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03-Jul-13 S3-BMK Bell 206L4 Dhamrai, Bangladesh

Emergency landing on training flight, helicopter ended up on its side with the main rotorhead lying separated next to the wreck with the blades largely intact.  Skids ripped off too.  Tail boom separated at root.  2 POB – Lieutenant Colonel Ariful Bari to hospital and Major Nazrul Islam only needed first aid.  Reg not yet confirmed

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12-Feb-13 S2-AFZ MD Helicopters MD600 Nawraparha, Bangladesh

Autorotation landing from 1000ft, main blades cut tail boom.  Corporate operation.  MD600 remained upright and all six got out with some injuries.   Six were identified as Tahmina Mostofa, 24,  Asif Iqbal, 45, Kazi Safayet Hossain, 45, Abul Kalam, and pilots Gulzar Hossain, 42, and Shafiqul Islam, 35.

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09-Mar-09 CH- Bell B206 Roha village, Tangail district, 72 km from Dhaka , Bangladesh (2F)

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