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19-Aug-15 N1043T Sikorsky S61 Ironside, US-Oregon

The commercial pilot reported that shortly after picking up a bucket of water from a pond he gained airspeed and initiated a climbing left turn back towards the fire. As the helicopter started to climb, he heard a drop in RPM and the helicopter lost power. He attempted to continue the climb; however, the helicopter… Read more »


07-Jul-15 12414 Sikorsky S61 Lawrencetown, Canada

helicopter was on a routine flight when the crew noticed a drop in hydraulic pressure and were forced to land


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06-Oct-14 Bell CH-124 Eastern Passage, Canada

Emergency landing after gearbox sensor detected an anomaly. Landed at Hartland Point Golf Course and was then towed by road to 12 Wing Shearwater.


29-Sep-14 074 Sikorsky S61 Meloy, Norway

Hoist cable snapped and flicked up into main rotor disc. No damage in subsequent emergency landing


04-Jul-14 Sikorsky S61 Halat, Lebanon

Emergency landing for a firefighting helicopter – Lebanon has three ex Bristow S61s registered AD-1601 through 1603


17-Jan-14 ZA130 Westland Sea King HAR.5 Androssan, UK

Emergency field landing.  Engineer called.  Flew out later same day


22-Dec-13 M23-15 Sikorsky S61A-4 Pulau Pera, Malaysia

Within a short time of completing a  “Maintenance Check 2”, helicopter crashed on the rocky coast of an island.  All 4 POB got out safely.  At the time of the incident, the S61 was piloted by Kapt Asmawi Azmi and co-pilot Kapt Nuradlina Ab Manah. Sjn (U) Mohamad Khairi Abdul Rahman was the helicopter’s Air… Read more »


03-Oct-13 Westland Sea King Mk.4 Yeovilton, UK

Details unknown but reported as a training flight.  Photo of recovery shows tail blades bent round


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20-Sep-13 Westland Sea King Nigg Hill, UK

Precautionary landing after bird strike with a goose.  16 hours later it was flown to Lossiemouth for more detailed examination


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15-Jul-13 Sikorsky S61/CH-124 CFB Shearwater, Canada

Helicopter “toppled over”.  More details to follow soon


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04-Jun-13 Sikorsky S61A-4 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Emergency landing in corner of golf course close to trees


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11-Dec-12 Westland Sea King Mk.43B Lakselv, Norway

Hard landing in remote location on training flight – port side undercarriage collapsed and fuselage resting on the ground.  Crew of 6 rescued by another helicopter – local temperature was -10C.  Helicopter recovered by Mi-26 from Russia two weeks later (photo)


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22-Nov-12 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King Halifax, Canada

Emergency landing after hydraulic failure.  5 POB, no injuries


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25-Jun-12 Sikorsky S61 St Mary’s, UK

Emergency landing at St Mary’s, Scilly Isles, on a flight out of Tresco after a warning light came on.  Apparently a ‘spurious fire warning’


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12-Dec-11 IN556 Westland Sea King Mk.42C Mangalore, India

Helicopter caught fire shortly after landing.  13 POB all safe


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12-Jun-11 Westland Sea King Mk.50 Garden Island, Australia

Precautionary landing.   Aircraft shut down without further incident in accordance with standard emergency procedures.   No personnel were injured during the incident.  Being investigated by maintenance personnel from 817 Squadron.


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16-Mar-11 89+57 Westland-Sikorsky WS61 Kalefeld, Germany

Precautionary landing due to weather and a technical defect.  Stayed overnight, departed next day.


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10-Aug-10 (Serial TBA) Sikorsky S61 Lower Sackville, Canada


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22-Jul-10 N950SB Sikorsky S61 Long Beach, US-California


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16-Jul-10 C-…. Sikorsky S61 Paddy’s Pond, Canada


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21-May-10 (Serial TBA) Sea King Nad Ali, Helmand Province, Afghanistan


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