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13-Sep-15 N135PA CHR Safari Stuart, US-Iowa

Crashed into corn field, minor injuries to pilot.  Helicopter is registered to Gary G Guisinger from the town where the accident happened

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18-Aug-15 CHR Safari Nanaimo, Canada

The helicopter landed on a gravel bar about 15 nm west of Nanaimo Airport, BC (CYCD). Shortly after landing the pilot engaged the cyclic control lock and exited the helicopter to take a photograph with the engine running and rotors turning. After re-entering the helicopter, it was lifted off into a hover with the cyclic control lock still engaged. The aircraft rolled over and was substantially damaged.

CADORS 2015P1638

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01-Jun-15 C-GRJI Safari 400 Conception Bay South, Canada

The Safari 400 homebuilt helicopter was being operated on the owner’s property. The engine was being tested to ensure the governor was correctly installed. The helicopter became airborne by 2-3 feet and the operator lost control. The helicopter went sideways and struck the ground rolling on its side. The helicopter was destroyed but the pilot was not seriously injured. CADORS 2015A0434

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10-Feb-15 ZK-HXJ CHR Safari Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Loss of power on climb out – cleared powerlines and put helicopter down heavily in a paddock.  Helicopter had completed three short flights in the previous hour without incident.  Pilot Bruce Belfield not injured, but passenger was hospitalized.

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16-Jan-15 N416JB CHR Safari The Woodlands, US-Texas (1F)

Helicopter crashed killing the 51-year old pilot at 2510 Northline Road, nr  College Park Drive, later named as Michael Mims.

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11-Jun-13 ZK-IJE CHR Safari Dairy Flats, New Zealand

Helicopter crashed beside the runway at Dairy Flat Airfield – skids collapsed but it otherwise stayed upright.  Minor injuries to pilot

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24-Dec-11 PR-ZXZ CHR Safari Trinidade, Brazil

Crashed in open field, boom had been sliced by main blades

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13-Sep-09 N555BB CHR Safari Austin, US-Texas

NTSB report says… An in-flight separation of the tail rotor blades and the tail rotor gearbox for undetermined reasons.

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