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29-May-17 SMH-589 Mil Mi-17 Baddegama, Sri Lanka

While involved in flood relief support, helicopter landed in a residential garden, with the boom breaking off against the roof of the house. Registration validated by photo on this page None of the 11 POB injured.  Helicopter substantially damaged


27-May-17 Mil Mi-17 Neluwa, Sri Lanka

37-year- old SLAF airman, YMS Yaparathna, fall off a helicopter while conducting a rescue operation, along with the two individuals he was rescuing.  All three were injured when they fell, and were admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital where the airman later died of his injuries.  He was posthumously promoted from Flight Sergeant to the… Read more »


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27-May-17 Mil Mi-17 Chilov Island, Azerbaijan

Successful emergency landing after reported engine failure.  Helicopter was en route to the Oil Rocks field with 15 pax and 3 crew.  No damage, no injuries


06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Zabul province, Afghanistan (17F)

Crashed in unknown circumstances.  Helicopter was flying between Zabul’s capital of Qalat and the town of Shinkay, 20 kilometers (12 miles) away. Accident killed all on board –  12 soldiers and five crew members. The Taliban claimed they had shot down the aircraft


06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Lassan Nawab, Pakistan (12F)

The helicopter, involved in medical evacuation work after recent floods, was en route from Rawalpindi to Gilgit when it crashed near Lassan Nawab. Local media reported that weather was a contributory factor, and noted that there was a post-crash fire. The deceased were named as Major Humayun (Pilot), Major Muzammil (Pilot), Major Shahzad (Doctor), Major… Read more »


06-Aug-15 EP-662 Mil Mi-17 Piura, Peru (1F)

Student Dioselinda Zapata Feijó was walking near the helicopter shortly after it landed was struck fatally by the tail rotor, after reportedly ignoring the security cordon. Municipal official Kathia Izquierdo said the woman’s brother reported she was trying to deliver a letter to the Cabinet chief asking that a relative be freed from prison.


06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Khot, Pakistan

Pakistan Air Force helicopter, engaged in relief and rescue efforts, crashed in the Khot area of upper Chitral, injuring several people. Media reports say the blades hit a tree, un-stablilising the helicopter on take=off, and it subsequently hit a house and crashed.


28-Jul-15 Mil Mi-17 Hradisko, Slovakia (1F)

The helicopter crashed during a routine training exercise and the helicopter burnt out in the post-crash fire.  One fatal, two seriously injured


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27-Jul-15 RDPL-34062 Mil Mi-17 Longcheng, Laos (23F)

Weather played a significant part in this accident, and helicopter wreckage was found on the slopes of a mountain.  Helicopter had made three attempts to take off from the capital Vientiane due to the weather.


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02-May-15 Mil Mi-17 Kohat, Pakistan

Damaged after hitting container (some reports say “hit barrier”) during landing phase.  2 POB injured, not seriously


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12-Aug-14 Mil Mi-17 Sinjar, Iraq (1F)

Helicopter was involved in evacuating people in a humanitarian emergency situation in northern Iraq.  Crashed – killing the pilot (reported as “Majed”) – possibly due to overloading. Those on board included Yazidi member of parliament, Vian Dakheel New York Times reporter Alissa Rubin – see story Australian photographer Adam Ferguson, freelancing for the New York… Read more »


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07-Apr-14 Mil MI-17 Kalat, Pakistan

Helicopter down – unclear from press reports if damaged or not.  All crew and passengers reported safe


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25-Sep-13 Mil Mi-17 Chennai, India

Technical issue on Presidential helicopter prevented take-off


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25-Jun-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Gaurikund, India (20F)

Crashed in poor weather. Vice Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority said eight bodies have been recovered and chances of any survivor among the 19 onboard were remote


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25-Feb-13 EJC-3378 Mil Mi-17 San Juan de Sumapaz, Colombia

Crashed from low level hover due to high winds


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18-Jan-13 Mil Mi-17 Timberwara, India

18-Jan-13 Mil Mi-17 Timberwara, India

Force landing after being shot at by militants – photos here.  The hydraulic system and genrators were damaged.  1 of the 7 POB was injured


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17-Oct-12 Mil Mi-17 Maarat AL Numan, Syria

Helicopter shot down by missile.  Casualties unknown


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15-Sep-12 Mil MI-17 Banke, Nepal

emergency landing due to bad weather


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27-Aug-12 Mil Mi-17 Damascus, Syria (1F)

Shot down by rebels


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11-Jul-12 Mil Mi-17 Skardu, Pakistan (6F)

Reported as a test flight, but with 8 POB?  Fatalities named as Major Amir Azam, Havildar Abdual Waheed, Havildar Zeeshan Haider, Naik Muhammad Imran, Sepoy Kaleem Ullah and Sepoy Noor Mustafa


