Accidents Eurocopter

02-May-11 PT-HMU Eurocopter AS350B Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil

Reported as mechanical failure by the general media... Read more

30-Apr-11 VT-PHT Eurocopter AS350B3 Kyela, India (5F)

Crashed in mountainous region.  One passenger was Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu... Read more

24-Apr-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Van Nuys, US-California

Helicopter shot at from the ground by an automatic weapon, and fuel tank reportedly struck. Emergency landing made at nearby Van Nuys airport without further incident... Read more

18-Apr-11 G-REDG Eurocopter AS365N3 Norwich, UK

Engine fire while taxying for take-off to offshore rig.  Fire put out on the ground... Read more

10-Apr-11 5Y-EXA Eurocopter AS350B2 Blue Nile River, Ethiopia

Following the tail strike on 10 April, the helicopter landed in a river and the airframe is partially submerged. The pilot and all 4 passengers exited safely and uninjured from the aircraft... Read more

06-Apr-11 PT-HNA Eurocopter AS355F2 Boa Vista, Brazil (3F)

Search for overdue helicopter found wreckage two days later.  EMS operation with three killed – pilot and patient survived.... Read more

06-Apr-11 Eurocopter SA315B Medina Sidonia, Spain (2F)

Wreckage reported 6th April.  Two bodies “may have been there a week” – thus date of accident unclear... Read more

06-Apr-11 TC-HET Eurocopter EC155B1 Orhangazi, Turkey (1F)

EC155 came down in wooded area of a mountainous region.  Foggy conditions reported.  One fatality, two injured.  The three were Jesus Light,  Ahmet Deniz, and Hadji Ahmed Maples.... Read more

05-Apr-11 G-BMCX Eurocopter AS332L Misurata, Libya

Helicopter damaged in hangar as a result of the local unrest in the country.  Date is approximate, not confirmed.  Helicopter returned to UK October 2012 showing damage to be superficial only.... Read more

02-Apr-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

After landing, port side hydraulics compartment cowling was discovered open, and had contacted the main blades in flight – but only taking paint off, not damaging them.  One camlock was missing from the cowling... Read more

30-Mar-11 OE-BXF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Achensee, Austria (4F)

4 died when EC135 crashed into a lake – check links for many photos and other info.... Read more

30-Mar-11 T-341 Eurocopter AS532UL Maderanertal, Switzerland

Training flight out of Alpnach.  Loadmaster slightly injured, two pilots seriously injured.... Read more

20-Mar-11 N145LF Eurocopter EC145 Putnam, US-Connecticut

While loading patient, an ED technician dressed in a blue plastic gown came sprinting around from the far side of the aircraft.  The pilot was able to intercept this individual but not before he had come under the rotor disk and near the tail. While loading patient at Day Kimball Hospital, Putnam, CT, an ED... Read more

19-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS350 Dallas, US-Texas

The pilot set down the helicopter in a field near the corner of Regal Row and Empress Row around 9:30 a.m. after smoke began to fill the cockpit. The problem turned out to be an air conditioning belt that overheated.... Read more

18-Mar-11 CC-ACX Eurocopter AS350B3 Libertador, Chile

Passenger struck fatally on head by main rotor when disembarking on sloping site.  Pilot listed as Pablo Blanco Venegas... Read more

17-Mar-11 N913ET Eurocopter Bo105 Athens, US-Texas

Bird strike on approach to land at base... Read more

16-Mar-11 D-HEGM Eurocopter AS332L1 Oberschleißheim, Germany

Double engine failure infilght at 5000ft with German Chancellor Merkel on board.  Pilot restarted engine approx 1000ft agl from the ground... Read more

14-Mar-11 Eurocopter BK117 Mardela Springs, US-Maryland

“They made a precautionary emergency landing due to an equipment malfunction, and they had a patient on board,” said Cpl. Kelly Matthews with the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office.... Read more

11-Mar-11 JA9857 Eurocopter AS350B Sendai, Japan

Damaged beyond repair by tsunami... Read more

11-Mar-11 N130GC Eurocopter EC130 Boulder City, US-Nevada

Landed hard during precautionary landing... Read more

10-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS550U2 Islamabad, Pakistan

