Accidents Eurocopter

20-Nov-12 I-MIAE Eurocopter AS350BA Trichiana, Italy (2F)

Helicopter was involved in low-level aerial work to drop rabies vaccines for foxes as part of a Health Authority program.  AS350BA crashed into field close to houses after hitting high voltage cables, killing both occupants – pilot Silvio Botto Steglia, 37, and Felice Faivano, 35.  Two houses damaged (see photo essay).  Some local reports cite... Read more

19-Nov-12 JA9965 Eurocopter AS332L1 Kita-Hira, Japan

Ground cargo-handling personnel injured during lifting operation... Read more

04-Nov-12 Eurocopter Tiger Cultana, Australia

A third “fumes in the cockpit” situation, repeating incidents from May and June... Read more

03-Nov-12 F-RAUU Eurocopter AS555AN Toussus-le-Noble, France

Loss of control in the hover during post-maintenance test flight, and hit hangar.  3 injured, aircraft total loss.... Read more

31-Oct-12 JA35BB Eurocopter AS350B3 Yakushima, Japan

During take off phase, near miss with landing Japan Air Commuter Dash-8 JA849C... Read more

31-Oct-12 ZS-HDI Eurocopter AS350B3 Francistown, Botswana

Loss of control during takeoff after refuelling and ended up on its starboard side.  Badly damaged... Read more

31-Oct-12 PT-HNE Eurocopter AS350B3 Sorocaba, Brazil

Heavy landing and ended up colliding with firefighting equipment that was in the area. The helicopter sustained serious damage to its tail rotor, to the right hand side baggage compartment, and to both landing skids.... Read more

22-Oct-12 G-CHCN Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK

CHC EC225 has ditched  32 miles south of Shetland, off Fair Isle.  All 19 POB reported safe and  being taken to Kirkwall on Orkney... Read more

21-Oct-12 N956LA Eurocopter AS350B3 Lakewood, US-California

LA County Sheriff made emergency landing on highway after a bird strike at night... Read more

19-Oct-12 N57948 Eurocopter SA315B Helena, US-Oklahoma

Blades struck striker plate on landing... Read more

17-Oct-12 C-FXGM Eurocopter AS355F2 Tinicum Township, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

Crashed 500m from an early morning take off, killing the sole occupant pilot – named as Doug Brigham... Read more

16-Oct-12 G-BXGA Eurocopter AS350B2 Kettlewell, UK

Chain sling contacted tail rotor drive cover, horizontal stabiliser and both tail rotor blades during lifting operations... Read more

08-Oct-12 G-ORKY Eurocopter AS350B2 Cairngorms, UK

Hoist cable hitting tail rotor in turbulent weather conditions.  Badly damaged... Read more

06-Oct-12 OB-1949-P Eurocopter AS350B3 Kiteni, Peru

One of three helicopters fire bombed by terrorists at night while parked on the airfield.  All three were on contract to Transportadora de Gas del Peru... Read more

04-Oct-12 N646GE Eurocopter AS365N2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Main blades hit hangar when trying to taxi through too narrow a gap on the ramp. Pilot named as Fidel Báez – no injuries reported to 2 crew and 1 tech on board. Flying debris went more than 300 ft damaging 3 other aircraft.... Read more

28-Sep-12 TG-FHD Eurocopter AS350B3 Vista Hermosa, Guatemala (1F)

Pilot reported tail rotor problems before crashing – the tail rotor was found on the roof of a house “a few hundred metres” from the crash site.  While the pilot and one passenger survived, the accident killed textile magnate Joe Habie, one of the richest men in Guatemala... Read more

20-Sep-12 PR-DKK Eurocopter EC130 Itamaraju, Brazil (1F)

Crashed on night flight.  Helicopter was 30 days old with 50 hours on the airframe.... Read more

20-Sep-12 N911CK Eurocopter EC135T1 Naples, US-Florida

Bird strike to upper cowling and rotor system, during night flight. Maintenance cleaned and inspected finding no damage... Read more

18-Sep-12 HB-ZJO Eurocopter AS350B3 Vallemaggia, Switzerland (1F)

Helicopter crashed in mountainous region, killing the sole occupant pilot.  There was a post-crash fire.... Read more

15-Sep-12 N58020 Eurocopter AS355F1 West Windsor, US-New Jersey (1F)

Crashed into cornfield, burning out and killing sole occupant pilot named as Michael Scarfia.... Read more

