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25-May-17 VT-CMM Sikorsky S76C++ Nilanga, India

Helicopter came down less than 30 seconds after take-off.  Video shows a sudden spark 41 seconds after take-off on a very low climb-out (which could suggest it hit wires), and the helicopter descended quickly from there.  4 POB including the Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra, but no significant injuries.  The helicopter did not… Read more »


03-Feb-16 5N-BQJ Sikorsky S76C++ off Lagos, Nigeria

Ditched into the sea shortly after take off from offshore installation.  All nine passengers and two crew safely rescued


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12-Aug-15 5N-BGD Sikorsky S76C Oworonshoki, Nigeria (6F)

Crashed into Lagos Lagoon, on approach to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport at Lagos.Names were released by the AIB and published by Vanguard:- 6 recovered,named as Joshua Emekeme, Dolu Ebiejuara, Onoriode Onojete, Solomon Udeh, Iniala Opaimi, Chukwudi Onah 6 fatalities, named as pilot Peter Bello co-pilot Jay Wyatt, Chukwuma Erise, Chidi Ukwunta, Ita Ekpeyong, and… Read more »


21-Mar-15 PK-FUP Sikorsky S76C Tanjung Dewa, Indonesia

Helicopter crashed while being operated for Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) on a mission to inspect pipelines.  Helicopter ended upside down as seen in this photo Press report next day stated “The six victims who will soon leave Siloam Hospital in Balikpapan include two Total Indonesie employees, Rakhmat Yunanto, 35, and Agung Danur Wenda, 33, and two… Read more »


07-Mar-14 N761P Sikorsky S76C+ Bucyrus, US-Ohio

Engine fire forced Cleveland Clinic helicopter to make emergency landing.


07-Feb-14 N591AK Sikorsky S76B West 30th Heliport, US-New York

Tail rotor struck fence while taxying


31-Jan-14 N80GH Sikorsky S76A Fort Lauderdale, US-Florida

Main rotor blades struck hangar while taxying


22-Dec-13 C-GIMV Sikorsky S76 Gillies Township, Canada

The helicopter entered a high hover to blow away snow accumulation at the scene. During the manoeuvre a white out condition was created. The main rotor contacted trees. Control of the helicopter was maintained and a landing was performed immediately. There were no injuries. The helicopter sustained damage to all 4 rotor blades.


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12-Dec-13 9M-STE Sikorsky S76 Bintulu, Malaysia

S76 with two pilots and six passengers ditches in sea.  All 8 rescued by passing boat.  Passengers were working for Petronas Carigali, and Police said they were from France, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Canada


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05-Dec-13 N707MY Sikorsky S76B Port Fourchon, US-Louisiana

Heavy wheel-up landing following sudden wind-shift on take-off


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16-Nov-13 HL9294 Sikorsky S76C++ Gangam, Korea (2F)

Hit all apartment building in poor visibility. Fell to ground, killing both pilots


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07-Aug-13 PT-YSM Sikorsky S76A Macae, Brazil

Engine fire.  YouTube video shows parked S76, rotors stationary, with smoke billowing from the engine compartment.  Two crew departed the aircraft without injury – no passengers appeared to be on board


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11-Jul-13 VH-EXU Sikorsky S76C Snapper platform, Australia

During the early stages of take-off from the Snapper offshore platform, Bass Strait, one of the helicopter’s engines failed, resulting in a descent to approximately 30 feet above the water. The crew subsequently arrested the descent and stabilised the helicopter, before climbing to a safe alititude on the remaining engine. The helicopter was diverted to Longford aerodrome, Victoria,… Read more »


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04-Jul-13 Sikorsky S76A Macae, Brazil

Emergency field landing after reported engine problems.  Landed safely with no other damage.  10 POB. No injuries


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31-May-13 C-GIMY Sikorsky S76 Moosonee, Canada (4F)

Helicopter down at night (approx 00:11 hrs) with 4 fatalities – two crew, two paramedics.  No patient on board.  See Ornge Media statement  crew were named (here) as Captain Don Filliter, 54, of Skead, Ont. First Officer Jacques Dupuy, 43, of Otterburn-Park, Que. Paramedic Dustin Dagenais, 34, of Moose Factory, Ont. Paramedic Chris Snowball, 38,… Read more »


