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08-Aug-14 I-PAAD Eurocopter SA318C Gaby, Italy (2F)

Crashed into mountain during a thunderstorm killing pilot Domenico Praiale (55) and passenger Sara Piredda Piras (29).  Local reports suggest ​​poor visibility due to fog and clouds.  Helicopter was original an SA318 Alouette but had been extensively modified and was classed as a homebuild


26-Jul-14 I-CUDP Eurocopter SA318 El Camero, Peru

before the third take off, the pilot increasing the power and feel vibrations and become no stabilize. The tail rise and the main blades hit the ground and the helicopter wasw serious damaged. No fatalities. After the accident the helicopter spread 300 kgs of agricultural insecticide.


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08-May-13 N318DB Eurocopter SA318C Everglades National Park, US-Florida

Pilot reported a loss of engine power while hovering the helicopter at 20 feet during biological survey flight. Aircraft was substantially damaged.


20-May-11 Eurocopter SA318C Istanbul, Turkey (4F)

Four of five occupants killed when helicopter crashed into Istanbul Strait.  Pilot, and commander of the Police Aviation Unit, Kemal Ozdemir survived the accident by swimming to safety.  Other passengers were Branch Director of Information Technology Ragip Ali Bilgen and his son, Marine, with a strong second pilot Murat Güçlü and Oray Sarıçay’ın who worked… Read more »