Accidents Eurocopter

03-Jun-13 N452LH Eurocopter AS350B2 Bethpage, US-New York

Precautionary landing on golf course, less than a mile short of its destination at Republic Airport.  Reportedly due to poor weather... Read more

30-May-13 PR-DJC Eurocopter EC130 Guaramiranga, Brazil

The aircraft was on the ground and the rotors were turning, when the pilot left the cockpit in order to assist the passengers to disembark. The aircraft tumbled to the left, when nobody was in control.  One of the passengers already in the helicopter – José Carlos Pontes, 61, president of the group Marquise –... Read more

24-May-13 N45UH Eurocopter EC145 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

Bird strike and bird entered cockpit. AirMed 4 landed safely on the helipad at Kennecott mine. There were no injuries... Read more

23-May-13 PNB-8302 Eurocopter Bo105 Caracas, Venezuela (5F)

Crashed in low visibility while chasing a vehicle containing two hostages.  All five POB died.  Post crash fire... Read more

22-May-13 Eurocopter AS350B3 Siellavagge, Sweden

Parked helicopter knocked over by avalanche started by skiers.  Avalanche travelled over 1km to reach the helicopter... Read more

21-May-13 3A-MPG Eurocopter EC155 Albenga, Italy

Approaching Albenga Airport, MGB CHIP warning light ON. After 5 minutes hard noise was detected and crew has decided to land immediately on a beach. No damages was detected to the helicopter... Read more

20-May-13 Eurocopter EC145 Allier, France

Wire strike during low-level rescue operation to try and save a kayaker in flood waters.  Successful emergency landing in adjacent meadow without further damage.  Part of wire impaled in main blade(s)... Read more

20-May-13 F-HHFA Eurocopter EC120 St Tropez, France

Crashed on a football pitch with the tail boom having been cut off.  Substantially damaged... Read more

19-May-13 C-GYWB Eurocopter AS350B2 Fort McMurray, Canada

Helicopter landed on edge of swamp, passengers began to unload their equipment from port side equipment basket, causing helicopter to tilt aft and left damaging the tail boom and tail rotor blades when they contacted the water. CADORS 2013C2009... Read more

16-May-13 D-HLDM Eurocopter EC135P2 Ochsenfurt, Germany

EMS helicopter landed on scene and stabiliser end-plate pierced car windscreen... Read more

08-May-13 N318DB Eurocopter SA318C Everglades National Park, US-Florida

Pilot reported a loss of engine power while hovering the helicopter at 20 feet during biological survey flight. Aircraft was substantially damaged.... Read more

08-May-13 PT-HML Eurocopter AS350 Morro da Urca HP, Brazil

Approach to helipad with tail wind – ended up in trees adjacent to the heliport. Helicopter believed to be on sightseeing tour.  Five people injured Cláudio Cobo Fernandes, Marcos Estaca da Silva Nunes, Disney da Silva Ribeiro Lopes Júnior, along with pilot Ricardo de Resende Herter and co-pilot Murilo Cesar da Silva Saibro.  Damage to main... Read more

07-May-13 RP-C7788 Eurocopter SE313B Barangay Rawis, Philippines

EMergency landing on shoreline shortly after take-off.   Pilot  Capt. Dino Garcia and passengers Decoroso Asinas, and Efipanio Pinca suffered minor injuries while the last passenger Andre Abalon suffered serious head injuries after being struck by the rotor blades... Read more

07-May-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas

Bird strike on pilot’s chin window on approach to base.  No damage... Read more

06-May-13 N911SV Eurocopter EC135 Reed Point, US-Montana

Bird strike broke windshield while flying over Reed Point under NVG conditions.  The pilot determined that the aircraft was safe to continue the flight to base at the Billings airport.  No injuries.... Read more

05-May-13 9M-DBH Eurocopter AS365N2 Sungai Besi, Malaysia

Caught by sudden gust of wind in poor weather while hovering to turn for taxi to parking spot.  Helicopter ended up on its port side.  Passengers were Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and his wife  Tengku Datin Seri Marsilla Tengku Abdullah, and their daughter and son-in-law – none were injured in the accident... Read more

02-May-13 PP-EIH Eurocopter AS350BA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Five hospitalised after police helicopter crashed on training flight.  Landed upright with significant vertical forces.  Helicopter was executing a series of low orbit firing passes when the main rotor blades struck treetops and it spiraled into the ground.... Read more

