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01-Jan-18 ZS-??? Airbus AS350B3 Cathedral Peak, South Africa

Police helicopter ended up on its side during a search operation. The pilot and crew‚ who included a search and rescue unit operator and his search dog‚ survived the crash. Photos suggest the subject helicopter is ZS-RDL (msn 4170) or ZS-RPL (msn 3468)


21-Jan-11 ZS-HWX MD Helicopters 369D Wonderboompoort, South Africa

The pilot, Lt Col. Koosie De Villiers, and his crewman Lt Col. Shabir Khan, were both seriously injured in the crash.  Eyesitness described the aircraft as being a “total mangled wreck”, with no windows left as it “was all smashed up”.

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23-Jul-10 ZS-HMY Eurocopter BK117 Witbank, South Africa (7F)


6-May-09 ZS- Eurocopter Bo105 Johannesburg, South Africa

6-May-09 ZS- Eurocopter Bo105 Johannesburg, South Africa