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24-Aug-20 OH-HJH MD Helicopters MD500D Sarvisalo, Finland

Landed upright but tail boom got chopped by main blades during emergency landing

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12-Dec-13 OH-HKE Eurocopter AS350B2 Oulu, Finland

Substantially damaged during training flight – helicopter ended up on its skids but with tail boom dropped to the ground and main blades damaged.

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02-Oct-13 HH-12 MD Helicopters MD500E Utti, Finland

Solo student pilot ran out of altitude on a practice engine-out autorotation landing and hit the tail boom on the ground.

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10-Jan-13 OH-HNP Hughes 500D Paavolantie, Finland

Engine failure during low level powerline operation.  Extensively damaged.  Pilot walked away

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16-May-12 OH-HZH Robinson R44 Juuka, Finland

R44 was engaged in aerial saw work, clearing trees away from powerlines.  While reportedly ferrying back to a field landing site, the helicopter crashed and was destroyed (photo).  Sole occupant pilot had minor injuries.

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5-Feb-09 OH-HWH Hughes H369D , Finland

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