02-May-13 N209LF Eurocopter EC130 Walnut Hill, US-Florida

EMS Helicopter grounded after technical (electrical?) fault on take-off.  Patient on board and taken onwards by ground ambulance... Read more

30-Apr-13 C-FINX Eurocopter AS350BA Godbout, Canada

Substantially damaged. On approach to land on an undeveloped site. Just before landing, the tail rotor hit a mound of sand. The aircraft landed violently. The tail boom and a skid were significantly damaged. The pilot, alone on board, was not injured. CADORS 2013Q0909... Read more

27-Apr-13 HB-ZJE Eurocopter EC135P1 Grenchen, Switzerland

Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

27-Apr-13 LN-OVO Eurocopter AS350B3 Roldal, Norway

Five POB not seriously injured when helicopter crashed at ski resort.  One report quotes a police officer saying there is a suspicion the pilot was impaired by alcohol, but most reports say the test was “routine”. Some reports mention contact with powerlines, others rule that out... Read more

25-Apr-13 HU26-18 Eurocopter EC135P2+ Los Galayos, Spain

Blade strike and ensuing heavy landing caused skids to deform.  Fortunately helicopter did not fall over the edge of the mountain, but it was very close.  Helicopter was registered HU26-18 and carried code “09-312”... Read more

18-Apr-13 N137HN Eurocopter EC130B4 Huntington, US-West Virginia

Laser strike in cruise with patient on board.  No detrimental effect to mission or crew on board  ... Read more

16-Apr-13 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Cumberland, US-Maine

Emergency field landing, no apprarent damage... Read more

15-Apr-13 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Highland Heights, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing and maintenance team called out after unexpected torque split... Read more

12-Apr-13 G-HBOB Eurocopter EC135T2+ Sunningdale, UK

Aircraft grounded after problem involving netting across an astroturf sports field at a school.  Needed engineer before it could fly, stayed overnight and departed next morning.... Read more

12-Apr-13 N909SH Eurocopter EC145 Sioux Falls, US-South Dakota

Precautionary landing after  left transmission oil indication below normal limits.  Later traced to faulty transmission oil pressure transmitter... Read more

09-Apr-13 C-GZBA Eurocopter AS350B3e Tenquille Lake, Canada

Blade strike on landing after snow blew up around helicopter on approach... Read more

05-Apr-12 Eurocopter BK117 Parsdorf, Germany

“Christoph 1” helicopter cut telephone line on approach to site landing to pick up patient injured in equine accident... Read more

03-Apr-13 ZK-IBK Eurocopter BK117 Wellington, New Zealand

Main rotor blades struck tail boom while running up on roof-top helipad.  Incident blamed on freak wind gust... Read more

30-Mar-13 N911AA Eurocopter AS350B3 Talkeetna, US-Alaska

Impacted terrain while maneuvering during an SAR flight near Talkeetna, Alaska. The airline transport pilot, an Alaska state trooper serving as a flight observer for the pilot, and a stranded snowmobiler who had requested rescue were killed, and the helicopter was destroyed by impact and postcrash fire.... Read more

30-Mar-13 N911AA Eurocopter AS350B3 Talkeetna, US-Alaska (3F)

Two Alaska State Troopers and a rescued snowmobiler died in the crash.  A press release later named them as Alaska State Trooper pilot Mel Nading, Trooper Tage Toll of Talkeetna, and Carl Ober, the 56-year-old injured snowmachiner from Talkeetna... Read more

30-Mar-13 F-HJTE Eurocopter AS350B3 Concorezzo, Italy

Substantially damaged in landing accident.  Sole occupant pilot not injured... Read more

29-Mar-13 C-FKCM Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Canada

Helicopter landed to pick up a patient.  While  rotors were still turning, co pilot observed fuel leak and immediately told pilot to shut down helicopter and switch off electric.  O-ring had failed in fuel line and was repaired on site.... Read more

26-Mar-13 9Y-TIC Eurocopter Bo105 Cedros, Trinidad & Tobago

Blade struck tree during forced landing while on police operations.  Sole-occupant pilot not injured.  Photo set here on C News Live page on Facebook... Read more

24-Mar-13 N353DL Eurocopter AS350B3 Stevens Village, US-Alaska

On landing, pilot looked to ensure tail rotor clearance and inadvertently inputted cyclic. Helicopter rolled up on one skid and main rotor blades struck the ground. Helicopter was involved in load lifting operations... Read more

