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29-Jan-19 N680DG Airbus AS350B2 Tampa, US-Florida

Pilot was practicing autorotations, landed hard and bent boom.


25-Jan-19 I-EDIC Airbus AS350B2 La Thuile, Italy (7F)

Mid-air crash between AS350B2 I-EDIC and a Jodel D140 fixed wing F-PMGV, resulting in seven fatalities between the total of nine on board the two aircraft.  Helicopter pilot was named here as Maurizio Scarpelli, accompanied by mountain guide Frank Henssler and three others, one of whom survived. In the fixed wing were four people, the French instructor named… Read more »


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24-Jan-19 F-OFML Airbus H125 Grand-Brûlé, Reunion

Bambi bucket cable became entangled in tail rotor during firefighting operations.  Pilot managed to put helicopter down safely on its skids, but with damage tail boom and blades


14-Jan-19 PP-ECF Airbus AS350BA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1F)

While in a low hover during a rescue mission, the helicopter crashed into the water.  One police officer was trapped inside the wreckage and was later pronounced dead.  He was named in this report as Felipe Marques de Queiroz.  The others on board were named here as Major Alves, Major Albuquerque and Sargentos Morais Helicopter callsign… Read more »


11-Jan-19 N346AE Airbus AS350B2 Ponca City, US-Oklahoma

Circumstances unclear.  Helicopter ended up on its starboard side on the edge of the apron by the hangars.  Pilot and copilot, the only two on board, were not injured.


03-Dec-18 HB-ZCM Airbus AS350 Arbedo-Castione, Switzerland

After a collision with a high-voltage power line, the pilot made an emergency landing in a nearby meadow  beside the road that connects Castione to Claro


29-Sep-18 N849NA Airbus AS350B2 Alto, US-New Mexico

Heavy landing with some forward momentum, then pitched up on the front of its skids, slid forward, then down a slope, moving round as it did, but still ending on its skids (see video) Aircraft operated by Trans Aero, part of Roberts Aircraft – and operated under “Trans Aero Medevac” titles from a base at… Read more »


01-Jan-18 ZS-??? Airbus AS350B3 Cathedral Peak, South Africa

Police helicopter ended up on its side during a search operation. The pilot and crew‚ who included a search and rescue unit operator and his search dog‚ survived the crash. Photos suggest the subject helicopter is ZS-RDL (msn 4170) or ZS-RPL (msn 3468)


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20-Aug-17 OE-XTM Airbus AS350B3 Cabril, Portugal (1F)

Firefighting operations and helicopter hit powerlines, causing it to crash to the ground.  Sole occupant pilot, named as Americo Sousa age 51, suffered fatal injuries


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22-May-17 N207CH Airbus AS350B2 Herbert Glacier, US-Alaska

Landing accident on a glacier.  No injuries to 7 POB


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13-May-17 HB-ZTM Airbus AS350B2 Kandersteg, Switzerland (1F)

During landing phase, helicopter fell on its port side, killing the pilot.  3 of the 5 passengers were slightly injured.  Pilot named in prelim accident report as Schweizer Bürger


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10-May-17 G-HKCN Airbus H125 Bergen, Norway

Ended up in the water next to the superyacht it is based on – MY Bacarella after the helicopter’s downdraft caused a loose tarpaulin to rise up into the rotors shortly before touchdown, and evasive action by the pilot steered the helicopter away from the boat and into the water alongside.  Three POB, one seriously… Read more »


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07-May-17 9N-AKG Airbus AS350B3e Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Helicopter was hit by an object while flying and damage was sustained to the boom (picture).


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05-May-17 G-MATH Airbus AS350B3 Wycombe Air Park, UK

Landed on its port side with minimal damage to anything on the starboard side (stabiliser, tail rotor), although starboard skid somewhat bent.  Possible dynamic roll-over.  3 POB all to hospital, one with life-threatening injuries


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17-Mar-16 9N-AJI Airbus AS350B3e Langtang, Nepal

Crashed on take off after unloading construction materials, ending on its starboard side.


