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24-Aug-20 N280SG Enstrom 280FX Longmont, US-Colorado

FAA report unexplained field landing

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19-Jul-15 N280CH Enstrom 280FX Carlingford, Ireland

Heavy landing, and likely “unscheduled”.  Main blades damaged and available photo shows some damage on starboard side.  Skids not visible in long grass and nose of helicopter almost hit dry stone wall.

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05-Jun-15 Enstrom F280FX Harrison River, Canada

The privately owned Enstrom 280FX helicopter, was being flown from Bralorne to Langley. The pilot/owner ditched the aircraft in the Harrison River. The pilot was not injured but the aircraft was significantly damaged. CADORS 2015P0926

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26-Jan-15 N86235 Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado (2F)

Crashed adjacent to the threshold of runway 15 and burnt out.  Mountain View Fire & Rescue issued a statement saying there were two fatalities.  This short video interview suggests that part of the helicopter separated in mid air.  Operator Mountain One Helicopters announced on their Facebook page that the victims were instructor Alex Viola and student pilot Amy Wood

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05-Apr-14 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Kirchham, Austria (1F)

Crashed into a heavily forested area on a night flight.  Pilot killed, and the two other occupants seriously injured

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