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16-Oct-15 ZS-HII Guimbal G2 Mossel Bay, South Africa

Pilot had completed a 360° turn to the right and was commencing with the same exercise to the left, approximately 90° through the turn the skid gear impacted with the ground, the helicopter continue to rotate to the left and tail rotor stinger and lower fenestron fin assembly impacted with the ground, which had caused… Read more »


12-May-15 EI-SAI Airbus SA330J Pristina, Kosovo

The aircraft was on a training flight and the pilots were simulating engine failure after the “Landing Decision Point (LDP)”. After the firm touchdown the helicopter bounced and when it touched down again it veered off and tipped over on its right side and caused substantial damage to the Helicopter.

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29-Oct-13 ZS-RTV Robinson R22B Herold’s Bay, South Africa

Helicopter ended up on its port side, with tail boom in multiple pieces.  Sole occupant pilot injured


03-Feb-12 ZS-RUH Eurocopter SA330 Pristina, Serbia

Power loss during takeoff, ground impact


25-Nov-11 Robinson R22 Mossel Bay, South Africa

Rolled over in run-on landing.