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16-Mar-16 C-FBLW Airbus AS350BA Smithers, Canada

C-FBLW, a TRK Helicopters Aerospatiale AS350 BA helicopter, was operated under contract to SKEENA Heli-Ski from the Bear Creek Lodge, BC, about 82 nautical miles north west of Smithers, BC. The flight was returning to base camp in the late afternoon with a pilot and 6 passengers on board. As the pilot was maneuvering the… Read more »


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21-Feb-16 Airbus AS350 Uritorco, Argentina

Crashed during the rescue of a paraglider who had suffered multiple fractures


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19-Dec-15 VH-NPS Airbus AS350B3 Glenbrook, Australia

Helicopter was conducting fire control work with one crewperson on board. The fire control work included use of a Bambi Bucket to drop water on the fires, slung under the helicopter by a 100 ft long-line. The pilot elected to land the helicopter at Glenbrook helipad to refuel. The helicopter landed with the bucket and… Read more »


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24-Nov-15 N355RH Airbus AS350BA Las Charcas, Dominican Republic

As a result of a forced landing, the aircraft fell on a banana plantation and suffered substantial damage. Pilot named in this article as Lieutenant Colonel Harold Jimenez of the Army of the Dominican Republic


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23-Nov-15 VT-JKB Airbus AS350B3 Katra, India (7F)

A bird is reported to have hit the tail rotor shortly after take-off. While the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing, the helicopter hit power lines, crashed and caught fire.  The helicopter was  ferrying pilgrims to the Vaishno Devi temple.  The seven fatalities were named as  pilot Sumita Vijayn from Kerala, Arjun Singh,… Read more »


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21-Nov-15 ZK-HKU Eurocopter AS350BA Fox Glacier, New Zealand (7F)

Crashed on a glacier and fell down a crevasse, killing pilot Mitch Gameren, two Australian tourists Sovannmony Leang and Josephine Gibson and four British tourists Nigel Charlton and his wife Cynthia, Andrew Virco and his partner Katharine Walker, head of radiotherapy at a major trauma centre. It is of particular note that the two visible main… Read more »


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02-Nov-15 VH-SFX Airbus AS350BA Whyanbeel, Australia

EMS helicopter reported en route to helicopter accident. Initial reports say four or five on board, most agree on four injured with the pilot needing airlifting


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26-Oct-15 C-GSLY Airbus AS350B2 Deadhorse, US-Alaska

The pilot reported he was conducting an approach in flat light conditions, visibility was decreasing, and during a turn, the right skid impacted terrain. The pilot reported the helicopter then came to rest on its side and he egressed from the cockpit. Substantial damage sustained to the helicopter. The purpose of the flight was to… Read more »


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24-Oct-15 N911WL Airbus AS350B3 Folsom Lake, US-California

Partial loss of engine power during autorotation flare. Hard landing.French report says “substantial damage” but local press report shows


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24-Oct-15 F-GOLH Airbus EC130 Megève, France

Sightseeing flight – failed to take-off, lost height and rolled over on landing.  Only one of the 7 POB was not injured.  Registration to be confirmed – Type, Colour scheme and operator match to our records


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15-Oct-15 5Y-DKK Airbus AS350B3 Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania (4F)

Crashed and burnt out.  Helicopter was being used in support of parliamentary candidate Deo Filikunjombe, who died along with the other three on board.  Another parliamentary candidate, Jerry Silaa, posted on his Instagram that his father William Silaa had been the pilot


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11-Oct-15 PK-BKA Airbus EC130 Lake Toba, Indonesia (4F)

Helicopter crashed into Lake Toba with 5 POB, and one survivor Fransiskus Subihardayan found afloat in the shallow water on the side of the lake two days later.  Others on board, missing presumed deceased, have been named as pilot Capt Teguh Mulyanto, crew Hari Poerwantono, and passengers Sugianto (who had chartered the aircraft) and Nurhayanto


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24-Sep-15 ZS-OCB Airbus AS350B2 South Africa

The pilot was engaged in a private flight, and was accompanied by his wife. After activating the air-conditioning unit during their return flight to FAGC smoke started entering the cockpit/cabin area. The pilot, who had identified an open area below entered into auto-rotational flight in order to land as soon as possible. As they neared… Read more »


