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15-Jun-22 D-HOBY Hughes 500D Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Germany

During agricultural spraying operations, had accident and ended up on its starboard side In der Nähe von #Ellenz-Poltersdorf (Kreis #Cochem-Zell) ist soeben ein Spritzhubschrauber abgestürzt. Mehr auf Video: Jens Weber — Rhein-Zeitung (@RheinZeitung) June 15, 2022... Read more

17-Mar-22 N500MZ Hughes 500D Adair, US-Iowa

Experienced engine problems during low level powerline operations.  Landed hard, starboard skid collapsed and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side... Read more

20-Feb-22 N521HB MD Helicopters MD520N Newport Beach, US-California (1F)

Law enforcement helicopter crashed into shallow water, severely injuring the pilot and killing the passenger – named in the Huntington Beach Police statement as Nicolas Vella. This tweet suggests it was spinning out of control prior to hitting the water Investigation continues into cause of fatal police helicopter crash in Newport Beach – KTLA Los... Read more

05-Jan-22 L170x MD Helicopters MD530F Hadath al-Jebbeh, Lebanon

Emergency landing after the soldiers on board heard a strange sound and they decided to make an emergency landing – the helicopter ended up on its side in a tree.  According to a press report, all on board of the helicopter are in good health. The Lebanese Army received six 530Fs from the US in... Read more

02-Dec-21 N911PH MD Helicopters MD500E Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main blades sliced tail boom on training flight while practicing autorotations St. Louis County Police helicopter damaged at Spirit of St. Louis — KMOV (@KMOV) December 2, 2021... Read more

13-Nov-21 N902CH MD Helicopters MD902 Springfield, US-Missouri

While en route from a scene request to a Springfield hospital, the aircraft was illuminated repeatedly by a blue laser.  The individual tracked the aircraft with the laser for approximately 3-5 minutes.  The laser was behind us and would illuminate and wash out the cabin with light.  The incident was reported to ATC while it... Read more

17-Sep-21 N420AT Hughes 500C Ash, US-North Carolina

Field landing following engine issues... Read more

06-Sep-21 N125KW MD Helicopters 500E Healy Lake, US-Alaska

Crashed after skid caught on helipad during take-off... Read more

06-May-21 N972BW MD Helicopters MD530F Palm Gardens, US-Nevada

FAA : Substantially damaged during long-line work.  2 POB not injured... Read more

05-May-21 N6068S MD Helicopters MD530F Mesa, US-Arizona

Post-flight inspection found damage to the tail rotor... Read more

14-Apr-21 N369PD MD Helicopters 500E Atlanta, US-Georgia

Emergency landing on golf course.  FAA report did not supply any further details.  ... Read more

22-Jan-21 N60BK MD Helicopters MD600 Mankato, US-Minnesota

FAA report substantially damaged after main rotors contacted strawline.  2 POB not injured... Read more

22-Jan-21 N90TG MD Helicopters MD500E Queen Creek, US-Arizona

FAA report helicopter was substantially damaged after loss of tail rotor effectiveness on approach to land... Read more

20-Jan-21 YV200T MD Helicopters MD500E Guanare, Venezuela (4F)

Helicopter impacted lake.  All four POB died in the accident.  When the helicopter was recovered, one blade was missing and the tail boom had been sliced off.  Pilot named in this report as Elio Marcaccio while passengers Moisés Selvi and Euclides Quintero, and a unnamed 14 year-old were added from this report... Read more

09-Jan-21 N8612F Hughes 500D Winthrop, US-Washington

Landed heavily on snow, skids broken, tail boom sliced by main blades... Read more

29-Dec-20 N103SU MD Helicopters MD500D Glade, US-Mississippi (1F)

Crashed and completely burned out.  Helicopter was involved in low-level work – trimming trees off power lines – when it crashed Pilot named here as Jason Krakowiak... Read more

27-Oct-20 N58251 MD Helicopters MD500D Nuuanu, US-Hawaii

Emergency landing in a ravine after experiencing engine problems.  Helicopter was working for Hawaiian Electric.  Some reports say “hard landing”.  Extent of damage not known. Pilot not injured “A contractor for Hawaiian Electric was transporting material near the Nuuanu Reservoir off Pali Highway when the helicopter lost power and made a hard landing,” according to... Read more

