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15-Jan-21 PH-TTR Airbus H135 Almere, Netherlands

Bird strike on night flight took out the port lower windshield.  Emergency landing made at Amsterdam Heliport.  Recording of ATC conversation in this YouTube video


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10-Jan-21 ZU-RAJ Aerospatiale SE313 Brits, South Africa (1F)

Helicopter ended up submerged in a river, reasons currently unclear

Pilot freed himself, swam to river bank and called for help.  Male passenger freed, but female passenger trapped and declared dead at scene

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02-Jan-21 ZS-OXK Airbus AS350B3 Cape Town, South Africa

Damaged after losing control during take off from Cape Town International Airport.  Helicopter ended up on its starboard side on the apron outside a hangar.  The pilot was flying alone and only suffered minor injuries and received medical attention.

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30-Dec-20 I-LGLG Airbus H125 San Martino, Italy

Crashed in white-out conditions during landing, during which the main rotor disc hit the ground.  20 minutes after the accident the helicopter caught fire and completely burned out.  It is evident from images that the helicopter was written off in the accident (boom in multiple pieces) prior to the conflagration.  Pilot named in this report as Gebhard Locher

Two of the seven POB were injured.  The helicopter was also carrying a snowmobile in a cargo net as an underslung load.


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26-Dec-20 (tba) Airbus H125 Minimarg, Pakistan (4F)

Helicopter was involved in an operation to evacuate the body of a shaheed soldier, Abdul Qadeer

The four on board were named here as Pilot Major M. Hussain, Co Pilot Maj Ayaz Hussain, Naik Inzimam Alam and Sepoy Muhammad Farooq.

No details on cause of accident

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23-Dec-20 RA-07328 Airbus H125 Novopodkletnoe, Russia

Accident on training flight.  Two POB both injured and airlifted out.  Helicopter ended up on its port side


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19-Dec-20 N574AM Airbus AS350B3 Driggs, US-Idaho

Starboard transmission cowling flipped up into the main rotor shortly after departure

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15-Dec-20 ZK-HEK Airbus H120 Kekerengu, New Zealand (2F)

Helicopter crashed on rocky beach.  Eyewitness reported seeing the helicopter spiralling out of control and plummeting to the ground

Two fatalities named as owner/pilot Andrew Hamish Davidson, 60, and wife Lin Chen, 39.  Three injured passengers including their two children and another child.  The children – two boys and a girl – were all aged under 14


TAIC photo

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08-Dec-20 F-HJAF Airbus EC135T1 Bonvillard, France (5F)

Helicopter was carrying an air rescue crew on a training mission when it fell from an altitude of (5,900ft). The surviving pilot raised the alarm at around 19:10 local time (18:10 GMT) after managing to escape from the helicopter. The crew onboard consisted of two pilots – one in training – along with two winch operators and two mountain rescue workers.

Weather is a factor – low visibility in fog – and the rescue effort overnight was hampered as a result according to this report.

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05-Dec-20 N625CF Airbus AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio

At approximately 140 KIAS, the right rear passenger door came open. The PIC had also heard and felt a change in the aircraft. PIC immediately slowed down the aircraft and the flight nurse in the back of the aircraft while still seat-belted was able to close the door. Upon safe landing and exiting of the aircraft no damage was found.

No damage or inoperable parts were found on the door once it was returned to base.

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04-Dec-20 JA504D Airbus AS350 Higashi Matsuyama, Japan

Take off from a temporary helipad in Higashi Matsuyama, Miyagi Prefecture at 10:50 (JST). The flight was for carrying trees with a sling (total weight of about 380 kg), and at an altitude of about 90 m near Miyato Kokegaura in Higashi Matsuyama, one of the trees (about 30 kg) fall in a paddy field.  No indication in report of any damage to the helicopter

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02-Dec-20 OF-??? Airbus AS350 Mombo, Botswana

Crashed on take-off during an anti-poaching operation.  Army spokesperson advised that all five Botswana Defence Force members aboard the helicopter survived the accident and are currently receiving medical attention

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29-Nov-20 9N-AJJ Airbus AS350B2 Nuwakot, Nepal

Bird strike took out the port windshield and damaged area between nose and base of windshield.  Safe landing, but some of 6POB were injured

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20-Nov-20 LV-FQN Airbus AS350B3 Coronel Moldes, Argentina (2F)

Crashed after hitting zip wire.  Both occupants received fatal injuries. One was named as entrepreneur Jorge Brito

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16-Nov-20 LN-OAX Airbus AS350B3 Lysefjorden, Norway

The aircraft was performing external load flights with delivering of concrete to a powerline fundament. During delivery of concrete to powerline mast number 49, the pilot experienced severe vertically vibrations. The pilot took immediate action, released the external load and was capable to manoeuvre the helicopter away from the construction area. During this operation the helicopter lost altitude and hit some threes. The helicopter stopped laying on the right-hand side about 50 meters from the construction area. No persons were seriously injured.

