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01-Aug-12 N126GW Sikorsky S58 Middletown, US-Delaware

Emergency landing after experiencing tail vibrations


24-Jun-12 N9043N Sikorsky S58 Brewster, US-Washington

Caught fire during pre-flight run-up


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06-Jun-12 OB-1840P Sikorsky S58T Peru (14F)

Crashed in mountainous area, killing all 14 on board.  Took 48 hours approx to find wreckage, partly due to poor weather conditions and overnight temperatures down to -15C.  The helicopter was itself built in 1963 and first delivered to the German Army.  Passenger manifest now released : From South Korea:  Thois Young Hwan, Kin Today… Read more »


14-May-12 N903CH Sikorsky S58T Forestsville, US-Pennsylvania

Precautionary landing due to low visibility


25-Jul-11 N3880J Sikorsky UH-34D Wilton, US-Iowa (1F)

Agricultural ops, crashed into field, killing 54-year-old Hubert Dane Harris Jr., of Little Rock, AK.


13-Mar-11 N33602 Sikorsky S58ET Los Angeles, US-California

Involved in lifting task putting aircon unit on roof.  Helicopter crashed, colliding with building and causing building to catch fire.