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Rotorway cuts A600 Talon price for April

Rotorway cuts A600 Talon price for April

Without any further explanation, Rotorway International has reduced the price of their A600 Talon from $99,700 to $84,495.00 ex-factory until the 30th April. This includes “everything needed to fly”, in their words – Engine, leather seats, MGL Discovery Lite EFIS are all included. They advise that you need to add paint and radios, and we… Read more »

Source:, 04-Apr-16

14-Mar-15 N220AF Rotorway A600 Lake Wales, US-Florida

Crashed in unknown circumstances


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12-Feb-15 N111ZP Rotorway A600 Bohusovice nad Ohri, Czech Republic (1F)

Test flight of newly imported helicopter.  Pilot killed


13-Oct-13 ZK-HUO Rotorway A600 Seddon, New Zealand

Lifting into a hover the pilot noticed the needles were at the bottom of the green range, and while more power was added, the pilot also applied pedal to face into wind. This resulted in a faster decay of power available, with the aircraft loosing height, then landing heavily and rolling over. The main rotor blades and tail… Read more »


Factory-operated Rotorway A600 Talon crashes

Factory-operated Rotorway A600 Talon crashes

One of two Experimental A600N Talon helicopters registered to manufacturer Rotorway International has had an accident.  The FAA preliminary report indicates that the pilot noticed a jolt while in cruise flight, but the ensuing autorotation ended up with the helicopter on its side.  N602RW is registered with an Experimental airworthiness certificate, with the category listed… Read more »

Source:, 17-Mar-11

15-Mar-11 N602RW Rotorway A600 Talon Chandler, US-Arizona

Development aircraft – report of jolt while in cruise flight – entered autorotation but heavy landing and helicopter ended up on its side.


RotorWay Launches FAA-certified Two-place Turbine Trainer To Rival R66

Source: AIN, 24-Feb-09