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08-Nov-20 TG-GEA Airbus AS350B3 Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Tail rotor and stabiliser damaged by hitting a tree during an emergency landing

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04-Aug-20 TG-PME Airbus AS350 Chisec, Guatemala (1F)

Pilot died when helicopter crashed into wooded area.  This report quotes pilot as Juan Francisco Escobar Blas

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20-Aug-14 FAG-132 Bell 206L1 LongRanger El Aguacate, Guatemala (5F)

Bad weather had prevented the helicopter from from touching down at the base where they had planned to land. The accident happened during the diversion. One of the occupants was Major General Israel Rudy Ruiz Ortiz, Chief of Staff of National Defense of Guatemala

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03-Mar-14 TG-AAA Robinson R44 El Pajal, Guatemala (3F)

Impact with terrain.  Accident killed pilot Ramón Rodríguez Toledo, copilot Andrés Berger, and Luis Paiz.

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28-Sep-12 TG-FHD Eurocopter AS350B3 Vista Hermosa, Guatemala (1F)

Pilot reported tail rotor problems before crashing – the tail rotor was found on the roof of a house “a few hundred metres” from the crash site.  While the pilot and one passenger survived, the accident killed textile magnate Joe Habie, one of the richest men in Guatemala

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11-Aug-12 TG-RPL Eurocopter AS350B2 Escuintla, Guatemala

Crashed from low level (approx 15m) after hitting a tree.  Aircraft destroyed

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15-Apr-12 Bell 206L Antigua, Guatemala

Four injured when helicopter crashed into two houses – Juan Carlos Menendez, 40, Andres Turcios, 32, and Octavio Gordillo, 52 and one identified only as Michael.  Aircraft made at least four circuits above Antigua before it went down, the fire department spokesman said – reportedly on aerial filming work

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28-Feb-12 HL-190 Bell UH-1H San Luis Peten, Guatemala (10F)

Military helicopter which went to rescue civil helicopter which had crashed (see here) – crashed itself in a mountainous area killing all 10 aboard,

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28-Feb-12 TG-SAN Bell 206 Livingston, Guatemala

Crrashed in bad weather, injuring the three occupants – Carlos Larios Aguilar, 48 years, the pilot Juan Pablo Moran, 52, and mechanic Jose Gomez, 28..  A military helicopter sent to help rescue this helicopter had a fatal crash itself (see here)

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07-Mar-10 TG-HPS Eurocopter AS350B3 Puerta de Hierro, Guatemala (1F)

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07-Mar-10 TG-ELE Bell 206L Guatemala City, Guatemala

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