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22-Sep-15 OB-1941-P Airbus AS350B3 Ollantaytambo, Peru (5F)

During a transferring flight of “Odebrecht” Co. personnel, from Quillabamba to Cusco, crossing the Andes Mountains, the Helicopter crashed on a slope surrounding the “Veronica” snowy, destroying it completely. The wreckage was found at an altitude of over 4000m All five on board died, identified here as Miguel Angel Pinto Panta (pilot), Felix Cardenas Gonzales… Read more »


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21-Sep-15 B-7445 Airbus AS350B3 Gullin, China (2F)

Helicopter took off at 00h15, the last radio communication with ATC was at 00h30, the flight crew reported to the ATC operation normal. At about 02h00, ATC unable to contact with the helicopter, the dispatcher reported that the helicopter was operating normal. At about 04h32, the CAAC regional office received a report by the local… Read more »


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16-Sep-15 F-HCSC Airbus AS350B3 Boisses, France

Two of Tignes ski patrol were seriously injured in the crash at 8.15am.   There were four trackers on board, in addition to the pilot and a mechanic, to be dropped to reactivate the remote avalanche triggering devices after maintenance period occurred this summer.


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14-Sep-15 LN-OFC Airbus AS350 Narvik, Norway

A total of five helicopters were damaged by rocks while parked due to an uncontrolled blast 100m away from the pad. Two needed roading to Helitrans main base in Værnes including LN-OFC Can anyone help us with the registrations of the other four helicopters? If so, email us at [email protected]


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09-Sep-15 N253HP Airbus AS350B3 Draper, US-Utah

Rope became entangled in main rotor during a manoevre with one skid on a rock ledge while hovering,  Pilot Kent Harrison made some aggressive manoevres to avoid ground crews nearby, during which the tail hit a nearby cliff face.  Helicopter continued spinning, but pilot regained some control and continued to a safer landing zone and… Read more »


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06-Sep-15 N914SM Airbus AS350B3 Ironton, US-Colorado

Tail rotor struck vegetation landing.  No injuries, damage unknown


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02-Sep-15 N146AE Airbus AS350B2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Helicopter crashed into the roof of a house, injuring a female asleep in the house as well as sole-occupant pilot Oliver Gutiérrez


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21-Aug-15 I-GBVD Airbus AS350B3 Arzana, Italy

During fire fighting activities, the helicopter, equipped with bambi bucket, immediately after the first water drop experienced control problems. Trying an emergency landing in a nearby area 1 km away, the helicopter in the final phase of the flight, started an abrupt spin and crashed.  Helicopter was on contract to Forest Service of Sardinia. Only… Read more »


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08-Aug-15 CS-HIA Airbus AS350B3 Lapa, Portugal

Positioning flight back to base at low level when it crashed and was written off


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31-Jul-15 I-CMCM Airbus AS350B3 Alpe Zocca, Italy (3F)

Hit mountain, and subsequent crash killed all three on board – pilot Folini Augustine, engineer Stefano Olcelli, and flight engineer Marco Gianatti


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29-Jul-15 N6095U Airbus AS350B2 Tucson, US-Arizona

The Customs and Border Patrol Instructor Pilot demonstrated an autorotation, yet misjudged the flare. Helicopter destroyed


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16-Jul-15 D-HCOL Airbus AS350B2 Portugal

Aerial electrical cable collision following water discharge during fire-fighting operation. The pilot managed to immediately land the helicopter. Initial assessment reveals bucket, helicopter tail and one main rotor blade damage.


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14-Jul-15 HB-ZIS Airbus AS350B3 Guggigletscher, Switzerland (1F)

Pilot, the only occupant, killed in crash of Air Glaciers helicopter at Guggigletscher nr Lauterbrunnen.   Helicopter came down vertically and the cabin area burnt out.  Tail boom, tail , stabiliser and tail rotors all remain attached.


