W3 Accidents

04-Apr-15 EC-KIR PZL W3 Fernán Pérez, Spain

Date refers to the date that the wreck of this helicopter was found abandoned, and thus the accident could have happened earlier.  Helicopter found having crashed onto its starboard side with tail rotor separated. No marks on the ground around, and relatively light damage to cabin and cockpit area suggests either take-0ff or landing issue. ... Read more

07-Aug-14 310921 PZL W-3 Sokol Marawi City, Philippines

Appeared to lose power in hover taxi for take-off  en route to Cagayan de Oro City and lost height, crashing to the ground – see full video... Read more

02-Jul-12 EC-JUN PZL Sokol Sierra Martes, Spain

Crashed 30 minutes after the Bell 412 firefighting accident.  One report states loss of tail rotor on approach to site at altitude of 20m.  Both occupants (aged 55 and 36) injured... Read more

18-Jun-11 SP-SUI PZL Sokol Tabuyo, Spain

Unstable on take-off and crashed in a wood a few hundred metres from take-off point... Read more

19-Mar-11 PZL Sokol Seosan, South Korea (1F)

The Korea Forest Service  helicopter carrying three crew members crashed into a reservoir in Seosan, some 277 km south of Seoul, at 6:47 a.m., a few minutes after taking off for an extinguishing operation in the nearby Mount Gaya region.  Believed to be HL9449... Read more

24-Feb-11 SP-SYA PZL Sokol La Caldera National Park, Spain

Helicopter was doing work in the National Park, probably load lifting but the news reports thus far are unclear.  Serious injuries reported... Read more

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