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12-Oct-12 N443FD Sikorsky S55 Yorktown, US-New York

En route Newtown, NJ to Bridgeport, CT when it made an emergency landing on a farm and rolled over.  Reported fuel issues


25-Jul-11 N5663 Sikorsky S55 Chelan, US-Washington (1F)

Had just flown over a block of cherry trees and was turning to fly back when it hit power lines 40-50 feet above the ground.  Crashed and burned, killing pilot.  Stephen W. Nelson reportedly died of asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation


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25-Jul-11 N855TC Sikorsky S55B Brewster, US-Washington

The video report on the link given states that the same operator had two helicopter accidents today, one fatal at Chelan (see report) and one on the ground at Brewster


??-Jun-11 Sikorsky S55T Papua New Guinea

S55 Whisperjet conversion “Helo is Ok but the people looking to use it are no longer interested.”  [exact date not known]


16-Dec-10 N17756 Sikorsky S55T Palmdale, US-California

Wire strike


24-Jul-09 N1255T Sikorsky S55 Chelan, US-Washington

24-Jul-09 N1255T Sikorsky S55 Chelan, US-Washington


??-???-64 D-HODE Westland Whirlwind