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17-Mar-16 9N-AJI Airbus AS350B3e Langtang, Nepal

Crashed on take off after unloading construction materials, ending on its starboard side.


19-Jun-13 I-VIEW Eurocopter AS350B3+ Muchu, Nepal (1F)

Crashed when trying  to make an emergency landing on the bank of Karnali River, killing one of the 6 POB.  According to this report Police have identified the deceased as Tek Bahadur Tapali, station manager of Humla office of the Nepalese CAA.  The injured were named as pilot David Talu, an Italian national, flight manager Dilak… Read more »

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24-Mar-12 9N-AKA Eurocopter AS350B2 Dhorpatan, Nepal

Tail rotor suffered minor damage after it stuck the ground while attempting to take off


29-Nov-11 9N-AIK Eurocopter AS350 Lubuche, Nepal

Helicopter was taking off at Lubuche when it suffered damage to the tail boom/rotor.  All 3 occupants safe


07-Nov-11 Eurocopter AS350 Tudikhel, Nepal

Emergency landing made due to tail rotor problems


02-Nov-11 9N-AIK Eurocopter AS350B Tanahun, Nepal

Landing made prior to arriving at intended destination due to weather.  Intended routing was Kathmandu from Pokhara


06-Jul-11 9N-AIW Eurocopter AS350B2 Rangeli, Nepal

Tail damaged in force landing on river bank after “technical problems”.  Wrongly quoted in some reports as 9N-AWI.  Three Japanese and two Nepali passengers and the Australian pilot  are safe


07-Nov-10 9N-AIX Eurocopter AS350 Solukhumbu, Nepal (2F)

Two crewmembers, Captain Sabin Basnet and Engineer Purna Awale, have been killed in the crash.


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