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29-Apr-16 LN-OJF Airbus EC225 Bergen, Norway (13F)

Main rotor blades and hub reportedly detached in flight, and a video online purports to show this subsystem spinning down to earth.  The remainder of the helicopter descended at high rate, impacting  rocky ground with 13 fatalities on impact and being consumed in the post-impact fire.  The helicopter was being operated for Statoil, and en… Read more »


10-Dec-15 G-OAGC Airbus EC225 Aberdeen, UK

CHC EC225 made emergency landing following warning light in cockpit.  Helicopter was reported as 60 miles out east from Aberdeen to a rig when it turned round and returned to Aberdeen


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01-Apr-15 G-CGUB Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Aircraft turned back to Aberdeen before reaching destination.  7 POB.  Reported as a Cowling Open warning light


27-Jan-15 PR-BGA Airbus EC225 Campos dos Goytacazes , Brazil

The engine number 2 caught fire as the aircraft was taxying in. Substantial damage restricted to the right hand side engine


27-Dec-14 G-REDV Eurocopter EC225 North Sea, UK

Suspected lightning strike, returned to base.  Reg to be confirmed


17-Dec-14 PR-BGR Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil

While the helicopter was hovering prior to departure from an oil platform, the crew heard a strong noise followed by vibration and instability of the helicopter. The pilot commanded an immediate landing on the deck, with the helicopter touching the floor in an abrupt manner.  17 POB.  Substantially damaged


28-Oct-14 Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Faulty indicator led to precautionary landing on Forties Charlie platform instead of intended destination at Forties Unity


18-Jan-12 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK

Emergency landing made after a transmission temperature indicator came on.


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12-Jan-12 LN-OJE Eurocopter EC225 Asgard B rig, Norway

The incident happened when the helicopter alarm system alerted the pilots of loss of pressure in the left hydraulic system.


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11-Mar-10 G-…. Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK


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6-Apr-09 G- Eurocopter EC225 MV Safe Caledonia, UK

6-Apr-09 G- Eurocopter EC225 MV Safe Caledonia, UK


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18-Feb-09 G-REDU Eurocopter EC225 ETAP field, 125 miles E Aberdeen, UK

18-Feb-09 G-REDU Eurocopter EC225 ETAP field, 125 miles E Aberdeen, UK


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