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06-Aug-15 EP-662 Mil Mi-17 Piura, Peru (1F)

Student Dioselinda Zapata Feij√≥ was walking near the helicopter shortly after it landed was struck fatally by the tail rotor, after reportedly ignoring the security cordon. Municipal official Kathia Izquierdo said the woman’s brother reported she was trying to deliver a letter to the Cabinet chief asking that a relative be freed from prison.


16-Jun-14 EP-665 Mil MI-171Sh Ayacucho, Peru

Four of five POB injured.  Crashed into trees on take off from the grounds of the barracks No. 42 of counterinsurgency battalion Vraem (who do counter narcotics work)

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14-Sep-11 EP-617 Mil Mi-171 Chorobamba, Peru (2F)

Shot down by rebels of Sendero Luminoso when flying over the region of the rivers Apurimac and Ene. Two fatalities named as Lt. Col. Ernesto Vasquez Esneider Silvaand Captain Alberto Campos Vidarte Jenner