US-Texas Accidents

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07-Jun-13 N106LN Eurocopter AS350B3 Grande Prairie, US-Texas

Air Methods training flight.  Accident at around 22:30 hours local time. Two POB injured and airlifted to a hospital in Arlington... Read more

02-Jun-13 N999RF Rotorway Exec Saledo, US-Texas

Force landed in field.  No injuries to 2 POB... Read more

07-May-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas

Bird strike on pilot’s chin window on approach to base.  No damage... Read more

18-Apr-13 N495AE Bell 407 Waco, US-Texas

Bird strike, windscreen broken, landed without further incident, no injuries... Read more

01-Apr-13 N584PM Schweizer 333SP San Antonio, US-Texas

Precautionary landing in parking lot on night mission after warning light illuminated... Read more

26-Mar-13 N910WC Hughes OH-6A Caddo, US-Texas (1F)

Landed in pond instead of the nearby field as intended after gusty wind conditions experienced.  Pilot escaped, but passenger killed, both aged 75 according to press reports... Read more

14-Feb-13 N337PW Bell OH-58A Pine Springs, US-Texas

Substantially damaged after tail rotor failure... Read more

01-Feb-13 N3059Q Robinson R22 Gillett, US-Texas

Helicopter crashed while hunting feral hogs at low level, ending up on its port side. Two persons were injured in the crash which happened about 2:45pm local... Read more

17-Jan-13 N223MG Robinson R22 San Marcos, US-Texas

Hard landing on training flight.  FAA report gives reg as N223GM which is not a valid registration.  N223GM is assumed, based on it being the right helicopter type and registered to a Designated Pilot Examiner who leases 2+ R22s to Alamo Helicopters... Read more

29-Dec-12 N534MT Bell 407 Big Lake, US-Texas

Emergency landing, Tail boom sliced, damage to main blades.  Helicopter remained upright.  No Fire.  Patient on board... Read more

24-Dec-12 McAllen, US-Texas (2 of 2)

Unidentified parked helicopter damaged by N489AE accident... Read more

24-Dec-12 N489AE Bell 407 McAllen, US-Texas

While in the hover, boom struck blade(s) of parked helicopter during a pedal turn... Read more

07-Dec-12 N574H Enstrom F28C Abilene, US-Texas

Engine failure on training flight.  Emergency landing made with some damage to tail rotor.  Pilot was instructor Robert Welch, 50 and student was aircraft owner Neil Overton, 41... Read more

27-Nov-12 N28MP Hughes 500D Childress, US-Texas (1F)

Helicopter lost power while working at low level on powerlines for  Cross Texas Transmission. Jonathan David Suhr, 23, was suspended 50 ft below the helicopter as part of this work and was certified dead a short time later.... Read more

11-Oct-12 N474FA Robinson R44 Luckenbach, US-Texas (3F)

Circumstances not known.  3 fatalities – pilot Chester Monroe (35) and passengers Rusty Aaron (26) and Kaci Fairchild (29)... Read more

30-Sep-12 N144CF AgustaWestland AW109E Eastland, US-Texas

Pilot tried to divert to a local airport because of limited visibility due to bad weather. Helicopter crashed in open field and was extensively damaged.  All three “minor to moderate” injuries – Pilot Scott Wallace and medics Teresa Campbell and Rhett Drahe.... Read more

30-Sep-12 N8341W Robinson R44 Nocona, US-Texas

Crashed into Lake Nocona, 3 POB – pilot was reportedly the owner Darren Fenoglio, with passengers  Josh Walterscheid and Derrick Morse. Helicopter sank in lake.  One report stated pilot only had a student certificate and thus not allowed to carry passengers... Read more

19-Sep-12 N94735 Hiller UH-12B Walnut Springs, US-Texas

Pilot Gregory Rumohr, 51, of Rio Vista in Johnson County, was uninjured in the accident which was reported due to engine failure... Read more

