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25-May-17 N62UP Airbus EC135 New Castle, US-Delaware (1F)

Air ambulance on training flight. Crash shortly after take off, killing the pilot. No patients or medical crew were on board.  Pilot named as Michael Murphy


19-May-17 N197LL Airbus EC145 Terre Haute, US-Indiana

While in cruise flight at 3000 MSL, a “loud bang” was heard with a secondary “loud rushing” noise. The pilot verified no flight control or system malfunction and initiated a precautionary landing to nearest suitable landing area. After landing, a post-flight inspection revealed a broken copilot chin bubble with bird remains. No occupant was seated… Read more »

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27-May-17 N914ET Airbus EC135 Tyler, US-Texas

N914ET was on the return trip back to their base when they had a bird strike. They diverted to a local airport to do a precautionary landing and check for damages. No injuries were associated with this incident. There was no damage noted by the pilot or crew. The aircraft returned to base without further… Read more »


09-Nov-13 N911KB Eurocopter EC135P1 Shreveport, US-Louisiana

Pilot and two engineers uninjured in crash on post-maintenance test flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  Helicopter is contracted to Shreveport-based Life Air Rescue


20-Oct-13 N911ES Eurocopter AS350B2 Madison, US-Mississippi

Force landed in a field after bird strike


19-Sep-13 N810LE Eurocopter AS350B2 Canton, US-Mississippi

Force landing in field with patient on board – photos show tail boom separated, starboard skid collapsed.  Pilot injured his back.  Helicopter was en route to Baptist Medical Center in Jackson from Pioneer Community Hospital in Ackerman.


04-Sep-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas

Post-flight inspection revealed remains of small bird on barrier screen for oil cooler inlet. No damaged identifed.


06-May-13 N911SV Eurocopter EC135 Reed Point, US-Montana

Bird strike broke windshield while flying over Reed Point under NVG conditions.  The pilot determined that the aircraft was safe to continue the flight to base at the Billings airport.  No injuries.


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15-Apr-13 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Highland Heights, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing and maintenance team called out after unexpected torque split


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18-Jul-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

Smoke started to appear out of the aft air conditioning vents inflight. Safe


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02-Apr-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

After landing, port side hydraulics compartment cowling was discovered open, and had contacted the main blades in flight – but only taking paint off, not damaging them.  One camlock was missing from the cowling


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17-Mar-11 N913ET Eurocopter Bo105 Athens, US-Texas

Bird strike on approach to land at base


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04-Mar-11 N235DH Eurocopter EC135P1 Boston, US-Massachusetts

A Eurocopter Ec135 of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Airborne Response Team “D-HART” made a precautionary landing at the busy Boston Logan Airport today after the pilot reported difficulties with one engine.


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19-Jun-09 N911GF Eurocopter AS350B2 Great Falls, US-Montana

19-Jun-09 N911GF Eurocopter AS350B2 Great Falls, US-Montana


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16-Jun-09 N885AL Eurocopter EC145 Redmond, US-Oregon

16-Jun-09 N885AL Eurocopter EC145 Redmond, US-Oregon


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