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28-Aug-11 YJ-HEL Hughes 369D South Malakula, Vanuatu (1F)

Crashed in mountainous terrain.  Two passengers survived with serious injuries, but pilot Phil Cotter, age 62, died. Uncorroborated reports quote cargo net round the main rotor head.

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13-Mar-11 C-GIYZ Hughes 369D Conklin, Canada

On short final the pilot elected to change the touchdown point. During manoeuvre, the tail rotor struck a large rock. The tail rotor drive shaft sheared and the tail rotor sustained substantial damage; helicopter remained upright on landing. Sole occupant pilot was not injured. CADAORS ref 2011C0797

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21-Jan-11 ZS-HWX MD Helicopters 369D Wonderboompoort, South Africa

The pilot, Lt Col. Koosie De Villiers, and his crewman Lt Col. Shabir Khan, were both seriously injured in the crash.  Eyesitness described the aircraft as being a “total mangled wreck”, with no windows left as it “was all smashed up”.

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2-Jun-09 N8356F MD Helicopters H369D Staunton, US-Virginia

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10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts

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5-Feb-09 OH-HWH Hughes H369D , Finland

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