15-Sep-12 JA120H Eurocopter EC120 Kujukuri, Japan

Skid caught ground on take-off – helicopter rolled-over onto its side... Read more

11-Sep-12 C-GKSH Eurocopter AS350B2 Sept-ÃŽles, Canada

Tail rotor struck sand bank on take-off.   Substantial damage included the tail rotor, tailboom, tail rotor gearbox, horizontal stabilizer, 1 main rotor blade and the long shaft.  CADAORS ref 2012Q2152... Read more

09-Sep-12 D-HALX Eurocopter EC120 Metzingen, Germany (1F)

Skid snagged ground taking off from sloping ground, causing helicopter to turn onto its side.  Debris from helicopter killed... Read more

01-Sep-12 Eurocopter AS350B3 Dundo, Angola (4F)

Accident caused the deaths of the captain of the aircraft, chief-inspector Tiago Casimiro, his assistant, João Adelino João Brandão, as well as the workers of the Provincial Electoral Commission, Lourenço Mussenoho and Maria Augusta João.... Read more

01-Sep-12 N577LF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Escambia County, US-Florida

Hit by laser while circling potential EZ landing site.  Source identified, arrest made... Read more

31-Aug-12 F-GPHE Eurocopter AS350B3 Argeles-Gazost, France

Four injured when helicopter came down after hitting cables.  The helicopter was involved in maintenance work on the cables.  Two were “ejected”, from an underslung cradle, and two were in the helicopter.  Pilot Joel Prisse  has dislocated shoulder and crew Philippe Pournin has multiple lower limb fractures.  Aircraft destroyed... Read more

27-Aug-12 N925TV Eurocopter AS350B2 Hollywood, US-California

Emergency landing of media helicopter due to oil leak and heavy smoke flume in the air.  Helicopter was operating for KTLA Channel 5.  Pilot was Tim Lynn... Read more

25-Aug-12 OY-HUB Eurocopter AS350B3 Mestersvig, Greenland

Starboard cargo door opened and object fell out and struck tail rotor.  Emergency landing made without further incident.  Helicopter fitted with SpacePod cargo doors.... Read more

24-Aug-12 N862NC Eurocopter EC135T2+ Roanoke Rapids, US-North Carolina

Intoxicated person approached helicopter outside pilot’s peripheral vision while at flight idle and with the patient on board being stabilised.  New helipad lacked chain or fence to stop anyone approaching pad, which is adjacent to public-access area... Read more

24-Aug-12 N136KY Eurocopter EC135P2 Pope Army Airfield, US-North Carolina

Transmission chip light came on. Power reduce and an emergency landing was made at Pope Army Airfield which was about 3-4 miles away without further incident... Read more

21-Aug-12 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Bedford, US-Massachusetts

#2 engine low oil pressure illuminated and engine lost power in landing phase. Otherwise uneventful landing... Read more

21-Aug-12 Eurocopter Bo105C Donsol, Philippines

Emergency landing into water 1m deep while on search for light aircraft – one of whose occupants was Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.   The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) identified the five people on board the helicopter as Navy pilots Lt. Rowene Colita, Lt. Jg. Nelson Alquiza, co-pilot; AD3 (Aviation Machinest-3) Rodrigo Gernale, AD2 Leo Calmante... Read more

20-Aug-12 PT-HZE Eurocopter AS350B Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Came down suddenly short of intended landing point while on approach on a training flight.  Student Edvaldo Francisco dos Santos (a Major in the Military Police), 46, suffered a fractured spine, and flight instructor John Bosco da Cunha, 62, a fractured right tibia.... Read more

18-Aug-12 N3939A Eurocopter AS350B3 Sunburst, US-Montana

Main driveshaft failure in low level hover... Read more

15-Aug-12 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Lawrence, US-Massachusetts

Door fell off on take off. Landed without further incident... Read more

12-Aug-12 N892T Eurocopter EC135T1 York, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter went AOG and was grounded for four days on a helipad which averages six EMS landings per week... Read more

11-Aug-12 TG-RPL Eurocopter AS350B2 Escuintla, Guatemala

Crashed from low level (approx 15m) after hitting a tree.  Aircraft destroyed... Read more

11-Aug-12 EC-KTU Eurocopter AS350B3 Guils de Certanya, Spain

While firefighting, refilling hose struck trees and then swung up into main rotors and the tail boom.  Extensively damaged.... Read more