All the three crew members aboard a military helicopter survived when it crashed Thursday morning in the southern part of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad near Burma Bridge... Read more

08-Mar-11 HA-LFB Eurocopter SA341 Honister, UK (1F)

Authorities were alerted after the non-arrival of  a helicopter due from a short flight in Cumbria.  Local press reports give the owner/pilot’s name as Mark Weir.... Read more

08-Mar-11 C-FYKD Eurocopter AS350B2 Pellett Lake, Canada

Sudden white-out when flying at 150ft agl then rolled-over after hitting the ground. Believed to be weather-related and not mechanical. Visibility in the area was reduced to 1.6 km by blowing snow and the temperature was -24 C – -38 C with the windchill. Occupants got out OK but then post-crash fire destroyed the aircraft... Read more

07-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Chatsworth, US-California

pilot made a “precautionary” landing around 9:35 a.m after an engine warning light switched... Read more

06-Mar-11 PR-ELO Eurocopter AS350B2 Fazenda Santa Monica, Brazil

The pilot of the Air Operations Center (Nuopa) of the Traffic Department would identify a mechanical problem and made an impromptu landing on the ground.  The trio ended up injured when the aircraft crashed into the ground.... Read more

05-Mar-11 VH-SYB Eurocopter EC145 Lithgow, Australia

Warning light came on mid-air while transporting patient from Mudgee Hospital to Lithgow Hospital.  Emergency crews were in attendance for its arrival, which passed off without incident.  Helicopter checked over and returned to its base at Orange... Read more

04-Mar-11 N235DH Eurocopter EC135P1 Boston, US-Massachusetts

A Eurocopter Ec135 of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Airborne Response Team “D-HART” made a precautionary landing at the busy Boston Logan Airport today after the pilot reported difficulties with one engine.... Read more

02-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS532 Salses-le-Château, France (1F)

Shortly after take off from the military base of Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, a door of the aircraft opened.  One occupant tried to secure it, but appears to have dragged out by suction, falling  into the waters of a pond.  A second crew member went to assist and was also sucked out.  One later died in the hospital... Read more

02-Mar-11 OK-BYD Eurocopter EC135T2 Slany, Czech Republic

Heavy landing during night training flight.  Accident occurred around 2000 hours local.  Skids collapsed.  Tail boom failed at root, but did not separate from the cabin.  Helicopter shipped back to manufacturer for checks (see here)... Read more

23-Feb-11 N965SD Eurocopter AS350B2 March AFB, US-California

L.A. County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said the pilots were conducting a training exercise “simulating a hydraulic failure” when the Eurocopter AS350 went down.... Read more

17-Feb-11 HB-ZHI Eurocopter AS350B2 Diablerets glacier, Switzerland

Heliski operation.  All six occupants airlifted to hospital in Sion.... Read more

13-Feb-11 P2-PHL Eurocopter AS350B2 Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (1F)

Australian pilot reported missing feared dead after helicopter crash in PNG.   It is understood the man is an experienced pilot who has been working in the mining industry for a number of years.  Oil slick and floating debris reported.  Update – Search for pilot Lloyd Lester has been abandoned... Read more

05-Feb-11 Eurocopter Tiger Lateh Band, Afghanistan

An ISAF helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan’s eastern district of Lateh Band, 30 miles east of Kabul.  Two pilots were slightly injured... Read more

02-Feb-11 C-GBGT Eurocopter AS350B2 Bob Quinn Lake, Canada

After dropping a group of skiers, helicopter was proceeding down, on the other side of the mountain ridge (due to local weather conditions) to the pick-up point. While en route, the helicopter encountered marginal VMC and attempted to descend through a break in the cloud. The helicopter contacted snow covered terrain and began rolling down... Read more

31-Jan-11 N245AF Eurocopter EC145 Ushuaia, Argentina

Emergency floats deployed and water landing after clipping aerial on take-off from superyacht “Octopus”.  Subsequent tow in to port went wrong and helicopter turned over – video shows it being righted in the port prior to lifting out and onto a truck.... Read more