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12-Jul-15 N498PT Airbus AS350B Bridgeport, US-California

On landing, object flew out and struck blades


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10-Jul-15 N572AM Airbus AS350B2 Tallahassee, US-Florida

Emergency field landing.  Pilot was only one on board Date could be 09-Jul-15 (press report was very early morning on 10-Jul-15)


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03-Jul-15 N390LG Airbus AS350B3e Frisco, US-Colorado (1F)

With pilot and two paramedics on board, the helicopter started spinning shortly after take off and crashed about 20 seconds later, causing fatal injuries to pilot Patrick Mahany.The helicopter hit a parked pickup truck and travel camper and the helicopter was consumed by the ensuing fire. Flight paramedic Dave Repsher was burned in the crash… Read more »


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03-Jul-15 N974BR Airbus EC130 Somerset, US-Colorado

Clipped powerline and damaged blades.  Landed with no injuries to those on board


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29-Jun-15 CS-HMH Airbus AS350B3 Lamoso, Portugal

Crashed into water during firefighting operations and sank


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08-Jun-15 DQ-IHI Airbus AS350B2 Beqa Island, Fiji

08-Jun-15 DQ-IHI Airbus AS350B2 Beqa Island, Fiji

Helicopter crashed into shrubs after reportedly some debris struck the main rotor.  Helicopter was reported hired by Vodafone Fiji and had taken the company’s maintenance staff to a tower there.  3 POB


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30-May-15 5Y-GYM Airbus EC130 Kinangop, Kenya

Emergency landing in potato field due to weather.  Passengers included Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi, nominated Senator Beatrice Elachi and Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa. Pilot named as Evans Sigilai


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20-May-15 PR-POL Airbus AS350B2 Ibateguara, Brazil

During a go-around manoeuvre, the helicopter cut a low voltage power cable and landed a few metres ahead of the intended spot.   After removing a piece of cable from the rotorhead, and inspecting the aircraft, it was flown 70km back to base .


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04-May-15 N504WD Airbus AS350BA Hamilton, US-Montana

On shutting down after practice autorotations, a wrinkle was discovered in the tail boom


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29-Apr-15 Airbus AS350B Langtang Valley, Nepal (1F)

Accident happened in the rescue operations following a major earthquake which hit Nepal on 25-Apr-15.  Nepalese villagers had demanded to be rescued before the tourists and in the ensuing confusion, a villager was killed by the rotor blades – likely that means “walked into the tail rotor”


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16-Apr-15 N111FN Airbus AS350B2 Van Nuys, US-California

Unattended and parked helicopter struck by taxying fixed wing Aero Commander aircraft


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09-Apr-15 ZS-HTS Airbus AS350B3 Mazabuka, Zambia (1F)

Pilot Mike O’Donnell, was flying the helicopter from Angola to Zambia (and onwards to South Africa per some reports) when it crashed. Post crash fire, although some reports quote helicopter being on fire in the air


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02-Apr-15 N5204G Airbus AS350B2 Tomball, US-Texas

Struck birds and windscreen cracked. Emergency landing made at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport with no further problem


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30-Mar-15 Eurocopter AS350 Wilburton, US-Oklahoma

Turned back after takeoff to check a malfunctioning gauge and landed back at departure point. Infant patient then ferried to destination by another helicopter


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27-Mar-15 XA-DSO Airbus AS350B3 San Martin de Porres, Mexico (4F)

Crashed in poor weather while working on telephone lines for Telefonos de Mexico – three died on impact, fourth later in hospital


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16-Mar-15 F-GIJQ Airbus AS350BA Sinnamary, French Guyana

On flight from Cayenne to Grand Santi, pilot was flying very low and struck trees.  Pilot returned to Cayenne airfield.


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13-Mar-15 N814EH Airbus AS350B2 Anchorage, US-Alaska

Tail rotor spider assembly fractured in-flight, resulting in an emergency run-on landing at Merrill Field, Anchorage


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12-Mar-15 N919EM Airbus AS350B2 Stidham, US-Oklahoma (1F)

flying to McAlester from Tulsa when it crashed, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and no patients were on board.  Timed at around 11.25pm 3 POB, 1 Fatal


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09-Mar-15 LQ-FJQ Airbus AS350B3 Villa Castelli, Argentina (5F)

Mid air crash of two AS350 helicopters resulting in the fatal crash of both aircraft with a total of 10 lives lost.  Aircraft burnt out in post-crash fire, and were involved in the filming of a reality TV show called Dropped. Eight French nationals, including three sports stars, and the Argentine pilots died when the… Read more »