18-Sep-12 N957R Robinson R44 Slaton, US-Texas

Pilot lost control in the hover, helicopter crashed and burnt out... Read more

10-Sep-12 N281RG Robinson R22 Crosby, US-Texas (2F)

Helicopter crashed and burnt out.  Both occupants killed – later named here as Christopher John Yeager, 40, the pilot of Houston and Joyce Ann Ates, 60, a photographer from Midwest City, Oklahoma.... Read more

13-Aug-12 N28AE Bell 206L3 Burnet, US-Texas

Tail rotor struck wire on approach after crew were distracted by vehicle on ground potentially entering landing zone.  Landed without further incident... Read more

07-Aug-12 N409SB Bell 214ST Avalon, US-Texas

Landed in a field and rolled onto its side.  Helicopter was on a test flight – reportedly for development of the main rotor system for the Bell 525 Relentless... Read more

05-Aug-12 N429PH Bell 407 San Antonio, US-Texas

Damaged skid and had to make emergency landing on mattresses to minimise damage... Read more

24-Jul-12 N455MH Eurocopter EC145 Houston, US-Texas

Post flight check found engine cowling missing... Read more

16-Jun-12 N282AH Bell UH-1H Weatherford, US-Texas

Rotor blade separated during run up... Read more

04-Jun-12 Schweizer S333 San Antonio, US-Texas

San Antonio Police aircraft declared emergency landing during night patrol.... Read more

15-May-12 Boeing AH-64 Killeen, US-Texas

Missile training device accidentally dropped from Apache helicopter out of Fort Hood.... Read more

26-Apr-12 N2068X Bell B206B Amarillo, US-Texas

Substantially damaged in heavy landing.  Both occupants to hospital.  Weather report as winds gusting to 30 knots at the time of the accident... Read more

11-Apr-12 Bell-Boeing V-22 Amarillo, US-Texas

Precautionary field landing on test flight out of Amarillo... Read more

03-Apr-12 N3042D Enstrom F280FX Corpus Christi, US-Texas

Heavy landing on final approach, causing skids to flatten and some rotor blade damage.  Minor injury to pilot, passenger refused medical help.  Aircraft was returning to base after transmission line survey for American Electric Power.... Read more

05-Mar-12 N1099N Hughes 300C Staples, US-Texas

landed in a field with the tail boom chopped in half.  Remained upright on skids and two occupants not injured... Read more

15-Feb-12 N440AH Robinson R44 Austin, US-Texas

Unscheduled landing in a parking lot... Read more

22-Jan-12 N555NB Bell B206 Las Colinas, US-Texas

Tail boom damaged.  4 POB not seriously injured... Read more

01-Jan-12 N9021R Bell 47G2 Lohn, US-Texas

Crashed in a field (FAA reported this as 47J, but register says 47G2)... Read more

13-Nov-11 AgustaWestland AW109E Elkhart, US-Texas

While emergency crews were working the first crash scene, an intoxicated car driver bypassed emergency vehicles and crashed into the tail fin of a Careflite helicopter that had landed in the middle of Highway 287. The helicopter was disabled and unable to transport the original crash victims to hospitals.... Read more

23-Oct-11 09-08778 Boeing CH-47F Lower Alloways Creek, US-New Jersey

Precautionary landing on test flight out of Boeing’s Ridley Park plant... Read more

14-Oct-11 N10375 Hughes 269A Fort Worth, US-Texas

A spokesperson for the FAA said the helicopter sustained severe damage, but that neither of the two people on board suffered any injuries.... Read more

08-Oct-11 Eurocopter BK117 Selph, US-Texas

Helicopter became unserviceable while on ground responding to emergency call.  Second helicopter called in for patient... Read more

15-Sep-11 N3181J Bell 206B Spicewood, US-Texas

Photo shows B206 on its starboard side in a field.  The pilot was up and walking around near the crash site, while his passenger was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, investigators said.... Read more

