02-Oct-15 JA9678 Airbus AS332L1 Itoigawa, Japan

Took off from a temporary helipad about 11:00 Japan Standard Time to carry liquid concrete in the externally slung bucket with a cargo hook. After unloaded the liquid concrete, the pilot mistakenly operated the cargo hook release switch and the empty bucket, the weight of which was about 210 kg, was dropped unintentionally at an… Read more »


10-Sep-15 HU.27-02 Airbus AS532UL Requena, Spain

Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side with main blades and tail boom ripped off.  Three POB all safe with minimal injuries.


22-Jul-15 JA6777 Airbus AS332L1 Akita Prefecture, Japan

Took off from a temporary helipad in Akita prefecture, Japan at about 11:31 Japan Standard Time. While carrying a hut, at an altitude of about 300 ft, three of the doors of the hut were dropped. Each of them was about 5 kg and 180 cm by 90 cm. No one was injured. The helicopter… Read more »


28-May-15 Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Emergency landing at Aberdeen with 19 POB plus 2 crew after alarm sounded – later reported as false


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01-Apr-15 G-CGUB Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Aircraft turned back to Aberdeen before reaching destination.  7 POB.  Reported as a Cowling Open warning light


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06-Mar-15 JA6741 Airbus AS332L1 Kihokucho, Japan (2F)

Helicopter was engaged in low level powerline work, hit powerline and crashed killing both on board.  Post crash fire.


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27-Jan-15 PR-BGA Airbus EC225 Campos dos Goytacazes , Brazil

The engine number 2 caught fire as the aircraft was taxying in. Substantial damage restricted to the right hand side engine


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27-Dec-14 G-REDV Eurocopter EC225 North Sea, UK

Suspected lightning strike, returned to base.  Reg to be confirmed


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17-Dec-14 PR-BGR Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil

While the helicopter was hovering prior to departure from an oil platform, the crew heard a strong noise followed by vibration and instability of the helicopter. The pilot commanded an immediate landing on the deck, with the helicopter touching the floor in an abrupt manner.  17 POB.  Substantially damaged


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28-Nov-14 H-3215 Eurocopter AS332L1 Kiwirok, Indonesia

No immediate details of the accident, but some of the 14 POB were injured.  [MSN needs verification]


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28-Oct-14 Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Faulty indicator led to precautionary landing on Forties Charlie platform instead of intended destination at Forties Unity


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09-Oct-14 JA6741 Eurocopter AS332L1 Tsumagoi, Japan

5-6kg section of insecure load dropped from 100m during underslung operations

Source: 2413, 09-Oct-14

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21-May-14 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK

Emergency landing


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01-May-14 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK

Bristow EC225 en route to Talisman’s Clyde platform returned to base after a warning light came on


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29-Apr-14 Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK

Offshore helicopter diverted to Sumburgh Airport due to warning light.  Airport was on full emergency alert.  Safe landing.  18 pax and 2 crew


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20-Mar-14 5N-BGP Eurocopter AS332L1 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria

Heavily damaged in hangar fire.  A second Super Puma was also damaged in the same fire


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20-Mar-14 5N-BNC Eurocopter AS332L2 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria

Substantially damaged in hangar fire.  A second Super Puma was destroyed in the same fire


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19-Mar-14 HD.21-10 Eurocopter AS332B Morro Jable, Spain (4F)

Military SAR helicopter crashed into the water off the Canary Islands at 2155 CET on night training flight.  One rescued, four later confirmed dead when the helicopter was located under water.


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29-Jan-14 Eurocopter AS332L2 Sumburgh, UK

Pilot of offshore helicopter issued distress call 45 miles from Sumburgh and was escorted to a safe landing by Coast Guard helicopter.   Report suggests pilot had indication of a “pump failure” without providing more details.  Aircraft grounded awaiting engineering support


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12-Sep-13 Eurocopter EC225 North Alwyn platform, North Sea, UK

Technical issues prevented take-off and required engineer next day


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23-Aug-13 G-WNSB Eurocopter AS332L2 nr Shetland, UK (4F)

CHC helicopter reported ditched in North Sea , 18 POB reported with 14 rescued and 4 fatalities named as Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester.


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21-Mar-13 D-HEGB Eurocopter AS332L1 Berlin, Germany

Two helicopters collided in white-out conditions during a police exercise.  An AS332L2 and a EC155 had landed and kicked up a lot of snow.  The pilot of a second AS332 landing soon after then suffered white-out and landed too close to the EC155, killing the pilot.  Three other injuries reported.