24-Mar-13 N571LF Eurocopter EC130 Atmore, US-Alabama

Door separated and struck rotors.  FAA quotes this as N571LF which is incorrect as that is a fixed-wing registration [if it is an ..LF registration, then N209LF and N506LF are EC130s based in Alabama]... Read more

21-Mar-13 D-HEGB Eurocopter AS332L1 Berlin, Germany

Two helicopters collided in white-out conditions during a police exercise.  An AS332L2 and a EC155 had landed and kicked up a lot of snow.  The pilot of a second AS332 landing soon after then suffered white-out and landed too close to the EC155, killing the pilot.  Three other injuries reported.... Read more

21-Mar-13 D-HLTM Eurocopter EC155 Berlin, Germany (1F)

Two helicopters collided in white-out conditions during a police exercise.  An AS332L2 and a EC155 had landed and kicked up a lot of snow.  The pilot of a second AS332 landing soon after then suffered white-out and landed too close to the EC155, killing the pilot.  Three other injuries reported.... Read more

07-Mar-13 Eurocopter/IAR SA330L Bacau, Romania (2F)

Two killed and three injured when helicopter crashed on training flight.  The two fatalities were named by the Romanian military as Petty Officer Lawrence Chiru and Sergeant Basil Manolache... Read more

07-Mar-13 N909SH Eurocopter EC145 Humboldt, US-South Dakota

Emergency landing after bird strike – while flying a patient from Mitchell to Sioux Falls... Read more

05-Mar-13 IN445 Eurocopter SA316B Visakhapatanam, India (2F)

Crashed off the Vishakhapatnam harbour  Two crew members were immediately rescued while two others were missing and a search was underway for them.... Read more

04-Mar-13 Eurocopter EC505 Tiger Linderhof, Germany

Crashed into a field and caught fire... Read more

03-Mar-13 OM-ECI Eurocopter EC120 Horný Čepeň, Slovakia (1F)

Helicopter struck wire and fell into river, killing teenage passenger and injuring the other three on board.  On report stated there were traces of alcohol on the 40 year old pilot... Read more

01-Mar-13 F-GPGM Eurocopter SA316B Chattonay, France (1F)

Collided with trees and crashed into a lake killing the pilot... Read more

24-Feb-13 SX-HJV Eurocopter AS355N Trikala, Greece

Helicopter suffered gunshot damage in bungled prison breakout... Read more

22-Feb-13 N917EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Oklahoma City, US-Oklahoma (2F)

Crashed close to buildings.  Pilot Mark Montgomery and crew member Chris Denning killed, third crew member Billy Wynn is critical. (names were released here) Two explosions after the helicopter crash landed in upright position.  Completely burnt out in post-crash fire.... Read more

15-Feb-13 VH-VSA Eurocopter BK117B2 Port Pirie, Australia

Emergency landing after mechanical issues... Read more

15-Feb-13 D-HDRJ Eurocopter BK117C1 Mitterberg, Austria

Severe damage to rotor blades and skid after being hit by a truck while parked on is base helipad at Fresach/Freizeitpark Millstättersee Heliport, Austria. All four rotorblades including the rotorhead had to be changed, causing a total damage of 600.000 €... Read more

15-Feb-13 C-FVIT Eurocopter AS350B2 Quebec/Jean-Lesage, Canada

Ground vehicle skidded on ice and ran into parked helicopter, causing significant damage.  CADAORS ref 2013Q0397... Read more

14-Feb-13 Eurocopter EC145 Danville, US-Pennsylvania

EMS EC145 clipped crane on hospital it was operating out of... Read more

07-Feb-13 VH-EWM Eurocopter AS350B2 Hobart, Australia

Firefighting helicopter collided with terrain. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.  Helicopter was contracted to Tasmania Fire Service... Read more

05-Feb-13 F-GYBH Eurocopter AS350B3 Cormet-de-Roselend, France

Pilot chose to make precautionary landing due to deteriorating weather.  Helicopter rolled over when landing on snowy surface... Read more

03-Feb-13 C-GPHN Eurocopter AS350BA Sept-Îles, Canada

Training accident. Two of three on board injured. CADAORS ref 2013Q0276... Read more