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09-Mar-15 LQ-CGK Airbus AS350B3 Villa Castelli, Argentina (5F)

Mid air crash of two AS350 helicopters resulting in the fatal crash of both aircraft with a total of 10 lives lost.  Aircraft burnt out in post-crash fire, and were involved in the filming of a reality TV show called Dropped. Eight French nationals, including three sports stars, and the Argentine pilots died when the… Read more »


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06-Mar-15 N356AM Airbus EC130 St Louis, US-Missouri (1F)

Security video shows helicopter search light spinning to the left. The video shows that the helicopter entered a steep descent and impacted the side of the hospital building and parking lot at night.  Operated by Air Methods for ARCH Air Medical.  Pilot named here as Ronald Rector


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01-Mar-15 N960LA Airbus AS350B2 Santa Clarita, US-California

Sheriff helicopter made emergency landing in fields of Hart High School due to lightning


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27-Feb-15 UP-EC010 Eurocopter EC130 Karatau, Kazakhstan

According to preliminary information, after take-off from the helipad on a helicopter has failed directional control system, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing to determine the circumstances and causes of the failure. During landing the helicopter rolled over on its right side and collapsed.  Reportedly destroyed.  Location was a helipad located at the… Read more »


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23-Feb-15 CC-AFR Airbus AS350B3 Yungay, Chile

Tail rotor hit rock during firefighting work on approach to land to pick up a forest fire brigade team


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11-Feb-15 HB-ZIG Airbus AS350B3 Guttannen, Switzerland

Rotorstrike during landing phase, helicopter ended up on its side.  No serious injuries to 4 POB


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02-Feb-15 Airbus AS350B3 Popham, UK

Airframe vibration and control problems.


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21-Jan-15 C-GJPW Airbus AS350B2 Key Lake, Canada

Helicopter was involved with long line operations on a power-line construction project 11 nm SE of Key Lake, SK. After a power-line cable was moved, the long line did not release. The helicopter descended and struck the ground. The pilot was injured and was transferred to La Ronge Hospital for medical attention. The helicopter sustained… Read more »


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21-Jan-15 C-GJPW Airbus AS350B2 Key Lake, Canada

The flight was operating a hydro line patrol and suffered “collision with terrain”. Sole occupant pilot airlifted to hospital. CADORS 2015C0207


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08-Jan-15 XA-SMG Airbus EC130B4 Juarez, Mexico (2F)

Crashed at night killing owner Mauro Garza Fernandez, and passenger Alejandro Lopez Lopez.  Pilot Ciro Huerta Martinez and the other two passengers named as Balden Lorenzo González and Jorge Armando Gonzalez Bustos were injured.  Some reports say that the helicopter was not equipped for night flights.  Video of the crash site here.


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06-Jan-15 I-LASW Airbus AS350B3 Pertica Bassa, Italy

During fire fighting operation, pilot experienced problems on the tail rotor and landed safely – another report suggests the cable holding the water bucket (empty at the time) contacted the tail rotor. Damages found on tail rotor and tail boom.


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27-Dec-14 PT-HNC Helibras HB350B Bertioga, Brazil (5F)

Crashed into Mangrove swamp not long after take-off from Condo Iporanga in Guaruja when en route to Sao Paulo, killing all five on board.  This included Marcelo Muller, grandson of the founder of the Muller beverage company, his wife Lumara Rocha Müller, their 2 year old daughter Georgia and her nanny Raquel dos Santos Vilas… Read more »


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16-Dec-14 N352SL Airbus AS350B2 Bicknell, US-Utah

Loss of power at 20ft agl, heavy landing


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20-Nov-14 RA-04032 Airbus AS350B3 Mikhalchikovo, Russia (5F)

Crashed in foggy conditions en route from Moscow to Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region) between the villages of Mihalchikovo and Korabotovo. Killing the pilot and four passengers, including an 8-year-old girl.


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13-Nov-14 N425U Eurocopter AS350BA Panguitch, US-Utah

Rolled onto its side on landing, 2 POB, one slight injured, other not injured.


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