24-Aug-20 OH-HJH MD Helicopters MD500D Sarvisalo, Finland

Landed upright but tail boom got chopped by main blades during emergency landing... Read more

06-Aug-20 N911EP Hughes OH-6 Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main rotor blades sliced tail boom on training flight. helicopter ended up on its skids with the tail on the ground nearby... Read more

05-Aug-20 N104SU MD Helicopters MD500D Delia, US-Kansas

Aircraft was conducting vegetation management while tree sawing and something caught saw blade and threw debris up into main blades.  Aircraft landed in nearby field. Sole occupant pilot was not injured... Read more

21-Feb-19 N506PH MD Helicopters MD500E Waipio, US-Hawaii

The Fire Department said the crash was a result of engine failure.  FAA report 2 POB with no injuries, while the operator said the unnamed pilot was hospitalized “for further evaluation as a precautionary measure.”  Operator said  in a statement “hard landing … while arriving for a utility flight”... Read more

08-Feb-19 225 MD Helicopters MD530F Saydabad, Afghanistan

Helicopter written off in snowy conditions.  Very few details available.  In this tweet there is a claim it was shot down by Taliban... Read more

08-Nov-17 N138WH Hughes 500D Sulphur, US-Louisiana (2F)

Two men working on power lines from the helicopter,  and  heir safety harness failed because it had been rubbing against the power lines causing it to “snap” the release from Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reportedly said.  Both men fell about 100 feet to their deaths from the helicopter – they were later named as Nicholas Gamalski,... Read more

07-Dec-15 N607BP MD Helicopters MD600N Angleton, US-Texas

During the approach, the helicopter pitched forward, and the pilot moved the cyclic aft to compensate for the forward pitch. Shortly thereafter, the helicopter rolled to the right and entered a spin to the right. The pilot then attempted to land the helicopter, but it impacted terrain and rolled onto its left side. Pilot Ed... Read more

22-Oct-15 C-FOHE MD Helicopters MD500D Paynton, Canada (2F)

A 55-year-old male pilot from Campbell River, B.C., and a 35-year-old male passenger from Prince Albert, Sask., were the only 2 POB when it crashed. They were pronounced dead at the scene.  Helicopter was contracted by electric utility SaskPower to access and repair power poles and struck a powerline causing the aircraft to crash.  Post crash... Read more

27-Sep-15 SP-SOO MD Helicopters MD500E Burkatów, Poland

Encountered problem (variously reported, but likely a tail rotor problem) at low level while on powerline work.  Crashed into residential area.  Pilot injured, passenger seriously injured.  Helicopter was intentionally equipped for powerline work (see this video)... Read more

03-Sep-15 N16056 MD Helicopters MD500E New Smyrna Beach, US-Florida

Brian Hayes, Volusia County Mosquito Control’s chief pilot, was flying a routine larvae-cide mission when the helicopter crashed.... Read more

02-Sep-15 N9068F Hughes 500C Pago Pago, American Samoa (1F)

Few details available, but helicopter crashed into the sea killing one and seriously injuring another.... Read more

05-Aug-15 N43792 MD Helicopters 500E Whitefish, US-Montana

Crashed into Beaver Lake while picking up water to fight a fire... Read more

04-Aug-15 D-HBRM Hughes 500C Ramatuelle, France

Substantially damaged in autorotation landing after pilot noticed a decrease in engine power... Read more

27-Jun-15 MD Helicopters MD500 Poerua Glacier, New Zealand

Crashed on take off, injuring the pilot Brad Maclachlan and two hunters he had just picked up... Read more

19-May-15 MSP-012 MD Helicopters MD500E Talamanca, Costa Rica

Emergency landing due to poor weather ended up in minor damage for the helicopter after pilot Sebastián Gadea Castro put the helicopter down into vegetation during an anti-drug flight.  Photos show all five blades intact, but cabin and tail in direct contact with vegetation and boom slightly bent near gearbox.  5 POB safely exited the... Read more

