MD600 Accidents

22-Jan-21 N60BK MD Helicopters MD600 Mankato, US-Minnesota

FAA report substantially damaged after main rotors contacted strawline.  2 POB not injured... Read more

07-Dec-15 N607BP MD Helicopters MD600N Angleton, US-Texas

During the approach, the helicopter pitched forward, and the pilot moved the cyclic aft to compensate for the forward pitch. Shortly thereafter, the helicopter rolled to the right and entered a spin to the right. The pilot then attempted to land the helicopter, but it impacted terrain and rolled onto its left side. Pilot Ed... Read more

14-Jul-14 SE-JKJ MD Helicopters MD600N Lennartsnäs, Sweden

Substantially damaged when it turned over on landing.  Pilot got out OK.... Read more

27-Apr-14 N606BP MD Helicopters MD600N Adelanto, US-California

Crashed on take-off, hit ground hard and rolled over.  THe helicopter appears to have lost its anti-torque system, causing it to start to spin as it lifted off.  Significantly damaged.  One of three POB airflifted to hospital... Read more

24-Apr-13 XC-AAF MD Helicopters MD600N Oaxaca, Mexico (4F)

Helicopter on an EMS flight crashed killing a newborn baby less than 24 hours old, his father Pedro Martinez, pilot  Guillermo Chávez Medina and paramedic Pablo Héctor Vicente.  Helicopter destroyed... Read more

12-Feb-13 S2-AFZ MD Helicopters MD600 Nawraparha, Bangladesh

Autorotation landing from 1000ft, main blades cut tail boom.  Corporate operation.  MD600 remained upright and all six got out with some injuries.   Six were identified as Tahmina Mostofa, 24,  Asif Iqbal, 45, Kazi Safayet Hossain, 45, Abul Kalam, and pilots Gulzar Hossain, 42, and Shafiqul Islam, 35.... Read more

08-Aug-12 N737TV MD Helicopters MD600N Delta Junction, US-Alaska (1F)

En route to pick up miners at the remote site when the helicopter crashed into the side of a hill and rolled a considerable distance, killing the pilot -  later named as James Hopper, 63... Read more

28-Dec-10 D-HHWR MD Helicopters MD600N Jena, Germany

Helicopter was being used to blow snow off a roof, and crashed from low level.  Two serious and one minor injury.  One photo shows close proximity of street light stands.... Read more

25-Mar-09 C-GOHN MD Helicopters MD600N near Toba Inlet, Canada

25-Mar-09 C-GOHN MD Helicopters MD600N near Toba Inlet, Canada... Read more

19-Feb-09 N608BP MD Helicopters MD600N San Onofre, US-California

19-Feb-09 N608BP MD Helicopters MD600N San Onofre, US-California... Read more

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