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23-May-13 G-XXEB Sikorsky S76C++ Denham, UK

Precautionary landing after technical issue with VVIPs on board -Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall


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27-Apr-13 N305SJ Sikorsky S76B Constanza, Dominican Republic

While landing at 5000 ft MSL with 2 crew and 5 pax, the helicopter landed hard and rolled over.  Two slight injuries and plus injuries to one on the ground from debris.  Pilot reported as Manolito Vela


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15-Mar-13 N574EH Sikorsky S76A++ Lake Charles, US-Louisiana (3F)

Post maintenance test flight.  Cameron County Sheriff identified the deceased as pilot, William R. Croucher, 69, and two mechanics: Michael Lee Tyree, 55, and Timothy Lloyd Goehring, 41.  Operator Era Helicopters made a brief statement confirming the accident


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11-Mar-13 Sikorsky S76C++ Muskegon, US-Michigan

Rotor downdraft caused the trunk of a parked vehicle parked in the lot to fly open. The trunk lid then flew back and smashed the back window of the vehicle.


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28-Nov-12 N911FK Sikorsky S76A Tavernier, US-Florida

Tail rotor damage after striking tree.  EMS aircraft, accident time 0130 local.


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26-Sep-12 G-CGOU Sikorsky S76C++ Humberside, UK

Emergency landing made in a field after smell of burning in the cabin.  No damage to helicopter, no injuries


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21-Sep-12 PR-CHQ Sikorsky S76C++ Cabo Frio, Brazil

Blown over onto its side by high winds when parked unattended on the apron – photo


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13-Aug-12 C-GHJT Sikorsky S76A Haida Gwaii, Canada

After losing power to the number 2 engine, the pilot successfully landed the helicopter onto the water. The auto-floatation device deployed, one side reportedly deflated and as the main rotor brake was being applied, the helicopter rolled over. CADAORS 2012P1300


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03-May-12 G-WIWI Sikorsky S76C++ Peasmarsh, UK

Following an event in which high torque was used, flight data was analysed on behalf of the operator using incorrect conversion information relevant to earlier variants of the helicopter. The operator was therefore unaware that total torque had exceeded a level at which maintenance action was required.  This article suggests the passengers were Paul Macartney… Read more »


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17-Apr-12 N56RD Sikorsky S76B Gulf of Mexico

U.S. Coast Guard responded to a downed helicopter about 82 nautical miles off Vermilion Bay in the vicinity of Vermilion Block 336. The Sikorsky S-76 was floating upside down, and the life raft had been deployed.  All 7 POB accounted for


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11-Jul-11 F-HJCS Sikorsky S76C++ Andeman Sea, Myanmar (3F)

Three died when S76C++ ditched in the sea shortly after take off from Yetagun oil field rig. Fatalities included pilot Ohn Thein, ex Myanmar Air Force


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16-Mar-11 C-GHJT Sikorsky S76A Pitt Meadows, Canada

EMS flight. Clipped and snapped telephone wire on take-off damaging blade tips. Landed safely in adjacent field. No injuries. CADAORS ref 2011P0343


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05-Mar-11 N5402T Sikorsky S76 Santa Maria, US-California

Wheels up landing.  Helicopter had been shuttling that day between Santa Maria, Santa Barbara and an offshore platform called “Harvest”, some 15 miles SW of Lompoc.


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04-Aug-10 N348AA Sikorsky S76 Hippa Lodge, Canada


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17-Nov-09 C-GIMN Sikorsky S76 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


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31-Oct-09 N761MH Sikorsky S76A Mayfield, US-Ohio


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10-May-09 N176AM Sikorsky S76 Grandville, US-Michigan

10-May-09 N176AM Sikorsky S76 Grandville, US-Michegan


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4-Apr-09 N760AF SIkorsky S76 Little Rock, US-Arkansas

4-Apr-09 N760AF SIkorsky S76 Little Rock, US-Arkansas


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04-Jan-09 N748P Sikorsky S76C++ Gulf of Mexico, US-Gulf of Mexico (8F)

4-Jan-09 N748P Sikorsky S76C++ Gulf of Mexico, US-Gulf of Mexico


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