Med-Trans Accidents

19-Apr-21 N516MT Bell 407 Columbia, US-South Carolina

FAA report emergency field landing for this air ambulance helicopter... Read more

17-Jan-15 N407CR Bell 407 Greenville, US-South Carolina

Aircraft on approach to landing was flown to the right of centerline for landing at the base helipad.  Fuel tank is installed right of the helipad.  At approximately 10ft AGL, main rotor blades contacted fuel tank obstruction light.  Pilot maneuvered aircrat to the left, landing on the center of the helipad.  No injuries to 3... Read more

03-Mar-13 N911LL Bell 407 Scottsbluff, US-Nebraska

Bird strike to side of helicopter very shortly after night take-off... Read more

02-Jan-13 N445MT Bell 407 Ventura, US-Iowa (3F)

Three killed in night time accident north of Ventura – pilot Gene Grell, nurse Shelly Lair-Langenbau and paramedic Russell Piehl.   Reports state it was the helicopter based at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa.  Post impact fire.  Was en route from Mason City to Emmetsburg.... Read more

29-Dec-12 N534MT Bell 407 Big Lake, US-Texas

Emergency landing, Tail boom sliced, damage to main blades.  Helicopter remained upright.  No Fire.  Patient on board... Read more

14-Apr-12 N509MT Bell 407 Aberdeen, US-South Dakota

Substantially damaged landing on gravel road around 3am local time after experiencing engine trouble on positioning flight after refuelling.  Sole occupant pilot not injured.... Read more

05-Apr-11 Bell 407 Johnson City, US-Tennessee

Precautionary landing in field.  FAA preliminary report quotes registration as “Wings 1” which would be the callsign.  Wings Air Rescue operates four Bell 407s (N407WA, N911WA, N511MT and N513MT) and we expect the subject one here to be N407WA but we have not got 100% confirmation on that yet... Read more

28-Jan-11 N515MT Bell 407 Colorado Springs, US-Colorado

Precautionary landing on school field after warning light illuminated.  Timed at 3.30am local... Read more

26-Nov-10 N728AB Eurocopter EC135 Loudonville, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing made in field. Appears to have flown on without further issue.... Read more

17-May-09 N911GX Bell B407 Denver, US-Colorado

17-May-09 N911GX Bell B407 Denver, US-Colorado... Read more

20-Mar-09 N91111 Bell B407 Scottsbluff, US-Nebraska

20-Mar-09 N91111 Bell B407 Scottsbluff, US-Nebraska... Read more

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