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13-Jun-12 EJC-3381 Mil Mi-17 Carepa, Colombia (1F)

Post maintenance test flight crash, major post-crash fire.  1 fatality named as Edgar Rojas Calderón.  Four survivors named as as Javier Salguero Moreno; José Espinosa Cortés; Jesús Carreño Manrique; and Jhon Agudelo Castaño


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04-Jun-12 Mil Mi-17 Chiyanki, India

Emergency landing after engine failure.  14 POB


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18-May-12 EV-0672 Mil Mi-17V5 San Felipe, Venezuela (4F)

Crashed on take off from an altitude of approx 10m on a training flight.  4 of 5 occupants killed – at least some from the Bolivian military, being trained in Venezuela.  One fatality named as Col. Oscar Martinez Mora.  Photo here shows the tail boom having been cut by the main rotors


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28-Mar-12 Mil Mi-17 Kathmandu, Nepal

Got out of control during an anti-hijacking training session. Two army personnel injured


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27-Feb-12 ST-GFB Mil Mi-17 Al-Qadarif, Sudan (3F)

Sudanese minister of agriculture, Abdel Halim al-Mutafi, has escaped death in a crash which killed three people. He  emerged almost unscathed from the mishap which took place in Sudan’s eastern state of Al-Qadarif, where an Mi-17 helicopter carrying him along with six of his aides and two Iranian investors caught fire during take-off.


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09-Aug-11 Mil Mi-17 Sargodha, Pakistan

Emergency landing after fire in tail.    The airfield is based to 82 Sqn which flies Alouette IIIs, and no other helicopters based.  We realise other aircraft can visit, of course!


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08-Jun-11 Mil Mi-17 Saurimo, Angola (5F)

Fatalities include a major, two lieutenants and two sergeants.


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11-May-11 209 Mil Mi-17 Paroon, Afghanistan

Crashed into a tree in Paroon, Nuristan, while four helicopters were landing inside a compound of National Directorate of Security, Nuristan governor Jamaluddin Badr said


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19-Apr-11 VT-PHF Mil Mi-17 Tawang, India (18F)

Mi-17 hit a wall and burst into flames as it was trying to land in India’s remote northeast, killing 17 people [later revised to 18 after another passenger died].  It was on a regular passenger service from Guwahati.  See also story on appointment of a committee of inquiry


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04-Apr-11 KAF-1103 Mil Mi-17 Juja, Kenya

Kenya military spokesman said “The crew was on normal routine training when it reported a mechanical problem. The crew jumped out after it touched the ground. It then burst into flames”


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11-Dec-10 VT-PHF Mil MI-172 Assam, India

Emergency landing due to fog


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19-Nov-10 Mil Mi-17 Bomdir, India (12F)

All 12 armed forces personnel on board an IAF MI-17 helicopter were killed when it crashed minutes after take-off from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.


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27-Aug-10 GN-10139 Mil Mi-17 Buena Vista del Meta, Venezuela (10F)


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06-Aug-10 VT-… Mil Mi-172 Namsai, India (1F)


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28-Jul-10 Serial TBA Mil Mi-17 Karbala, Iraq (5F)


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09-Dec-09 [Serial TBA] Mi-17 Bhubaneswar Airport, India


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30-Oct-09 (Serial TBA) Mi-17 Ramban district, Jammu & Kashmir, India (4F)


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24-Oct-09 (Serial TBA) Mil Mi-17 Bajaur, Pakistan (6F)


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10-Oct-09 FAP-603 Mil Mi-17 Valley of Apurimac and Ene, Peru [2 of 2]


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10-Oct-09 FAP-… Mil Mi-17 Valley of Apurimac and Ene, Peru [1 of 2]


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10-Sep-09 AMHT-208 Mil Mi-17 nr Veracruz, Mexico (2F)

10-Sep-09 AMHT-208 Mil Mi-17 nr Veracruz, Mexico


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02-Sep-09 FAP-640 Mil Mi-17 Sinaycocha, Peru (3F)

3-Sep-09 Mil Mi-17 Sinaycocha, Peru


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21-Aug-09 (Serial TBA) Mil Mi-17 VRAE Zone, Peru


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03-Jul-09 Mil Mi-17 Chapper Farozkhel, Pakistan (26F)

3-Jul-09 Mil Mi-17 Chapper Farozkhel, Pakistan


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11-May-09 5Y-UKW Mil Mi-17 Kapsabet, Kenya

11-May-09 5Y-UKW Mil Mi-17 Kapsabet, Kenya


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20-Apr-09 577 Mil Mi-17 Afghanistan


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15-Jan-09 574 Mil Mi-17 Adraskan district, Herat province, Afghanistan (13F)

15-Jan-09 574 Mil Mi-17 Adraskan district, Herat province, AFghanistan


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