29-Jan-11 Eurocopter BK117 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Precautionary landing for a potential mechanical problem.... Read more

24-Jan-11 PT-HZS Eurocopter AS350B2 Morro da Mineira, Brazil

Thge television station AS350B2 – known as “Globocop” – was hit by three rifle shots at about 7:30 am. The reporter Karina Borges, the system operator and the pilot Roberto Mello Kings Antonio Ramos was not injured.  one of the bullets hit the floor, the second, the central region, and the third, the tail of the... Read more

20-Jan-11 RA-04109 Eurocopter AS355N Priozyorsk, Russia (1F)

Loss of control due spatial orientation in limited visibility and” whiteness “of the underlying surface, not being able to continue the flight under visual flight rules, which led to reduce the uncontrolled collision with a roll and a helicopter with ice-covered surface of the lake.  1 killed, 5 injured... Read more

20-Jan-11 P-090 Eurocopter AS550C2 Silkeborg, Denmark

One of the Air Force Fennec helicopters struck Thursday two electrical wires near Klovborg. The helicopter’s wire cutter entured that it carried on flying, but the pilot landed immediately as a precaution, following standard procedures. No persons were injured.... Read more

20-Jan-11 EB-1032 Eurocopter AS550A2 Nova Friburgo, Brazil

Accident while landing in windy conditions.  Five occupants OK... Read more

10-Jan-11 CS-HFP Eurocopter AS350B2 Corroios, Portugal

Camera operator and the pilot suffered minor injuries. AS350 was operating for television station TVI.  Location was a field adjacent to the A2 motorway... Read more

07-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS365 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (4F)

EMS helicopter went town killing all four on board – named as pilot Capt. Khaled Al-Dakhil and First Lt. Mandeel Al-Subaihi, both Saudis, Egyptian doctor Amjad Al-Iraqi and Filipino nurse Rosella.  Official source has said that it “crashed south of Riyadh Friday burst into flames due to the force of the impact with the ground”.... Read more

06-Jan-11 N329PH Eurocopter EC135P2 Reisterstown, US-Maryland

A medevac helicopter en route to a Caroll County hospital made an emergency landing in Reisterstown Thursday night, Baltimore County police said.... Read more

04-Jan-11 C-GGKX Eurocopter AS332L2 Delta, Canada

Running up on the ground after maintenance and helicopter ended up on its port side.  No passengers on board... Read more

04-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS332L2 Aberdeen, UK

CHC AS332L2 landed safely at Aberdeen Airport after a full emergency was declared due to a warning light., which may have indicted gearbox temperature problems.... Read more

03-Jan-11 B-HJV Eurocopter SA315B Fanling, Hong Kong

Two contractor workers were injured – one critically – when a helicopter winching cable struck an overhead powerline, sparking a fireball which engulfed the men.... Read more

03-Jan-11 D-HDEC Eurocopter EC135P2 Berlin, Germany

Air Ambulance role, landed in city centre to pick up construction worker patient.  Landed too close to a car park barrier, and downwash caused barrier to rise up into rotor disc.... Read more

01-Jan-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Albert Lea, US-Minnesota

Engine cowling opened and struck main rotor blades on approach to land... Read more

31-Dec-10 N385PH Eurocopter EC135 Weyers Cave, US-Virginia

Mid-air collision with Cessna 172 N2876L in which two people died.  Helicopter landed safely.  No patient on boad.  Crew listed as pilot Paul Weve, co-pilot and nurse Joseph Root and flight nurse Carolyn Booke.... Read more

31-Dec-10 Eurocopter AS350 Lenore, US-Idaho

Precautionary landing on Highway 12 due to weather.  Patient on board.... Read more

27-Dec-10 B-HRN Eurocopter AS332L2 Shing Mun Reservoir, Hong Kong

Helicopter was picking up water for a fire-fighting exercise ditched in a Hong Kong mountain-top reservoir... Read more

26-Dec-10 UR-MANN Eurocopter SA341 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (4F)

