US-Massachusetts Accidents

23-Oct-15 Monson, US-Massachusetts

Police are looking for a “large section of windshield” which fell from a helicopter... Read more

06-Jan-15 N7030J Robinson R44 Woburn, US-Massachusetts

Emergency landing in parking lot while on low level traffic patrol over Route 128.  No damage, no injuries... Read more

21-May-14 N55SL Bell 206L Beverly, US-Massachusetts

Heavy landing with tail missing – boom potentially sliced by main blades... Read more

21-Aug-12 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Bedford, US-Massachusetts

#2 engine low oil pressure illuminated and engine lost power in landing phase. Otherwise uneventful landing... Read more

15-Aug-12 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Lawrence, US-Massachusetts

Door fell off on take off. Landed without further incident... Read more

24-Jul-12 N824AH Eurocopter EC135T2+ Lawrence, US-Massachusetts

Emergency Services text stated :-  North Andover| Special| 492 Sutton St|MSP Helo Air-4 making a precautionary landing at Lawrence Airport- aircraft disabled in the runway.| 00:30.  “Air 4” is N8924AH from the name on the tail (see photo)... Read more

05-Jun-12 10-08079 Boeing CH-47F Hadley, US-Massachusetts

Precautionary landing on flight out of the Army Support Facility in Windsor Locks, CT.  Pilot had noticed unusual engine noise and seen smoke... Read more

18-Oct-11 Boston-Logan, US-Massachusetts

Emergency landing by USCG Helicopter after experiencing smoke in the cockpit.  14.15 local time.  More info to follow... Read more

09-Jun-11 N824AH Eurocopter AS355N Wakefield, US-Massachusetts

Emergency landing in public park. State Police officials said inspection crews were on the way, but that the helicopter would not be able to leave Nasella Field until the issue causing the emergency light to illuminate was fixed.... Read more

04-Mar-11 N235DH Eurocopter EC135P1 Boston, US-Massachusetts

A Eurocopter Ec135 of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Airborne Response Team “D-HART” made a precautionary landing at the busy Boston Logan Airport today after the pilot reported difficulties with one engine.... Read more

02-Feb-11 Robinson R44 Norwood, US-Massachusetts

One helicopter (and six fixed wing) damaged when hangar roof collapsed due to weight of snow... Read more

11-Jan-11 N95TV Bell 206L4 Boston, US-Massachusetts

TV reporting helico0pter for WCVB – Boston’s Channel 5.  Warning light came on and pilot made immediate emergency landing.  No damage to helicopter.  Pilot Michael Young employed buy Helicopters Inc, and photographer Karen Lippert of WCVB were aboard.... Read more

19-Sep-10 Halifax, US-Massachusetts

One report quotes “an experimental helicopter”... Read more

13-Jul-09 N211SH Robinson R22 Hascom Field, Bedford, US-Massachusetts

13-Jul-09 N211SH Robinson R22 Hascom Field, Bedford, US-Massachusetts... Read more

10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts

10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts... Read more

27-Feb-09 Sikorsky HH-60J Middleboro, US-Massachusetts

27-Feb-09 Sikorsky HH-60J Middleboro, US-Massachusetts... Read more

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