18-May-15 OH-HNR MD Helicopters MD500D Bocognano, Corsica

During a low level flight prior to attending to vegetation near powerlines, pilot noticed a decrease in engine power.  The subsequent autorotation avoiding powerlines and buildings led to a hard landing and completely burnt out in post crash fire in the garden of a house.  2 POB seriously injured... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E New Albany, US-Ohio

Emergency field landing during missing person search due to warning light illumination.  Second of two incidents to same aircraft on same day.  Photo here... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E Hilliard, US-Ohio

Emergency landing a night in a vacated car park of a retail store, shortly after midnight.  First of two incidents to same aircraft on same day. Photo here... Read more

17-Apr-15 N103CG MD Helicopters MD520 Burbank, US-California

Bird strike, breaking an antenna. Safe emergency landing made... Read more

06-Apr-15 N555JC MD500D Cherokee, US-Alabama (1F)

Crashed into Tennessee River and sank without trace. Pilot was only one on board and is missing presumed drowned. Haverfield Aviation confirmed it to be one of their helicopters and some debris from it found further downstream was labelled with the company name. Nearby angler witnessed the helicopter crashing into the water around 1pm. The... Read more

06-Apr-15 31249 Hughes OH-6D Okada, Japan

Substantially damaged in force landing in an open field... Read more

15-Feb-15 461 MD Helicopters MD530 Al-Barka, Philippines

Philippine military press office stated “We also commend the heroic pilots of MG MD-520 attack helicopter that was hit by enemy fire while providing close air support to the ground troops which were swarmed by the bandits,”.  Safe emergency landing made in confined area with no further damage apparent from photo... Read more

12-Feb-15 8781 MD Helicopters MD500E Ebino, Japan (3F)

Two instructors and one student died on a training accident.  Weather was a factor and cause them to change their planned route after take-off.... Read more

05-Feb-15 ZK-IQQ MD Helicopters MD500D Marlborough, New Zealand

Firefighting helicopter crashed while filling bucket in very shallow river. pilot Neal Andrews walked away unscathed... Read more

23-Jan-15 MD Helicopters MD500E Frosinone, Italy

Training flight, accident while hover taxying... Read more

31-Dec-14 N530KK MD Helicopters MD530F Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Very heavy landing in residential area, minor injuries to 2 POB later named as David Callen and Paul Lourenco.... Read more

02-Dec-14 MD Helicopters MD500D Zuoying, Taiwan

Pilot received serious head injuries from the tail rotor after receiving a warning signal, leaving the cockpit and going to the rear of the helicopter to assist the technical staff – but apparently got too close... Read more

28-Oct-14 ZK-ITJ MD Helicopters MD500E Brunswick, New Zealand (1F)

Struck wires while spraying at low level, killing pilot Peter Robb... Read more

03-Oct-14 N500LK MD Helicopters MD500E Briarcliff, US-New York

Emergency landing in school field after warning light illuminated... Read more

29-Sep-14 N557CP MD Helicopters MD500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Precautionary night landing in Hamilton Road near Groves Road.  It was determined that the helicopter had a faulty gauge.... Read more

02-Sep-14 N516PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Willow, US-California

Pilot Ron Chaplin injured when helicopter came down during low level powerline work... Read more

19-Aug-14 N444RS MD Helicopters MD500E Tuscaloosa, US-Alabama (2F)

Crashed on powerline patrol, killing both on board – 51-year-old pilot Matthew Wallace of Hiram, Georgia and 63-year-old David Carson of Tuscaloosa, Alabama who was employed by Alabama Power.... Read more

11-Aug-14 N18GH MD Helicopters MD520N Idaho Falls, US-Idaho

Helicopter crashed in pilot’s garden, ending up on its starboard side with significant damage.  Pilot quoted by press as Dave Hansen, passengers as his wife and daughter.  No injuries.... Read more

03-Aug-14 N553CP MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Emergency field landing at night.  Press suggestion it may have run out of fuel... Read more

29-Jul-14 N89ZC Hughes 500D Bellefontaine, US-Ohio

Helicopter involved in underslung chainsaw operations, cutting back trees for a new bike track.  Helicopter crashed into the trees.  No immediate indication of cause.  Pilot Leo Boucher seriously injured... Read more

