Netherlands Accidents

15-Jan-21 PH-TTR Airbus H135 Almere, Netherlands

Bird strike on night flight took out the port lower windshield.  Emergency landing made at Amsterdam Heliport.  Recording of ATC conversation in this YouTube video  ... Read more

13-Mar-14 PH-OKE Hughes 300C Hilversum, Netherlands

Three injured (one seriously) in low level accident at base airfield... Read more

25-Mar-12 PH-WQW Robinson R44 Zwolle, Netherlands

Helicopter ditched in lake adjacent to de Koperen Hoogte hotel.  Three occupants – two adults and a child aged 5 – swam to safety.  Press repots include a series of photos prior/during/after impact, but unclear what caused the helicopter to get into the flying state causing the ditching.... Read more

13-Oct-11 PH-MAA Eurocopter EC135T2+ Hilversum, Netherlands

Bird strike – broke a hole in the canopy just to the port side of the nose... Read more

31-Jul-11 PH-WTW Guimbal Cabri Lelystad, Netherlands

Main blade struck tail boom in practice autorotation.  See first link for summary from manufacturer... Read more

23-Jul-11 PH-X1B Geocopter GC-201 Venlo, Netherlands

Unmanned helicopter crashed during a demonstration flight... Read more

11-May-11 PH-HHF Schweizer 333 Veghel, Netherlands

Crashed in a meadow, caught fire and burnt out.  Sole occupant pilot, Dirk Wiersma (aged 65) was unharmed... Read more

14-Aug-10 D-HNOC Robinson R44 Stroe, Netherlands

The 34-year-old Dutch pilot lost control at 1 meter above the ground, causing the helicopter rolling over on landing. Only the pilot was aboard and is not hurt... Read more

02-Apr-10 D-HHLF Eurocopter EC120 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Badly damaged in an emergency landing after pilot noticed engine trouble immediately after take-off. Tailboom broke off.  Two on board including TV chef Herman den Blijker and the pilot are suffering from neck injuries.... Read more

2-Jun-09 PH-RTR Robinson R22 M-210, Netherlands

2-Jun-09 PH-RTR Robinson R22 M-210, Netherlands... Read more

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