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11-Oct-15 XW229 Airbus SA330 Kabul, Afghanistan (5F)

Two UK RAF servicemen, two US servicemen and one French civilian contractor died in the crash after reportedly striking the cable of a tethered surveillance balloon.  The two British fatalitites were named as Flight Lieutenant Geraint Roberts and Flight Lieutenant Alan Scott, while the American pair were named as Major Phyllis Pelky and Master Sgt…. Read more »


08-Jun-15 ZD981 Boeing Chinook HC.2 Manchester, UK

Emergency landing at Manchester Airport and engineer called.

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19-Apr-15 Boeing CH-47 Lisvane, UK

Chinook dropped part of its underslung load in farm field.  Chinook was flying as part of the Joint Warrior exercise


29-Mar-14 Boeing CH-47D Akamas, Cyprus

Emergency field landing


08-Dec-13 Boeing CH-47D Jericho, Israel

Royal Air Force Chinook made emergency landing while en route from Amman (Jordan) to Akrotiri (Cyprus).  Some reports suggest location is in or near a minefield


20-Sep-13 Westland Sea King Nigg Hill, UK

Precautionary landing after bird strike with a goose.  16 hours later it was flown to Lossiemouth for more detailed examination


07-Aug-13 ZJ122 AgustaWestland AW101 Old Colwyn, UK

An RAF helicopter was forced to land in a field in Conwy county as a precaution after encountering tail rotor issues


08-Feb-13 Boeing CH-47 Rowsley, UK

Shattered windscreen from bird strike.  Emergency field landing


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20-Jul-12 Boeing CH-47D Summerhill, UK

Aircraft damaged after hitting powerlines on a training flight out of Odiham


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06-Jun-12 ZJ121 AgustaWestland AW101 Stanwick, UK

Emergency field landing due to loose/missing tail rotor blade tape.  Stayed overnight and cleared for flight next day


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07-Apr-12 Boeing CH-47D Yuma, US-Arizona

Royal Air Force Chinook suffered unspecificed “mishap” during training exercise.  It is known that Chinooks ZA671, ZA711 and ZA712 (and maybe a fourth?) are all currently based in Yuma on training work, so subject aircraft will be one of these.


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20-Mar-12 AgustaWestland AW101 Colchester, UK

The downdraft of a Merlin helicopter on a training exercise at Colchester General Hospital damaged support poles holding up a covered walkway linking Gainsborough Ward with the main hospital building so badly it had to be taken down.  Cars in the car park – including a police vehicle – suffered broken windscreens.


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05-Jul-11 Eurocopter SA330 Andover, UK

Helicopter is on its side in a corn field, more details when available.  One report suggests bird strike to blame?


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10-Feb-11 Boeing CH-47 Maker Heights, UK

Hydraulic problems force helicopter to land in field


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17-Aug-10 (Serial TBA) Boeing CH-47 Conwy, UK


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10-Aug-10 Boeing CH-47 Nahr-e Saraj, Afghanistan (1F)


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02-Aug-10 ZH899 Boeing CH-47 Quedgley, UK


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23-Jun-10 (Serial TBA) AgustaWestland AW101 Lashkar Gar, Afghanistan


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21-May-10 (Serial TBA) Sea King Nad Ali, Helmand Province, Afghanistan


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09-Nov-09 (Serial TBA) AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3 Holtville Airstrip, US-California


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30-Aug-09 ZA673 Boeing CH-47 Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

30-Aug-09 Boeing CH-47 Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan


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19-Aug-09 ZA709 Boeing CH-47 Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

19-Aug-09 Boeing CH-47 Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan


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02-Jul-09 ZE449 Eurocopter SA330 Kenya


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??-Mar-09 XW209 Eurocopter SA330 Kenya


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