18-Aug-11 N911VA Eurocopter AS350B2 South Padre Island, US-Texas

Emergency landing after crew smelled smoke inside the helicopter.  Operated by South Texas Emergency Care, whose helicopter is flown as “Valley AirCare”... Read more

16-Jul-11 N203TU Eurocopter AS350B3 McAllen, US-Texas

Window fell out on approach to land... Read more

07-Jul-11 N40TX Eurocopter AS350B2 Waco, US-Texas

Cessna Citation VII N701HA was being ground handled when its wing struck the parked helicopter and damaged it.... Read more

03-Jul-11 Dickinson, US-Texas

EMS helicopter had technical issue onsite on freeway and blocked road for three hours... Read more

27-Jun-11 N7779M Robinson R22 Garfield, US-Texas (1F)

An eyewitness described the aircraft as having “disintegrated” mid-air, according to Austin-Travis County EMS spokesman Warren Hassinger  “Fire rescuers and EMS personal arrived on the scene and pretty much confirmed that it was not a survivable crash,” Hassinger said, adding that the victim was “burned beyond recognition”.  Pilot later named as 60 -year-old Steve Titsworth. ... Read more

29-May-11 N747CH Eurocopter AS350B2 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Aircraft crashed in a pasture and then burst into flames.  Firefighters extinguished the flames on the helicopter, then put out a grassfire that was started by the crash.... Read more

16-May-11 N4278T MD Helicopters 369E Victoria, US-Texas

Force landed in field.  Aircraft less than one year old... Read more

03-May-11 N927SH Robinson R22 Yancy, US-Texas

Hard landing, rolled over, broke skid... Read more

31-Mar-11 N299HE Robinson R44 New Braunfels, US-Texas

Emergency landing following bird strike which broke windshield and injured passenger... Read more

19-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS350 Dallas, US-Texas

The pilot set down the helicopter in a field near the corner of Regal Row and Empress Row around 9:30 a.m. after smoke began to fill the cockpit. The problem turned out to be an air conditioning belt that overheated.... Read more

17-Mar-11 N913ET Eurocopter Bo105 Athens, US-Texas

Bird strike on approach to land at base... Read more

17-Mar-11 N974RH Bell 230 Angleton, US-Texas

Tail rotor strike during landing... Read more

07-Mar-11 Event, US-Texas

US Army helicopter made precautionary landing which required engineers to be called out from its Fort Hood base... Read more

02-Feb-11 N611TV Robinson R44 Dallas, US-Texas

Emergency landing (or was it a “hard landing”?) made after reported loss of power... Read more

14-Jan-11 N4204X Robinson R44 Fort Wolters, US-Texas (1F)

Pilot Dempsey Stice, 42, was found dead in the cockpit with no signs of trauma, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said. He apparently landed the helicopter safely as there was no damage to the aircraft,... Read more

30-Dec-10 N584PM Schweizer 333 San Antonio, US-Texas

Helicopter was responding to a call on the North Side when it suddenly lost power, landed and came skidding to a halt just south of the Bitters Road exit ramp on Highway 281... Read more

22-Dec-10 N841SA Robinson R44 Hemphill, US-Texas

Tail reportedly struck something, causing helicopter to spin and pilot to lose control.  Helicopter ended up in shallow waters on edge of a reservoir... Read more

14-Nov-10 N2268U Brantly B2 Post, US-Texas (1F)

Pilot was Paul Alan Beach (66) was fatally injured and passenger Steven Michael Chenoweth (53) is in serious condition. Chenoweth’s 13 year old son witnessed the crash and made the 911 call... Read more

13-Oct-10 N499BH Bell 206 Newton, US-Texas

Helicopter used to spray herbicide crashed after refueling and chemical hoses were not disconnected before takeoff... Read more

25-Sep-10 N520RW Rotorway Exec 90 Pattison, US-Texas (1F)

Eyewitness reported seeing smoke coming from helicopter as it was flying.... Read more

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