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19-Jun-14 NH Industries NH90 Termez, Uzbekistan

Helicopter damaged after engine failure on medical flight.  Helicopter reportedly still in place four months later and cannot be flown


22-Nov-13 NH Industries NH90 Ohakea, New Zealand

Lighning strike, safe subsequent landing, but aircraft reportedly needs repair to the approx value of US$ 8 Million


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19-Jul-12 NH Industries NH90 Muscat, Oman

Details unknown, but an MH-53E of US military crashed while recovering the fuselage of this NH90.  Date may be in the few days prior to 19-Aug-12, the date the MH-53 crashed – check YouTube video link below.  Reported in some places as ROAF code “629” but not confirmed


20-Apr-10 (Serial TBA) NH90 30km NE Adelaide, Australia