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27-Nov-12 Eurocopter AS532 Liberator, Venezuela

Accident occurred when helicopter  went to rescue the crew of a Chinese K8 trainer jet which crashed during an air show.  One report suggests a parachute became tangled in the tail rotor


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19-Nov-12 JA9965 Eurocopter AS332L1 Kita-Hira, Japan

Ground cargo-handling personnel injured during lifting operation


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22-Oct-12 G-CHCN Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK

CHC EC225 has ditched  32 miles south of Shetland, off Fair Isle.  All 19 POB reported safe and  being taken to Kirkwall on Orkney


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25-Jul-12 Eurocopter AS532AL Verdon Gorge, France (6F)

AS532AL on a pre-delivery test flight out of Marignane crashed killing all six occupants.  Some reports are suggesting it struck wires but that is not confirmed


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25-Jun-12 Eurocopter AS332L2 Shetland, UK

Offshore support helicopter escorted to Sumburgh Airport by Coastguard helicopter after a warning light illuminated


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06-Jun-12 PR-OMV Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil

Brand new aircraft.  Fell onto side on landing from 50ft on third attempt at landing.  2POB.  Co pilot had bruises only, Pilot not injured


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22-May-12 Eurocopter AS332L2 North Sea, UK

Bbrought back to land by sea after concerns were raised about fuel samples.  Date was the day it arrived back by boat.  May need to adjust this date once more details become clear.


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10-May-12 G-REDW Eurocopter EC225 off Aberdeen, UK

Controlled ditching in North Sea and all 14 on board into liferafts and later rescued.  The helicopter remained upright on its emergency floats.  Flight number was “Bond 88R”

Source: Bond Offshore Helicopters, 11-May-12

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29-Mar-12 2216 Eurocopter AS332B Chaparralito, Venezuela (7F)

Crashed during anti-drug operations


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07-Jan-12 TF-GNA Eurocopter AS332L1 Est Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Cable break during a hoist exercise at night


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11-Nov-11 XC-UHP Eurocopter AS332L1 Temamatla, Mexico (8F)

Crashed killed Interior Secretary Francisco Blake and seven others.  NOTE, there is a question over which aircraft was involved.  Local reports (links 1 and 2 below) say XC-UHP (which is serial 2084)  but the NTSB report (link 3)  says XC-UHM (2127)


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29-Jul-11 G-PUMS Eurocopter AS332L2 Aberdeen, UK

Dual Automatic Flight Control System failure.


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21-Jul-11 VH-LAG Eurocopter AS332 Wadeye, Australia

While taxiing at Port Keats airport, the helicopter collided with a light pole and rolled onto its side. The crew, passengers and a person on the ground sustained minor injuries.


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05-Apr-11 G-BMCX Eurocopter AS332L Misurata, Libya

Helicopter damaged in hangar as a result of the local unrest in the country.  Date is approximate, not confirmed.  Helicopter returned to UK October 2012 showing damage to be superficial only.


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16-Mar-11 D-HEGM Eurocopter AS332L1 Oberschleißheim, Germany

Double engine failure infilght at 5000ft with German Chancellor Merkel on board.  Pilot restarted engine approx 1000ft agl from the ground


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04-Jan-11 C-GGKX Eurocopter AS332L2 Delta, Canada

Running up on the ground after maintenance and helicopter ended up on its port side.  No passengers on board


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04-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS332L2 Aberdeen, UK

CHC AS332L2 landed safely at Aberdeen Airport after a full emergency was declared due to a warning light., which may have indicted gearbox temperature problems.


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27-Dec-10 B-HRN Eurocopter AS332L2 Shing Mun Reservoir, Hong Kong

Helicopter was picking up water for a fire-fighting exercise ditched in a Hong Kong mountain-top reservoir


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26-Sep-10 JA9635 Eurocopter AS332L Yaku-shima Island, Japan (2F)

Controlled impact into terrain, foggy conditions reported


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24-May-10 G-…. Eurocopter AS332 Aberdeen Airport, UK


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11-Dec-09 5N-BKJ Eurocopter AS332 Agbami oilfield, Nigeria


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20-May-09 Eurocopter AS332 Buzzard field, 62M NE Aberdeen, UK

20-May-09 Eurocopter AS332 Buzzard field, 62M NE Aberdeen, UK


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01-Apr-09 G-REDL Eurocopter AS332L2 11m E of Peterhead, UK (16F)

1-Apr-09 G-REDL Eurocopter AS332 11m E of Peterhead, UK


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