22-Jul-14 N5225C Hughes 500D Oso, US-Washington

Crashed during logging operations after tail hit a logging cable.... Read more

14-Jul-14 SE-JKJ MD Helicopters MD600N Lennartsnäs, Sweden

Substantially damaged when it turned over on landing.  Pilot got out OK.... Read more

08-Jun-14 N504MP MD Helicopters MD500E Gilbert, US-Arizona

Reported engine failure during night patrol – in ensuing hard landing the tail boom was broken.  2 POB not injured.  Accident was around 1am... Read more

04-May-14 MD Helicopters MD500 West Nicholson, Zimbabwe

Helicopter crashed and owner Frikkie Lutzkie arranged for wreckage to be buried.  Certain aspects of press reports (including date) do not tie up – but read reports of this accident in conjunction with another incident from May 2012 relating to another helicopter and the same owner... Read more

29-Apr-14 N37929 Hughes OH-6 Boulder, US-Utah

FAA: “Went into an embankment and rolled onto its side”. One TV station reported it as a hard landing during a mission aimed at livestock predator control.... Read more

27-Apr-14 N606BP MD Helicopters MD600N Adelanto, US-California

Crashed on take-off, hit ground hard and rolled over.  THe helicopter appears to have lost its anti-torque system, causing it to start to spin as it lifted off.  Significantly damaged.  One of three POB airflifted to hospital... Read more

03-Feb-14 MSP-013 MD Helicopters MD500E Cartago, Costa Rica

General media reported that pilot had tail rotor issue on take-off, and helicopter started to spin out of control.  In subsequent heavy landing, helicopter rolled over onto its side.  3 POB to hospital – pilot Allon Francisco Herrera, 56, the copilot, Gadea Sebastian Castro, 27, and an official of the Election Authorities, Adriana Solis Vega, 26... Read more

03-Feb-14 N8618F MD Helicopters MD500D Naples, US-Florida

Tail struck ground during autorotation training... Read more

27-Jan-14 G-CCUO Hughes 500D Droitwich, UK

Shortly after takeoff the pilot experienced yaw control difficulties, resulting in the loss of control of the helicopter and a subsequent crash landing. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. In the absence of any mechanical abnormalities, the most likely cause of the accident is a loss of tail rotor effectiveness.... Read more

17-Dec-13 MD Helicopters MD500E Lapithos, Cyprus

French pilot Frederick Coupe slightly injured.  Skid collapsed (on landing?).  Helicopter was involved in powerline cleaning operations... Read more

15-Dec-13 Hughes 500D Glade Burn, New Zealand (1F)

A Hughes 500 helicopter flying between the Greenstone Valley and Dumpling Hut crashed at Glade Burn in steep and rugged terrain in poor weather.   Police confirmed that sole occupant pilot Bruce Andrews died in the accident... Read more

06-Dec-13 N2066W MD Helicopters 500E Monticello, US-Utah

Force landing during animal capture operation... Read more

13-Nov-13 N556CP MD Helicopters 500E Grandview, US-Ohio

Emergency landing in sports field.  Mechanic called and problem solved... Read more

19-Oct-13 N53846 Hughes 500D Suffolk, US-Virginia

Contacted trees while trimming them.  Landed without incident... Read more

05-Oct-13 MD Helicopters MD500 Paducah, US-Texas (1F)

Joshua Fitts, 34, of West Hurricane, Utah, was killed about 12:20 p.m. when the tail rotor of the McDonnell Douglas helicopter crashed after clipping a transmission line pulley, called a sheave... Read more

02-Oct-13 HH-12 MD Helicopters MD500E Utti, Finland

Solo student pilot ran out of altitude on a practice engine-out autorotation landing and hit the tail boom on the ground.... Read more

12-Sep-13 N519PA MD Helicopters MD500DE Kauai, US-Hawaii

Operator told the press “debris flew into the main rotor blades causing some damage to the aircraft”.  FAA report says “tail rotor separated from aircrxaft”... Read more

07-Sep-13 MD Helicopters MD530F Shindand, Afghanistan

Landed on an IED during training flight, blowing one skid off.  Helicopter caught fire.  2 POB were U.S. Army CW4 Thomas “Andy” Miller and Afghan air force Lt. Massoud Islamkhil – both were saved by a Mi-17 crew... Read more

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