09-Aug-12 C-GTDH Eurocopter AS350B2 Norman Wells, Canada

Detail to follow – CADAORS 2012C3400... Read more

09-Aug-12 Eurocopter AS350 Minnaret Peaks, New Zealand

Pilot had left the rotors to run down and departed the helicopter.  “Blades seen to begin oscillating, striking the tail boom and the ground beside the helicopter”... Read more

08-Aug-12 PR-DMG Eurocopter AS350B2 Porto Seguro, Brazil

Crashed near the beach at Porto Seguro, reportedly due to pilot Ruan Oliveira Santana, 31, losing control in heavy winds.  Pilot and five passengers all got out OK – named as Rogério Andrade, 47, Raíssa Aguiar, 19, and three children.  Photos here... Read more

02-Aug-12 G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135T2+ Denham, UK

Industry sources tell us (with photo evidence provided) that the helicopter took off with clamshell rear doors still open.  Tower alerted pilot who returned to the airfield.  Some items fell from the helicopter in the interim.... Read more

27-Jul-12 D-HUTH Eurocopter EC135 Treis-Karden, Germany

Helicopter contacted and broke powerlines on EMS flight as “Christoph 10”.  Note – Registration is NOT confirmed, but is a recently ex-factory new delivery which was assigned to the “Christoph 10” base, and photos here show D-HUTH... Read more

25-Jul-12 Eurocopter AS532AL Verdon Gorge, France (6F)

AS532AL on a pre-delivery test flight out of Marignane crashed killing all six occupants.  Some reports are suggesting it struck wires but that is not confirmed... Read more

24-Jul-12 N455MH Eurocopter EC145 Houston, US-Texas

Post flight check found engine cowling missing... Read more

24-Jul-12 N824AH Eurocopter EC135T2+ Lawrence, US-Massachusetts

Emergency Services text stated :-  North Andover| Special| 492 Sutton St|MSP Helo Air-4 making a precautionary landing at Lawrence Airport- aircraft disabled in the runway.| 00:30.  “Air 4” is N8924AH from the name on the tail (see photo)... Read more

21-Jul-12 HL9196 Eurocopter AS350B2 Daegu, Korea (1F)

Struck wires at low level while spraying and ended up upside-down on roof of building.... Read more

21-Jul-12 PR-RVC Eurocopter AS350B3 Barro Duro, Brazil

Extensive vibration in the cruise led to emergency landing.  Tail rotor bearing issue... Read more

21-Jul-12 I-BLGN Eurocopter EC145 Morbegno, Italy

Air ambulance struck cables on climb-out from road accident scene.   Pilot Augusto Stazzonelli, co-pilot Stefano Turetta, doctor Fabio Martorana, a nurse, an alpine rescue specialist and the patient survived.... Read more

20-Jul-12 N8899 Eurocopter EC120 Sri Aman, Malaysia (3F)

Crashed into river, killing 3 – named as Siti Khuzaimah Anuar, Pepter Ato Mayau and Henry Lau Tee Yong.  German pilot Rico Steger, 35, was the only survivor.  Weather was reported as a factor (also cited in later report)... Read more

13-Jul-12 N45VX Eurocopter SE313B Glenn, US-California

Landed hard and rolled onto its side.  Aircraft destroyed  ... Read more

13-Jul-12 N45VX Eurocopter SE313 Glenn, US-California

Flipped over on landing.  Night landing assumed, given time listed as 0740Z in California... Read more

06-Jul-12 N617HP Eurocopter AS350B3 Trinity Alps, US-California

One serious injury after rotor blades hit disembarking passenger – CHP crew member Tony Stanley, who was getting out to help pick up injured hiker Jeremy Kilburn – both were then airlifted to Mercy Medical Center in Redding... Read more

04-Jul-12 RA-04097 Eurocopter AS350B3 Lensk, Russia (4F)

Helicopter crashed killing all four occupants shortly after take off from Lensk Airport.  Operator UTair named the victims as  pilot Gordeychuk Vasily, mechanic Druzenko Ivan and passengers Verezhak Yaroslav and Arthur Popov.  Unclear how relevant this is, but UTair have also stopped using Lensk for refuelling as a result of the accident.... Read more