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26-Oct-20 N530H Airbus AS350B3 Arenas Valley, NM

The helicopter sustained substantial damage and the sole occupant pilot was seriously injured.

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26-Sep-20 B-70GZ Airbus AS350B3 Se’ergu, China (3F)

Helicopter hit an unmarked high-voltage line across the Heishui River Valley about 4 kilometers south of Se’er Ancient Town, and then lost control, hit the mountain on the west side of the river valley, then caught fire and burned down the mountain. Falling and disintegrating, ending up on the eastern carriageway of the G347 national highway.  All three POB died in the accident.  Post crash fire.

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23-Sep-20 G-???? Airbus H175 Aberdeen, UK

Failure of recently-overhauled main gear box during ground run. Significant damage to the main gear box

No information provided on registration or operator.

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13-Sep-20 PP-MRA Airbus AS350 Arapiraca, Brazil

The aircraft took off to carry out a local flight, with the purpose of conducting police patrol, with two pilots, an air operator and two policemen on board.On the return, during the taxi in the central area of ​​the apron, there was loss of control of the aircraft, which carried out two turns of approximately 360 ° each, on the left, close to the isolation wall of the apron. With the help of the 2P, the aircraft control was reestablished, through the operation of the pedals and the reduction of the engine power, followed by a safe landing.

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25-Aug-20 N160SH Airbus AS350B2 Tuxedni Bay, US-Alaska

Engine failed while hovering over mountainous terrain.  Heavy landing and helicopter rolled onto its side.  Pilot not injured

Helicopter was being operated for HighGold Mining, who issued this related press release

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17-Aug-20 C-FAHC Airbus AS350B2 Stewart, Canada (1F)

Helicopter crashed while carrying out a long-line sling operation. The sole pilot was fatally injured and the aircraft was destroyed in a post-crash fire.

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17-Aug-20 C-FAHC Airbus AS350 Stewart, Canada (1F)

Pilot killed in accident.

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12-Aug-20 C-GNZF Airbus AS350B2 Sacré-Coeur, Canada

Helicopter was on an external load flight between 2 transmission lines when the main rotor contacted and severed an electrical cable. The pilot felt vibrations and immediately deposited and released the external load on the ground. The aircraft has been positioned away from the load, where it has landed safely. The main rotor was damaged and there were no injuries.

CADORS 2020Q2447

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12-Aug-20 C-GNZF Airbus AS350B2 Les Bergeronne, Canada

Helicopter was on an external load flight between 2 transmission lines in the Sacré-Coeur, QC, area when the main rotor contacted and severed an electrical cable. The pilot felt vibrations and immediately deposited and released the external load on the ground. The aircraft has been positioned away from the load, where it has landed safely. The main rotor was damaged and there were no injuries.

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11-Aug-20 N45?F Airbus H120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Police helicopter made emergency landing in park.  No damage/injuries

Data from market intelligence firm Parapex Media shows that Baltimore Police currently operate four Airbus H120s, registered N451F, N452F, N453F and N454F

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04-Aug-20 TG-PME Airbus AS350 Chisec, Guatemala (1F)

Pilot died when helicopter crashed into wooded area.  This report quotes pilot as Juan Francisco Escobar Blas

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26-Jul-20 F-GNLM Airbus AS350 Clermont-Ferrand, France

When hovering from the park point for take-off, the pilot loses control yawing to the left. The helicopter landed very hard.

Investigators report aircraft destroyed

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01-Jun-20 LN-OOU Airbus H145 Skibotn, Norway

Damage to belly of helicopter after attempted landing on top of two metal posts about a metre tall which appear to have once supported a sign.  Google Street View shows the posts in place in July 2019

Helicopter repaired and back in service by 22-Jul-20

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12-Apr-20 N160CC Airbus H125 Tampa, US-Florida

Hillsborurgh County Sheriff helicopter suffered bird strike. No injury reported to 2 POB

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09-Apr-20 N9334W Airbus SA341 Fort Myers, US-Florida

Hard landing.  No injury reported to 1 POB

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06-Apr-20 LN-OFQ Airbus AS350B3 Kodleberget, Norway

The air accident happened on Monday 6 April 2020 in connection with sling loads for Statnett, the system operator of the Norwegian electrical power system. A container was to be moved. Because of a misunderstanding, the container was put in the wrong place. The container was to be moved further, but a strong wind gust came when the long-line was about to be tightened. With the container still on the ground, the commander lost control of the helicopter. The helicopter hit the ground with the right side and the main rotor. The commander only got minor abrasions and bruises. The helicopter wreckage is transported to the Accident Investigation Board’s hangar at Lillestrøm for documentation of the damage. The Appareo Vision 1000 recorder is secured.

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26-Dec-19 N985SA Airbus AS350B2 Kauai, US-Hawaii (7F)

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27-Mar-19 N818MC Airbus AS350B3 Conroe, US-Texas (1F)

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