29-Jan-13 Eurocopter AS350 Havasu, US-Arizona

Precautionary landing in park after oil pressure warning... Read more

28-Jan-13 ZK-HKV Eurocopter EC130 Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Emergency landing after fuel indication dropped to zero with rotor speed warning.  Apparent wiring issue... Read more

26-Jan-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Ipixuna, Brazil

When on finals, pilot noticed master caution light illuminated, and an indication of low oil pressure in engine No.2.  Shut down immediately, got out and noticed fire from the exhaust – used extinguisher to quell the fire but was not fully successful.  N2 turbine had got jammed.... Read more

17-Jan-13 F-GZFJ Eurocopter AS350B2 St Julien-Molhesabate, France

Pilot lost visual reference when landing on a snowy surface. Heavy landing, damaged skids and tail boom... Read more

05-Jan-13 Eurocopter EC120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Word reaching us that a Baltimore Police EC120 has made an emergency landing near the junction of Hanover Street and Reedbird Avenue in Baltimore at 0025 local time.  Later flew back to base.... Read more

04-Jan-13 VT-EGK HAL SA316B Chetak Delhi, India

While carrying out taxi after the main rotor blade change, main rotor blades hit the tail boom damaging main and tail rotor blades including tail boom.... Read more

03-Jan-13 N534LN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marshalltown, US-Iowa

Helicopter went tech at highway landing site... Read more

02-Jan-13 N334AM Eurocopter EC130 Cromwell, US-Oklahoma

Very heavy field landing of an EMS helicopter – helicopter was headed from Seminole Airport to the Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okemah.  Skids collapsed, main blades sliced tail boom.  All four POB injured, noting that no patient was on board.... Read more

29-Dec-12 PP-BRJ Eurocopter AS350B2 Copacabana, Brazil

Crashed into the sea while trying to rescue a swimmer – helicopter had approached to a low hover and then appears to suddenly lose height into the water (see YouTube video)... Read more

29-Dec-12 D-HAIE Eurocopter AS350B Rehagen, Germany

Helicopter fell onto its side after pilot aborted take-off... Read more

18-Dec-12 N804MP Eurocopter AS350B3 Miami, US-Florida

Bird strike – turkey vulture broke windshield and injured pilot – the only person on board.  Safe landing in a parking lot... Read more

15-Dec-12 C-GYPH Eurocopter AS350B3 Beluga, US-Alaska

Collision with trees during load lift operation.  Pilot injured.  CADAORS ref 2012P2046... Read more

11-Dec-12 PT-YSW Eurocopter AS350BA Goiania, Brazil

Flight aimed at demonstrating a landing with hydraulic failure.  With the hydraulic control was disconnected, the pilot made the approach to the runway, and attempted to make a vertical landing (zero speed with the helicopter hovering). With the aircraft hovering, the pilot lost control of the helicopter, and the tail boom hit the ground. The... Read more

10-Dec-12 N911BK Eurocopter BK117B3 Rochelle, US-Illinois (3F)

Three killed in an EMS helicopter accident – en route from Rockford base to Mendota to pick up a patient.  Weather reported as a factor.  Pilot later named as Andy Olesen, and the two flight nurses were Jim Dillow and Karen Hollis... Read more

05-Dec-12 LN-OMY Eurocopter AS350BA Germany/Sweden

Heli Trans  AS350 took off from Lübeck in Germany, destination Halmstad in Sweden, but did not arrived at the expected time.  2 POB – Heli Trans pilot and a passenger who was not one of their employees.... Read more

27-Nov-12 Eurocopter AS532 Liberator, Venezuela

Accident occurred when helicopter  went to rescue the crew of a Chinese K8 trainer jet which crashed during an air show.  One report suggests a parachute became tangled in the tail rotor... Read more

22-Nov-12 ARC-218 Eurocopter BK117A3 El Piñón, Colombia

Approx date.  Autorotation landing to uneven ground in open field.  Helicopter ended up tail low on its skids, and witness reported blade damage. 3 POB not injured... Read more

23-Nov-12 N3984A Eurocopter AS350B3 Scottsdale, US-Arizona

Tail boom damaged in off airport landing... Read more

22-Nov-12 C6-APV Eurocopter AS355F1 Great Guana Cay, Bahamas (1F)

1 killed (named here as Lance Valdez) and 4 injured including billionaire Jeffery Soffer, Dan and Paula Riordan and an unnamed pilot... Read more

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