04-Jul-12 F-OHOR Eurocopter AS355N Remire-Montjoly, French Guiana

Pilot had difficulty adjusting power.  Skid hits edge of helipad when landing, causing it to roll over onto its side... Read more

01-Jul-12 I-LASB Eurocopter AS350B3 Granmichele, Italy

Force landing due to a technical issue on positioning flight back to base after firefighting... Read more

30-Jun-12 N729DP Eurocopter AS350B Camp Verde, US-Arizona (4F)

Helicopter crashed into river, killing all four occupants, on a flight from Sedona to Scottsdale.  Wreckage located the next day.  A later report from KGUN9suggested that authorities had “discovered a severed cable near the crash site and found marks on the rotor blade consistent with hitting a cable”.  Fatalities were named as helicopter owner/pilot Raymond... Read more

28-Jun-12 TU-THO Eurocopter SA365C2 Beposo, Ghana

Helicopter carrying six employees of mining company Newmont and two crew of the IAS Helicopter Company this afternoon made an unscheduled landing at Beposo in the Ashanti Region. All people on board the aircraft are safe.  Damage level is not known – company announcement implies a safe single engine landing.  Some press reports contain a... Read more

25-Jun-12 Eurocopter AS332L2 Shetland, UK

Offshore support helicopter escorted to Sumburgh Airport by Coastguard helicopter after a warning light illuminated... Read more

25-Jun-12 Eurocopter Tiger Shoalwater Bay, Australia

Fumes in the cockpit – led to fleet grounding (for second time)... Read more

23-Jun-12 AMHP-151 Eurocopter AS565SB Tecalitlan, Mexico (4F)

Extensively damaged after hitting mountain.  Took authorities four days to find wreckage.  No word of, or from, crew – thus presumed fatal.  Aircraft took off 22nd June just before midnight and last known contact was at 00.10am with ATC at Uruapan, Michoacan... Read more

19-Jun-12 270 Eurocopter EC135P2 Borrisoleigh, Ireland

EMS helicopter down – reported wire strike – 3 POB  – no patient on board.... Read more

19-Jun-12 VH-HEB Eurocopter AS350 Charra, Australia

During the cruise, the pilot and passenger detected fuel fumes in the cockpit and conducted a precautionary landing. After landing, the helicopter caught fire and was destroyed.  Pilot named as Barry Thompson (52) and passenger aged 23... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy

Crashed on firefighting ops while filling up the water bucket... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy

Overturned while loading water from a stream during firefighting operations. Aircraft destroyed    ... Read more

14-Jun-12 C-GNAI Eurocopter AS350B2 Hebron, Canada

While manoeuvring near wildlife at low altitude, the tail rotor struck rocks and a large vibration was noted in the pedals. The pilot landed beside the nearby river without incident and called the company to report. The subsequent maintenance inspection revealed damage to the tail rotor blades, drive shafts, the tail boom and the vertical... Read more

12-Jun-12 N8286Z Eurocopter AS350B2 Decatur, US-Georgia

Emergency landing in public park “after noticing strange fumes”... Read more

12-Jun-12 N590AE Eurocopter AS350B3 Grand Junction, US-Colorado

Bird strike at 12,000 ft amsl.  Pilot elected to abort and return to base.  Alternate aircraft sent to carry out patient transfer... Read more

10-Jun-12 5Y-CDT Eurocopter AS350B3e Ngong Hills, Kenya (6F)

Crashed in woodland killing Kenya’s Security Minister, George Saitoti and his deputy Orwa Ojode, pilots Luke Oyugi, Nancy Gituanja and bodyguards Inspector Joshua Tonkei and Sergeant Thomas Murimis.  Only small size items remain after post-crash fire.  Helicopter had only been delivered earlier this year (see story and local Kenyan story).  See also this YouTube... Read more

06-Jun-12 PR-OMV Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil

Brand new aircraft.  Fell onto side on landing from 50ft on third attempt at landing.  2POB.  Co pilot had bruises only, Pilot not injured... Read more

02-Jun-12 N406LH Eurocopter AS355F1 New London, US-Connecticut

Helicopter landed on beach after encountering fog... Read more

01-Jun-12 C-FBHN Eurocopter AS350B2 Terrace, Canada (3F)

Three killed in mountainous area, all employees of Bailey Helicopters.  Pilot named as Peter Bryant, 45 and passengers Blake Erickson, 48, and Arnaud Jolibois, 44.   CADAORS 2012P0786... Read more

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