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03-Dec-15 73-QL Cicare CH-7 Albens, France

Skid collapsed in heavy landing after striking wires – which the pilot had not seen due to being distracted by direct sunlight

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28-Jul-15 VH-JEW Cicare CH-7B Roy Hill Station, Australia (1F)

Initial ATSB report says “collided with terrain”.

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12-May-14 VH-SWQ Cicare CH-7B Barcaldine, Australia (1F)

During cattle spotting operations, the helicopter impacted trees and collided with terrain, coming to rest inverted. The helicopter was substantially damaged and the pilot was fatally injured – named here as Michael Wills

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14-Feb-14 Cicare CH-7T Lalbenque, France (1F)

Helicopter crashed killing solo pilot Didier Deschoolmeester

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20-Feb-13 HB-YJX Elisport CH-7 Kienberg, Germany

Helicopter destroyed on landing in mountainous region on German side of border with Austria, pilot seriously injured.   Ground was snow covered, and accident occurred at around 1,700m (5,577 ft) altitude

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13-Jan-13 OK-IHA08 Elisport CH-7 Katowice, Poland

Crashed on take-off

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17-May-12 I-B037 Elisport CH-7 Mettet, Belgium

Pilot suffered spinal injuries after crashing the single-seat CH-7 Kompress.  Helicopter extensively damaged (see photo)

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