Pilot listed as Vadim Vlasenko, and the three passengers were all fashion models – 19-year-old Catherine Vetchynkina , 19-year-old Yana Bondarenko and 22-year-old Zlata Mashyrova... Read more

20-Dec-10 07-02069 Eurocopter UH-72 Vieques, Puerto Rico (6F)

A Puerto Rico National Guard helicopter crashed in the ocean after returning from a drug raid.  Six fatalities included four from the  Puerto Rico National Guard -0 Col. Victor Torres Rodriguez, Sgt. Jose Omar Sostre, Mario Torres Marin and Francisco Mujica de Leon.  The Pilots were Hector Ramirez or Carlos Acevedo.... Read more

19-Dec-10 N549AM Eurocopter AS350B2 LaMonte, US-Missouri

Reported as engine failure at 200ft on take-off and very heavily subsequent landing with skids failing and fuselage impacting the ground.  Helicopter remained upright. 3 injured... Read more

16-Dec-10 VT-SOK Eurocopter AS365N3 Chandigarh, India

Rolled over while taxiing.   Caught fire and injuring both the pilots (named in one report as S P S Brar and M S Brar)... Read more

10-Dec-10 N808FX Eurocopter AS355 Trenton, US-New Jersey

Made emergency landing after striking flock of birds on climbout from Trenton Airport... Read more

07-Dec-10 Eurocopter AS350 Breil-sur-Roya, France (3F)

The helicopter had been chartered by the General Council of Alpes-Maritimes. On board was the pilot, a geologist from the General Council and an employee of the company “Heaven Climber”, specializing in work in steep areas.... Read more

03-Dec-10 Eurocopter SA342M Jbeil, Lebanon

The Army Command stated on Friday that a Gazelle was forced to make an emergency landing in the Jbeil area near the Afqa cave after a technical malfunction.... Read more

26-Nov-10 N728AB Eurocopter EC135 Loudonville, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing made in field. Appears to have flown on without further issue.... Read more

12-Nov-10 N1231A Eurocopter AS350B2 Pacoima, US-California

News reporting helicopter made emergency landing at Whiteman Field, Pacoima. Tail boom hti ground and broke off in autorotation. Cabin landed upright on skids, 2POB OK (Pilot Derek Bell and cameraman Chris Haug)... Read more

09-Nov-10 N892PA Eurocopter AS350B2 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

Tail rotor struck a cactus. Pilot was sole occupant... Read more

07-Nov-10 9N-AIX Eurocopter AS350 Solukhumbu, Nepal (2F)

Two crewmembers, Captain Sabin Basnet and Engineer Purna Awale, have been killed in the crash.... Read more

06-Nov-10 CC-AAN Eurocopter AS350B2 Taltal, Chile (1F)

Canadian-born pilot Alex Remond Claude Deur, died in the crash at Taltal, near Route 5 North in the region of Antofagasta.... Read more

28-Oct-10 Eurocopter AS350B3 Antarctica (4F)

report that they have found debris scattered over 150 meters, which would indicate, according to the two crews, a significant impact with the ground. Reports of three bodies so far located in the impact zone.... Read more

28-Oct-10 G-SEWP Eurocopter AS355F2 Hilltown, UK

The pilot lost control of the helicopter whilst manoeuvring at low speed to approach a hilltop landing site in quite strong wind conditions.  The investigation determined that an error of judgement or perception led the pilot to attempt a downwind approach. A combination of human factors was thought to have contributed to the accident.... Read more

25-Oct-10 G-HBJT Eurocopter EC155B1 Blackbushe, UK understands this EC155 suffered a blade strike. We are aware that it was roaded from Blackbushe Airport to Eurocopter UK at Oxford on 25th October 2010, so for the time being we will assume this was the date. Please email any update to Read more

23-Oct-10 G-BPRI Eurocopter AS355F1 Abridge, UK

Out-of-control golf buggy struck tail rotor during start-up... Read more

22-Oct-10 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Jupiter, US-Florida

Emergency generator light turned on and the pilot reported the smell of electrical smoke in the cockpit,... Read more

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